Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Freepers versus their families.

It's a cliche, but ay-nony-nony is right - this is an especially rancid sample. As Freepers begin to worry about Trump, they turn from their electoral impotence to something they have nominal power over - their liberal family members. Thus has Freep come to pollute Freepers real life in a way I don't think it has before. This is a huge thread where Freepers tell each other how much they don't care that they've alienated their families.

RooRoobird20 starts the thread, and sets the tone, calling her family 'the enemy.'
Husband and I are the only conservatives and Trump supporters in my large extended left wing family. We have always been quiet when family idiots start braying against Republicans, conservatives, Trump, etc.

No more. I'm done with the ignorant fools in my family. I'm taking them on in person and on Facebook and I imagine they all hate me at this point--including my brother, who is an executive at the St. Louis Post Dispatch. What's new is I DON'T CARE anymore if they hate me and never speak to me again.

I've told them "This is Total War, and we are on opposite sides. You are with the enemy and you are now the enemy."

How is it going with your families and family dinner discussions LOL?
By disowning liberals, RooRoobird20 is taking a stand for the future!
I do love most of my family and I am never ever the one to start the argument—ever. But I’m tired of being the polite doormat at family gatherings. I have a right to speak up, and I will.

This election is too important for me to sit back and let the stupid, false things that are said go unanswered. The future of our country, our children and grandchildren are at stake.
I'll bet wally_bert's 'Marxist cousin' just thinks the Fair Tax is dumb or something:
Two exceptions, a marxist cousin and spouse who will waste the vote on the nowhere libertarian since she thinks Don is some kind of power mad dictator and doesn’t like the harridan since she is the harridan.
combat_boots proudly declares his stand of skipping a single holiday:
Chez Boots isn’t trekking to my brother’s over Thanksgiving because of this.

My SIL is a moonbat.
Guenevere proudly flaunts her complete lack of perspective:
Do your best to love your family. Politics isn’t worth it. Not even close.

You are so wrong

This isn’t politics, and you know it!

This is slavery or free.

Try again.
Guenevere is that Internet crazy Mom...

Glad I’m not alone.....( hubby, daughter, me and ALL of you on this thread)

Sad it has come to this......indeed a Civil War......sister in law, and sadly my son

I, too, am tired of tiptoeing around on Facebook....
....I am a proud Deplorable and My Facebook friends know it.
.....and I have found my true friends......and lost some who I thought were my friends

I am more bold.....wearing my Trump shirt out and about.... well as my Trump pins...
....and my car bumper stickers!
Parmy declares that people avoid her because those people have personal problems:
Don't feel bad. You are not alone. I have a brother and two sisters-in-laws that don't call any more and avoid my wife and I.

They have a personal problem because there is nothing wrong with us.
longfellow is actually kinda excited:
Just like the civil war.
And, of course theater person miss marmelstein proudly declares how she pwns her liberal friends on Facebook once she gets tipsy:
I’m lucky in that my family agrees with me but none of my friends do. I tolerate only so much and then after the second scotch-on-the-rocks, level them with the force of my wit and intelligence. They are rarely up on the news.

Yesterday, I took on a dumb Brit on FB who promptly unfriended me when I schooled her about Hillary and her rape victim and the anarchy of rape evidence before the law set in to attempt to shield the victims. She didn’t know what hit her.
And we also get to learn more about secessionist central_va!
You think it is rough for you? I have a bull dyke SIL.
Was not expecting that, given how outspoken a Confederate central_va was, I expected he came from a family of Lost Causers.

son of terrence hates how close-minded his family's liberals are. The only cure is ranting at the grandkids!
My wife and I are infuriating the old and feeble minded liberals within our family. They can not be saved. Hillary could eat a live baby on the steps of the White House and they would say she needed the iron. 
Our hope has to be with the youth and those still working. The youth need to know that they owe tens of trillions in debt thanks to the criminal politicians.
fwdude remembers when Jesus said be an asshole to your family in my name:
The truth will divide families. Even Jesus acknowledged this.
Mears's family is tending liberal by generations. Coincidentally, she has the self control to avoid politics.
My kids are middle aged and 2 of them are libs,3 are not.

We just don’t discuss politics when we are together.

They are all very good to me and I like to keep that in mind.

The grandkids,with 1 exception,are libs.

