Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gretchen Carlson filing sexual harassment suit against FOX

Freepers claim not to be fans of FOX these days, though they almost all watch it. Some have cited FOX anchors as the only actually hot women in the world, since their politics check out.

So Freepers have mixed feelings about recent anchor Gretchen Carlson alleging that FOX is a sexist old boy's club and Roger Ailes fired her when she wouldn't put out. RINO Carlson, Feminism, FOX...so many things Freepers hate, it would tear them apart, were they not so distracted by panting after the women.

Trod Upon just writes it off as a money grab:
I would also expect a “tell all” book about the “horrors” inside Fox News, etc. This lawsuit may just be an advanced marketing campaign for it.
Buckeye McFrog recalls the industry used to be super sexist, but is sure it's cleaned up by now:
I have a couple of female acquaintances who worked in the broadcast industry back in the late 70’s. Their tales of harassment sound like something out of Mad Men.

One interviewed at a radio station where the manager wanted to discuss nothing but her bra cup size for 45 minutes. The other was literally chased around a desk in circles by a TV news director.

Hard to believe any of that stuff is going on today.
ExNewsExSpook knows that no one whose sexist can survive at FOX News!
From what I hear, Carlson’s program is the lowest-rated among FNC’s daytime line-up. I’m guessing her contract was up and Ailes wasn’t planning to renew it. So, Ms. Carlson creates a story about sexual harassment by Roger Ailes and makes it look like her only choice was leaving the network.

Make no mistake: Roger Ailes has made some comments that might be considered borderline sexist in the past, including is famous line (repeated often by Rush) that FNC “grows” its blonde anchors on bikini island. But if Ailes had any history of sexual harassment, he wouldn’t last long in today’s TV business. He’s a very powerful man —earns at least $20 million a year. I don’t think he would risk that by harassing one of his female anchors.
RitaOK knows FOX is a sexily dressed, oiled legs womans' world:
On another thread about this suit it’s reported that Gretchen was a crank and bipolar, constantly bitching about her guy co-hosts for one thing or another.

Her firing included her complaints against Steve Doocey. Steve Doocey?

Heck, FAUX is ruled by women in no clothes and their chest hanging over their microphone.

So, what’s the deal with their freedom for exposure and the men in a minority unable to please these blondes?

Gretchen reportedly walked off the stage once when she thought the male co-host was not women lib enough on some news item.

Gretchen is a prig with no clothes. Like the Emperor.
As sexism on Free Republic rises, it's interesting to see that the two most awful groups are the MRA asses and the Freeper women.

Hmmmm. I guess the next liblogic step will be for her to support the non-indicted felonious presumptive dimocrack nominee.
ZULU thinks she's a classy lady, and acts like the Internet white knights I assumed were mostly satire.
Yeah. She supports an assault rifle ban. I totally disagree with her on that, but she is a classy, intelligent lady, I like her, and I believe anything she has to say about that Saudi-buddy Ailes.

I saw the way that idiot Kilmeade treated her. He wanted that stupid jerk Hasslebach on there because he is a jock wanna be and is friends with Hasselbach’s husband, a sports figure. They never treated her the way they treated Carlson or E.D. Hill. My guess is that ugly little runt Ailes has been shaking the female staff down for favors.
ZULU likes a lot of the FOX women - but their politics must be pure!
I’ve never been a fan. She’s a lightweight and a liberal. I much prefer Maria Bartiromo, Andrea Tantaros, Jeanine Pirro or Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Like all those but Bartiromo is a DEMOCRAT.
ZULU continues to idolize Carlson, I guess assuming if it comes from the 1920s it can't be sexist:
She is such a doll!!!
Another awful Freeper woman, Sarah Barracuda thinks she's too ugly to sexually harrass.
Last week she came out in favor of gun control.. 
I really doubt that of all the women at Fox News, this is the woman that Ailes would want to have sex with..sorry she just isnt that attractive and Im saying this as a female, Greta Van Susteran is better looking. 
Funny thing is that Michelle Bachmann used to babysit Gretchen when she was a little girl they lived in the same town
nutmeg's regular correspondence with some poor FOX intern indicates that the book is the motive:
I often email Bret Baier (who I would bet $$ on that he's conservative, btw), and he usually replies. I asked him about Andrea Tantaros a couple of months ago. He said in NO WAY would she or anyone be fired because of their "conservative views". He pointed out Hannity, Jeanine Pirro, many other conservatives on FNC. He really took issue with that.

Bret said he wasn't sure what happened with Andrea, but said "it may have had something to do with the fact she had a book published and didn't tell FNC about it". He also mentioned some possible problems with her contract.

That's a bit stronger than "rumors", but who really knows?

I miss Andrea... she was one of the best on Fox News!
fruser1 can send us off on this note:
She always looked to me like she went down on one too many.


  1. At least one of the the parties to the suit is despicable.

    1. It is damn hard to be objective when News International/Rupert Murdoch are staring down the business end of a lawsuit from anyone.

    2. I went on Fox News website and searched Roger Ailes.

      Not surprised that in the last year there's only three articles about this situation and two of them are basically Ailes refuting the accusations.

      That makes me feel like Ailes is the one.

  2. Could Nutmeg be more of a bullshitter?!

    I'm sure Bret Baier, who is at least mildly intelligent, would email a complete stranger specific details of a resignation of one of their staffers.

  3. Nice to see fruser1 keeping the Free Republic a family friendly, good old fashioned values forum.

    Stay classy out there.

    1. She always looked to me like she went down on one too many.

      I wonder how many is too many?
      "37???" ("Clerks" reference)

      Just another example of FR sexism and double standards.