Thursday, October 20, 2016


Freepers have really worked themselves into a corner this election. Every election for Freepers is a crisis election over the fate of America, but this time would be a third Democratic term. For those who haven't already gone full 'America is over' nihilism, the doom they've been declaring has got to come to pass soon!

For a while they could hold it off by doubling down on their commitment to Trump's inevitable victory. But they are beginning to realize they may have to contemplate a post-Trump reality.

There are some threats of violence, but nothing I'd call credible. Mostly it's Freepers rationalizing waiting for Hillary to make the first move.

And they are not prepared.

cherry is pretty sure denial is the key to success:
please remove this....we need positive energy not this constant pessimistic attitude....

I do believe the witch's coven of net trollers are coming out in full force....we must not given them the time of day...
Biggirl says...well, you can guess:
She could very well trigger a violent revolt.
353FMG spares no hyperbole:
Then, life as we know it, is over.
Deo volente has a list, wherein the only thing he's not sure of is war with Russia:

  • The national debt will triple, 
  • there will be 100 million more people living here and receiving government benefits, 
  • violent crime will skyrocket, 
  • the Supreme Court will have a 7-2 far-left majority for decades to come, 
  • we will probably have war with Russia, 
  • our trade deficit will double, 
  • interest rates will go negative, a fast-food hamburger will cost $20, 
  • and Rush Limbaugh will continue to hawk his children’s books and talk about football and do lots of commercials.
Other than that, life will be just peachy keen.
YES! Drew68 has completed the switch from Most Evil Obama to Mostest Evil Hillary!
Think Obama was bad? Obama was an amateur. He was halfway through his second term before he truly figured out what he was doing.

Hillary, on the other hand, is a seasoned veteran. She's been there, done that. She's not going to waste any time. She will execute fundamental change so fast our heads will be spinning. We won't know what hit us.
Hillary? Obama? Meh. Ted Grant has fixated on a new villain:
many millions of people will leave the GOP and they will not be competitive in national elections for most of the century. They will have some regional strength and will win and lose Congress now and then, but they won’t advance any important conservative goals.

A decade later, the story will be “where are the missing 10 to 20 million Republican voters?”

A lot of the conservative talk show hosts and news sources will fall by the wayside, and it will whittle down to a small handful.

Vote GOP if you want to put their kids through college. As for me, I’ll be out.

But, I think Trump has a good shot at winning.
attiladhun2 is back to Civil War hopin'
If Clinton wins...I think there will eventually be civil conflict.
Lurkinanloomin is just gonna go off by himself and grumpily wait the government to make the first move that will never come.
The country as founded will be over.
I’ll be heading for the hills and digging in waiting for the jackboots.
Hey, what a coincidence, Gay State Conservative will also retreat to fear and waiting for death!
If she wins I'll take solace in the fact that I'm far,far closer to the grave than to the cradle. 
But I'll also be aware that as a white,Christian male with a positive net worth there’ll be a great big target on my back.And that very probably means that my final years,financially as well as in other ways,will be quite difficult,
Hey, I remember this threat from 2008...and 20012! ctdonath2:
I may not (or may) leave, but would likely “go Galt”. The system can’t function without producers, and by turning “back to basics” can limit the confiscation to (what I consider) comfortable living while starving the beast.
Mr. Douglas is one of those who has already given up:
When I was a kid in public school in the 1960’s and learned about the oppression of Soviet citizens by their government, I used to wonder how people could live like that and not revolt.

Now I know.
JonPreston is gonna sit back and call for a military coup:
I hope General Flynn, and all the military brass supporting Trump, are networking among active military &a police. They will be our leaders, not Clinton.
stig is all about the secesh:
What if Hillary wins? I expect Texas will be the first state to secede. After that it gets worse.

Yup that was my thought but I would say: I will move to Texas and join the secession movement!
In a similar vein, Jim 0216 is all about nullification:
The state efforts begin with the voters throwing out the corrupt state politicians and put in those who will stand up to the feds and not be intimidated by the feds’ withdrawal of funds when they nullify unconstitutional federal acts. State governors and officials MUST accept to task of financial independence from the feds, the next step to freedom state-by-state.
TheTimeOfMan is gonna post threatening memes on the Internet foravah!
TheTimeOfMan is all over the map - America is already dead, but Hillary will kill it.
We either have a military coup, or a vicious civil war, or we go to the camps.

Anyone who thinks there is a political solution left - is being naïve in my opinion. The demographics (leeches vs. producers) have permanently tilted.

Even if Trump wins - and he stays alive - I only see a reprieve. It’s not a solution.
NEWwoman has the attitude I'd adopt, with a little bit of 'secret rebel' to salve the humiliation:
Live free, anyway

Keep calm
carry on.
sargon just declares eventual victory and carries on all the same.
If Hillary wins, both Donald Trump and his supporters can say, with a clear conscience, that we "fought the good fight".

And almost immediate benefit of such an event would be that the GOPe will have won— NOTHING. All they will have done is guarantee the demise of the party.

The globalist Establishment Uniparty has been exposed beyond any capacity to ever disguise themselves again.

We're entering a (counter)-Revolutionary era, and whoever is elected President is going to quickly realize that inconvenient fact.