Very nice families can have mixed religions,ethnicites,races,or political persuasions.
rigelkentaurus is still thinking about the cousin she declared an enemy Communist a decade ago...
I wrote off a first cousin and her husband back in 2006. I will not put up with communists in my family. I also do not care if they hate me - they are my enemy as they actively work against me, my family’s well being, and everything I believe in.
How could someone like HARRY TUTTLE, whose screenname references a movie with themes of nonconformity at all costs, be so proudly close-minded?
Gave up discussing politics with family after 1980 election.
Friends after 1992 election.
Liberals are no logic zone.
Ammo Republic 15 is proudly of a pure conservative family that won't allow any race-mixing!
I guess I’m pretty lucky, on both me and my wife’s side of the family which counting uncles, aunts, nephews, parents, first cousins and so on it’s solid conservative and voting Trump.

And God help the family member that brings “diversity” into our family. They would be disowned forever!
Old Grumpy knows that even as he makes life crappier for himself, life goes on:
My own family gathering this Thanksgiving will be five people fewer than in the past. I’ve decided I’m not going to worry about it. Life goes on.
fwdude explains that when you disown liberals, you're punishing them way more than you're hurting yourself!
My certain guess is that, conservatives being what the are and liberals being what they are, they need you more than you need them. It is lonely in the leftist echo chamber, and leftists thrive off of controversy, mostly concocted controversy. After all, they have no compunction about denigrating conservatism around you, while you are decidedly more reserved for the sake of relationships.

Let them try getting along without their "foil" of conservative family members, and they'll eventually try to make up to you. Mark my word.

In a perverse sense, I really believe that leftists deep down detect a core of eternal truth in the conservative position, and derive a certain sense of security from its existence. If truly backed to a wall, I don't think they would admit to wanting to live in a world completely devoid of conservative values and people. That world would even be a nightmare to THEM.
Gay State Conservative blames liberals for all of it:
I'm certainly no family therapist but...this country is,today,far more divided...far more inclined to literally hate those with opposing views...than it's been since the 60s (don't know if you're old enough to remember the 60s...I certainly am). 
If this attitude filters down to families that's just another price we pay for the filthy Maoist attitudes of certain members of my generation (Boomers) who started this ball rolling in the mid-60s.
Huh. It looks like T-Bone Texan is related to quite a few cartoonish liberal strawmen!
Sadly, I now hate my extended family. It’s official. They are dead to me, and I do not say that in jest, but as a bitter, elderly Jewish man, which I am not. Not Jewish, anyway.

Love was not enough to create a commonality between us; their extremist leftist views (which they parrot without any understanding or critical thought) makes them just like all the other credulous mouth breathers that would destroy what I cherish and value most.

It did not happen all at once; it was a dawning of understanding over time. When my wealthy aunt proclaimed solidarity with OWS even though they would wear her skin as a coat it killed me a little inside.

My wealthy cousin lives in a gated community on the side of a mountain in CA, and is horrified that I seek to insulate myself from the violence of the underclass that lives mere blocks from my family. In his mind I should embrace that diversity, and I am a racist ass hole for not doing that.

When having a dialog with my father he reverts, literally, to “war is bad” with no desire to understand the complexities of our world or to acknowledge that peace without justice is neither.

And don’t get me started on my gay brother. He has morphed into a hateful militant homo who has no use for “breeders” and holds heterosexuals in utter contempt. He never leaves his homo world and lives surrounded by either homos or those that fawn over that lifestyle.

Thank you for letting me vent. A part of me has died, and it has caused me great sadness.
max americana has a story to tell, of course. But being the Mary Sue superman he is, it lacks much bite:
I dont talk to my brother because he’s a liberal asshole. No really. I dont. Most of my family members are libtards and the dinner table during Christmas looks like downtown Baghdad after the talk turns to politics.

It gets so bad that no one wanted to exchange gifts lol
Donnafrflorida is bravely resentful:
If i find you supported hillary.. Dont darken my door. Dont ring my phone. I lived under 8 years of hell. If u give me 4 mire. To hell with you
GOPe Means Bend Over Spell Run hates how Hillary voters are either rich or poor and censor his free speech:
I have no use for Hillary voters. Frankly, I hope they never speak to me again. All they do is shout and stomp off in an effort to cut off debate and free speech. 
Frankly, the Hillary supporters I know are wealthy elites or freeloaders or self professed victims. If there is more of them at polls, the country is lost forever. It will be time to retire and stop paying taxes to support their bullshit spending.
BunnySlippers knows the problem is females:
All the males at the office are with me but none of the females, they all shun me.
Lest you miss the point that women are evil, BunnySlippers makes it again:
Women are largely stupid. My GF is all about touchy-feely “feel good’ issues.
tinyowl has a much bigger post rationalizing away one's family. I've excerpted the sad, sad, conclusion here:
Biological 'family' -> the duty attached to it, the obligation -> is a concept. It's ego based - it is an illusion, a hypnosis ... that the society is all sick with the family illusion ... reinforces the illusion ... it's a collective hypnosis.

