Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

ROCKLOBSTER on Hillary's powers:
Hillary Clinton is that powerful?

She's a traitorous serial killer.

She can single handedly determine that this news will not be aired?

No, she has lots of willing accomplices.
Sacajaweau knows all events that seem even tangentially good to Hillary are Hillary's doing:
WikiLeaks Confirms: Ecuador Cut Off Assange's Web Access

Just another confirmation of Hillary’s conspiracy.
Yaelle thought Hillary's debate performance was really poised and well-done. Proof of cheating!!
I was listening to the debate in the car. Her sentences were AMAZING in vocab and structure. I thought she must have been reading or wearing a wire. Who can speak off the cuff like that with complex, perfect sentence structure?
Bellflower wonders if maybe Hillary was using science fiction to win the debate!
Maybe it’s not her lectern, but her note pad. maybe it is really electronic paper that can is programmed like a computer. Then it would look like her notes, but it would be their messages to her. I think technology is definitely at the point where computer messages can be displayed on special computer screen paper. It’s just not been made commercial yet.
chris37 - if you can't military coup right now, President Hillary has infinite power.
“Pentagon Officials” have the same authority to arrest Hillary the traitor as you have.

Then I guess she can do whatever she wants.
Lurker is too busy to assassinate this guy himself, of course.
Ryan McElveen is a liberal school board member who has repeatedly pushed for transgender-related school indoctrination and other policies.

Ryan has an address. I’m just saying.
bert similarly calls on other people to do his assasination:
Federal judge orders reopening of voter registration in Va

The judge has forfeited his right to live
bert calls on Trump to kill Bill Clinton as soon as he wins the election!
Trump is in real danger from the Clinton hit Squads

Bill should be neutralized ASAP after Trump wins

He is vindictive and too dangerous to be among us
bert fantasizes about torture.
killing is murder
Cutting the balls of rapists Will never get a convictiont
On a website where bert exists, Mad_as_heck wonders why liberals are the violent ones.
Why do they always resort to violence or threat of violence?
That is a very good question. The hate and violence is always very close to the surface with these people. I take the desire of the left to kill me and my family very, very, seriously.
I checked his posts, and LaRueLaDue seems pretty committed to the 'Michelle is a transexual and Obama's kids are fake' line:
I bet his password is the name of one of his daughters.

You mean one of the rent-a-kids?
At this point, henkster NEEDS there to be voter fraud.
Actually if the website crashed, and nobody could register before the deadline, this ruling is probably not unreasonable.

Unless a flood of fraudulent registrations is what caused the website to crash.
Dansong's Trump-boner has become self-reinforcing; how could Trump lose now?!
Trump is fearless. He is the most confident man in America. He’s either been incredibly lucky his whole life or he’s forced his way to the top. His “bad hombres” line spoke to millions and said, in effect, “ Yeah, I’m a billionaire but I’m you, too...”

Game over...Trump in landslife
Gargantua spins a whole life story from pure spite:
This author is obviously a very frustrated homosexual. Mommy probably liked his older sister better, and Daddy always disapproved when he played with dolls. And Trump likes girls!

Poor, sad little butt-hurt bee-yotch will probably commit suicide when Trump wins with over 65% of the vote. At least then he'll be at peace... not to mention, he'll finally be a good fag.
WENDLE loved that Al Smith dinner!
Trump’s roast tonight propelled him to the presidency. It was the smoothest most artful disembowellment of that criminal lying bitch in history,just in time for his massive victory from an adoring that.
GraceG has no idea how abortion works, but came up with a pretty badass feminist dystopian novella idea!
Make “partial birth late term” abortion perfectly LEGAL....


Condition 1: Baby to be delivered to term Live and Kicking, and put in basket next to mother. Everyone besides the mother and baby leaves the room.

Condition 2: Mother has to perform abortion herself by taking her own two hands and strangling the newly delivered baby to death. No doctor in the room, no breaking of the doctor’s Hippocratic oath.

Condition 3: IF mother doesn’t want to strangle her baby she can put the baby in a “Baby drop Box” across the room, baby will be adopted off.

Condition 4: If mother wants baby and to raise baby, she can keep baby.

Force the mother to make a CHOICE, like all the pro Choice people say they are for....

Harsh, but I believe in the laws of nature’s god, not men in white coats.
captain_dave looks forward to an attractive President after Obama looked like a servant the the whole time:
Trump knows how to wear formal white tie. A nice alternative to Obama screwing up even that and looking more like a waiter.
Califreak - Save us using your assassination skills, Putin!
One of these days I’m going to wake up, and a lot of major players for the Democrat party are going to be in prison.

Trump will be president, and it will be the Democrat party on the ropes, possibly dying on the vine.

Soros is vulnerable also. He has been paying people to riot, to break the laws of our nation.

Any Justice Department worth it’s salt would take the guy down.

I’m surprised Putin’s people haven’t gotten him yet.

Somehow, I don’t think they really want him that bad.

But he’s probably got enough evil progeny to carry out his evil agenda so they’d have to get them too.


  1. Lotta murder this week
    Really high murder quotient

  2. Egypt: Fattest Woman in the World Hasn't Left Home for 25 Years

    They desperately want every fetus to be born and live, and then -- to hell with poverty says, "Probably the only way the poor girl could keep her clitoris...hide it in 1100 pounds of fat."

    I am sure glad the "culture of life" wants every human who is born to be here for them to belittle. Oh yeah, they did ask if Laz would hit it.

    Welcome to Trump's America!

    1. What a disgusting and ignorant comment. How can people who claim to be Christian and be part of a "family-oriented" website say or even think such vile things? The dissonance is so remarkable I can barely put it into words.

    2. I've always liked Janeane Garafalo's joke about solving that hypocrisy: The Buddy System!

      If you're pro-life and so into taking away other people's choices to get that baby born, well, guess what?

      You're being assigned a buddy 18 years when one is born! And once that one leaves, you get a shiny new buddy for another 18 years, etc.