Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Freeper women against women being leaders

I'll admit, I've begun to get a bit jaded about Freepers' racism. In 2008, it was interesting to see naked racism become more and more permissible as Freepers' Obama narrative became more and more racially tinged. But these days, for me to take notice, they need to really up their game beyond the usual Bell Curve/Race War stuff.

Sexism is on a similar trajectory. It's always been a strong undercurrent - arguable stronger than racism was in 2007. But crazy misogyny is beginning to become more and more acceptable as Freepers build their story about Hillary's true evil manocide agenda. So I was going to post the entire Freeper reaction 'Many women say Trump showed too much testosterone at debate.' But as I read through I realized that while the few Freeper black folks stay away from the 'put down all the black animals' threads, there is a subset Freeper women who, like some Jewish Freepers, are eager to prove they belong by castigating their own.

bgill just loves testosterone, and the more the better!
Many women say Trump showed too much testosterone at debate

This female says he didn’t show enough.
IrishBrigade hates estrogen:
Yeah, because what we women want is more estrogen. Please.

our entire cuture is becoming estrogen infused...all it will take is a five percent differential in the voting gap between men and women and a Pub president will be a relic of the past; same gap in 2012 was 3%...
LydiaLong is not a fan of women these days:
Modern lib women are threatened by a manly man.
proud American in Canada seems to think testosterone means patriotism:
Women generally appreciate testosterone in their men.

We need a strong, forceful leader who cares deeply about his country—and Trump is it!
definitelynotaliberal loves everything men do, plus she wants to 'karate chop' Hillary:
I’m a woman,I LOVE all displays of testosterone, and everytime I see her wide-open mouth laugh, I want to deliver a karate chop right in there.
mass55th - any women who doesn't love Trump is a lesbian!
They must be dykes, because as a woman, I like my men to have testosterone.
Cowgirl of Justice calls Hillary a dude, haw haw:
Hilary was banned years ago from wearing skirts because the WH staff were sick of seeing her balls.
ColdOne - "women have ruined things"
I was going to post something like.....women have ruined things.....I am female. I will go get my flamesuit out of the closet now.
Ann Archy doesn't even like to talk to other women because they're all too dumb:
Most women are not really bright......and I am a woman who would rather talk to guys because they are way more interesting!!
exDemMom amusingly tries to pivot off of a comment about how all women shouldn't vote into rabid feminists are the real irrational women:
Gonna don the flameproof suit for this one, but uh, seems to me that, since women secured the right to vote, it has become less about who is most capable for the job and more about who is the better looking, more charismatic candidate. My wife begrudgingly agrees with me on this, so don’t flame me too much now. I’m not saying women shouldn’t have the right to vote. Merely stating an observation.

Women have not used the right to vote wisely at all.

If you want examples of women who are incapable of exercising equality, just look at rabid feminists. In most cases, they act like hyper-stereotypical hysterical females who show utterly no ability to act rationally. In fact, they denounce using rationalism and intellect as acting "too male"--when they reject equality so completely, it makes me wonder why they say they want it in the first place.
Patriot Babe's Trump love seems to come along with some serious issues:
Bingo! Donald Trump reminds me of my father. He too was an Alpha Male. I laugh because they both (Donald & my father) have heavy brows and both are tall. However, daddy wasn’t rich like Donald, but I see alot of father in Donald.

I hope and pray one day I will find my Alpha Male =)


  1. The world view of the freeper versions of Kapo's must even more depressing than the regular freeper.

  2. Freepers are very visual creatures. They focus generally on what they can see then parse the insults to the less obvious.

    Liberal white woman = lesbian/feminist = bad
    Liberal black woman = welfare queen/thief = bad
    Liberal white man = gay = bad
    Liberal black = angry/thief = bad

    Conservative woman = matronly & strong = good
    Conservative black woman = smart = good
    Conservative man = virile & strong = good
    Conservative black male = smart = good

    They deal with the most simplistic ways of categorizing of others.

  3. Trump’s Doing Worse Than Romney Did Among White Voters

    Would one of our Freeper readers please post this to Free Republic? Thanks!

  4. Here's another freeper "MeganC" saying women shouldn't be allowed to vote. Are these people even real?

    "I’m Megan (26 and mom of six) and I endorse your post.

    I agree, women should not be allowed to vote. Most of the women I know and grew up with are ridiculously uninformed and they make decisions in the voting booth based on emotional claptrap they see on TV. It’s no way to run a country.

    And I just don’t get abortion in a day and age when preventing pregnancy is so abundantly easy to do."


    1. 26 mom of 6. I stopped reading right there...

    2. 26 and mom of 6?!

      Jesus Christ.

      Birth control is an option, even for the traditional woman.

      Seriously, put down the dong.

    3. Probably one of those quiver weirdos

    4. Not quiverful that I know of, but she did marry a 44-year-old when she was 18.

    5. Interesting, have you done a spotlight on her?

    6. Married a 44 year-old at 18?

      Serious daddy issues there.

    7. Trump is her new daddy.

    8. Dunno how she slipped from the Spotlight list - I've added her back.

      She briefly commented here. I was impressed with her poise, if not the rest of her character.

      She seems happier than most Freeper rageaholics, though that might just be her age.

  5. "I'm Megan (26 mom of 6)..."

    "Preventing pregnancy is so easy to do."

    1. She'll get it right sooner or later!!