If, since being born, they have not earned a place in your life where they are welcome - simply on the face of it - welcome, and you already know whether they have or not ... release them from the burden of wasting their energy by causing suffering in your life.

I know from rather extreme experience ... the cost and the benefit ... it works ... and it works not because you have eliminated 'these awful people, the causes of misery' ... but because you have obeyed God.

Attack only long enough to force them from your home. Every once in a while, check in to see if they have changed.
Cowgirl of Justice tells of how her sister listened to hateful talk radio that made her mad:
When I last visited my sister in Seattle, she would have Air America on and it would put her in a mood of absolute hatred for the entire day. It got so that when she would get in the shower, I would turn it off and have breakfast waiting for her (cinnamon french toast with lots of melted butter and real maple syrup and extra crispy bacon) and she would be in a good mood for the rest of the day. It was unsettling how vicious AA was. I was just flabbergasted at the outright lies they told.
Cowgirl of Justice has rejected all of her family as below her standards:
I broke with all of my family (except for my father) not because they were liberals but because they had the traits of liberals: lying, cheating, money borrowing and never pay back, hate-filled, welfare loving, weak minded, kleptomaniac, non-Christian, back stabbing, Fox News hating, venomous, vicious, always trying to get something for nothing, dishonest, name calling treasures.

Plus they’re liberals.

You’ll be fine.
ladyjane points out how you can use you inheritance to make you kids hide their liberalism!
Do you disown your child if they are liberal?

Remind them that Hillary wants to raise the inheritance tax to 65%

Then tell them you are spending every cent now rather than give all that money to the government.

Once they see their inheritance disappearing they'll put a Trump sign on their lawn.
EQAndyBuzz boasts of pissing of his family:
Several years ago I told my in laws if Hitler had a (D) next to his name they would vote for him. And we are Jewish.

That took a few years to heal.
bert is pretty sure some out-and-out lunacy will shut up the libs.
Tell them of the coming war

Their lives are at risk if Hillary wins
T-Bone Texan cheers on a Freeper planning on starting a fight on Thanksgiving:
No matter what the result is on November 8, I hope my wife’s ultra left wing, Columbia grad, liberal, NYC metrosexual douchebag, know-it-all, brother-in-law opens his big mouth on Thanksgiving Day. I am then going to knock his teeth right out of his stupid head!!

I commend you on the fire in your belly!
Post-election thanksgiving is gonna be brutal.


  1. Since Donnie is a dead man walking, we might as well skip ahead to the excuses the Republicans will make for losing.

    Conservatism Never Fails
    How the Republican Party will try to explain away Donald Trump’s disastrous campaign.

    "That’s what we’ll hear, 'Of course, Trump lost. He wasn’t conservative.' That allows everyone else in the Republican Party, basically, to push the infamous reset button. I think a lot of what we saw in the last couple of weeks with Trump’s various former supporters jumping ship, ostensibly because of this grotesque tape and the rest, is all about setting up that next move in the chess game."

  2. miss marmelstein: "...then after the second scotch-on-the-rocks, level them with the force of my wit and intelligence."

    I think most freepers consider alcohol to be the solution to all their problems.

    No, miss marmelstein, two scotch-on-the-rocks just makes you think your drunken ravings are wit and intelligence.

  3. So, Freepers run internal polling on immediate family and discover widespread Trump antipathy (just like every other poll). There is only one possible explanation ... their families are RIGGED by SOROS!!

    1. Hehe, this cracked me up. When they default to blaming Soros, it reminds me of Mr. Crocker from Fairly Odd Parents shrieking "FAIRIES!!"