Regardless of who wins, I believe the American People are going to be in the most rebellious, ornery, impatient, and independent mood that we've seen in over 200 years.
attiladhun2 is also just waiting for Hillary to make the first move. MASSIVE vigilante justice then, though!
The first time a 2nd Clinton administration tries to pull off a standoff like what happened at Waco, the Feds are going to be the ones surrounded.

Mark it Federal agents. Do you really want to put your life on the line for this corrupt witch and her child-molesting pervert of a husband, and their corporatist cronies? Does your pension and perks mean that much to you? Will you be able to sleep at night knowing you are nothing but a whore?
SirLurkedalot is strokin' his Freedom Gun:
White Conservatives will be like the Jews in 1903's Germany.

Big difference this time.

We’re heavily armed.


(Buy Lots of Ammo and Train)
Never even heard of this movie, but it seems clear dfwgator is hoping for other people to kill some reporters:
‘Threads’ includes a scene that many journalists will experience the evening of November 8th (God willing).

Heh heh, I know exactly I know the scene you’re referring to.
Boomer cites Mad Max, but with all the bad guys being brown:
We are just about to that point to where outright civil or revolutionary war is all that's left to restore the balance lost due to the invasion (with the help of many Presidents and congressional leadership) of so many non assimilating cultures. 
The worst of which are the muzzies of course but the thug factions in the minority groups, particularly black and hispanic, are also a major problem now. Think Mad Max type people when it hits the fan and there's nothing to keep them in check.
My favorite faction of anti-Hillary ranters are those like Dr. Pritchett, who panic about corrupt theocracy:
Perhaps I will convert to Islam, become an Imam, and open a mosque. Then, I will consider working overtime with my crew to submit all the idiots that enabled Hillary, her cronies, and the media. The Muslims also have a vengeful religious police force, the Muttawa, who walk the streets with sticks and cane liberals who think Sharia Law does not apply to them. I have been in those countries where this already applies. It sucks. Except for the Taliban who are in charge.

Get ready, libs. You asked for it. (Hope you ladies didn’t get too attached to being educated and driving around by yourselves!)
America may be hell, but Cementjungle doesn't know where to flee to.
If Hillary wins, my wife wants us to move out of the country. I just don't know where would be better to go... she refuses to move somewhere where there are seasons (she hates the cold).... and third world countries will fare worse than the US if things really hit the fan.

Since we're already basically retired, my inclination is to just stay and lay low and live out the rest of our lives... and sit here and say "told you so..." as everyone suffers through her reign.
Ugh. I'm already tired of BunnySlippers' plan:

A first time a president and his wife have been impeached.
jonno will spend his time hoping for disaster to strike America:
only a Great Depression II or WW3 will create enough pain to force folks to see the light.
alternatives? is one of the few healthers to stay on target.
At some point in her term we will find out how Hillary has Parkinson’s (or some similar disease) and how she is courageously dealing with the disease while working for our benefit. We will have to adopt whatever she wants to reward her for her hardships, sacrifices, and hard work.

After she passes away, here under the sun, there will be another round of laws that need to be passed to save the children or save the earth which will honor her remarkable life. Followed up, of course, by monuments for future generations to remember her greatness. In another location, God will provide his reward for the life she has lived.
Scythian_Reborn is already claiming victimhood.
If she wins I predict escalating violence against those who oppose her. I have a Trump sign in my yard, wouldn’t be surprised if I wasn’t on some kind of list.


  1. Threads is an old British TV movie about nuclear war destroying civil government and society and leaving a devastated island cut off from the world and thrown back to an anarchic pre-industrial agrarian society. It's an immensely depressing film.

  2. Nobody tell Jim 0216 that the only states that send more to Washington then they receive are blue states...

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  4. The wrinklebags are following the lead of their Hair Furher ...

    knowing they are going to lose, why not double down, triple down, quardruple down on the bitchiness until the election?

    If they're going down, they're going down in flames!

  5. If Clinton wins (as she assuredly will) then the Republicans will have to rethink running Donald "Grab Them by the Pussy" Trump, an obnoxious TV host, for President of the United States. What were you thinking when you did that? Did you really think a harebrained scheme like that was actually going to work?

    1. I mean, the leadership never did, but the rubes did

      They desperately need to rethink their coalition, but no one in leadership or in a sufficient position of potential political entreprenneurship has the intelligence, will, and bravery to pull that off

      Shit, the republican leadership's response to Trump has consistently been, "smile, pretend it's not happening"

      For like eight years now the GOP has just been limping from crisis to crisis, hoping to somehow grab the Presidency, and I'm quite sure there's no plan for what happens after an HRC win other than "keep denying democrats legislative victories and hope to win in 2020"

      They'll still be running on "Repeal Obamacare" for chrissakes

    2. Many of these people think some Jewish guy with a beard from 2000 years ago is coming to teleport them to a celestial holiday camp. They also think some supernatural "sky Father" is listening to them as they mutter to themselves.

      Compared to that a Trump landslide remains a perfectly credible proposition. It doesn't even require rewriting the laws of physics.

  6. patriot08: "Wish they would shut up about the “women”. I don ‘t care if he groped the queen of England!"

    And this, in one post, is a good summation of the entire FR mindset.

  7. "The national debt will triple, [etc, etc, etc ...]"

    obama really did turn out to be a bit of a letdown.