  4. I suppose ya'll were STILL supporting JOHN
    EDWARDS even AFTER his being EXPOSED by the
    HIS BUTT WAS EXPOSED even to the point of him
    hiding out in the restroom in RAILLE HUNTER'S
    apartment building AND Enquirer reporters
    following him into the restroom. MSM?
    (CRICKETS) Just like with Hillary. - Even
    after Elizabeth finally saw the light,
    ELIZABETH EDWARDS, I'm sure ya'll still
    grieved over little JOHNNY EDWARDS!

    Butt, faithful as you are; HUSSEIN OBAMA
    quickly replaced JOHN EDWARDS.

    Ya'll are, I think, OLD LIBERALS, set in
    stone and about as OLD OR OLDER than TWINKIE.

    I also think that HITLER-Y is going DOWN,
    DOWN, DOWN. Now, unlike cocky, or is it
    kooky, ya'll - I do acknowledge that the
    Lord God Almighty, King of the UNIVERSE,
    has the final say in whether or not the
    damned CLINTONS get their grubby paws on
    the Oval Office SINK for another round of
    & GOMORRAH, or are we the city of NINEVEH?
    We shall soon know.


    1. Hee hee hee! "Butt faithful"

    2. STINKIE, like all wriklebags, is living in the past ... bringing up events of many years ago as if they just happened. Maybe its just her dementia kicking in.

      But maybe she is right about YOOHOO ... turns out that YOOHOO likes the Democrats better than Wrinklicans !

    3. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God (according to your mythology) whereas Nineveh was destroyed by civil war (historical/archaeological fact). What's your point? America is going to be destroyed either by supernatural thunderbolts or by revolting [sic] Freepers?

      PS: Citing more mythology (Tobit, Jonah) is futile since anyone with a spade can verify that Nineveh was/is destroyed.

  5. Welcome to Free Republic! Pro-God, pro-country, anti-family! Est. 1996

      YOURSELVES or else ya'll are going
      to be the ones like Old Dan Tucker -
      just a standin' there a lookin' when
      HITLER-Y finally gets FLUSHED down
      the old crapper.

      Ya'll know Old Dan Tucker, don't you?
      He combed his hair with a wagon wheel,
      and he died of a toothache in his

      YEE HAW!!!!!!!


    2. Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.

      What part of pro-God and anti-family do you NOT GET? Free Republic is not Christian because it claims to be pro-God AND pro-family. You can't have it both ways! You must choose a master!

      That means send all your money to Jim Robinson!

  6. I like how miss marmelstein pretends it's only 2 scotch/rocks. Probably more like 2 bottles a day.

    And color me shocked, SHOCKED that women find BunnySlippers repulsive. I'm guessing his "GF" is from Canada, if you know what I mean.

  7. "I’m beginning to think that Trump ('Grab them by the pussy!') is God’s one last chance offering to us to turn us around.

    If we reject that, I do not want to think about what’s going to happen."

    Never forget that when Moses brought down the tablets from the mountain the first commandment was this, "Grab them by the pussy!" Amen!!!

    1. Ya'll quit that ugly talking!! King
      David was a "man after God's own
      heart" & he liked wimmin; but King
      David paid a price for his errors.

      In fact, he pronounced his own penalty
      when he was asked to do so on another
      similar matter. He did repent; but he
      also paid the piper.

      BILL CLINTON has not paid the piper &
      has been babied and poofed & pampered
      all his misterable life. Same with
      HITLER-Y. I'm more convinced that
      HITLER-Y is going down . . down . .
      down . . FLUSH!!

      Ya'll have a secret. Ya'll aren't
      either! TWINKIE knows ya'll.

      Thing is; TRUMP will get ya'll out of
      your parents' basements and put ya'll
      to work as coffee baristas at
      STARBUCKS - although McDonald's plain
      black coffee is BETTER and CHEAPER.

      I would despair of ya'll if I didn't
      know that a ROMAN CANDLE is about to
      be lit under ya'll's rear ends in
      that foldaway bed in your parents'
      basements. (Ya'll's parent must surely
      be 90 or 100, seeing clearly that
      ya'll have to be at least SEVENTY.

      DOWN - DOWN - DOWN - DOWN - DOWN . . .

      Too bad. So sad. Time to GROW UP!!


    2. Grab them by the pussy!!!

    3. If anybody grabbed STINKIE by the pussy, it would be like some ancient deteriorated artifact found buried in the desert getting exposed to light and air for the first time in centuries ...

      *POOF*, it would disappear in a cloud of dust!

    4. "When you've got them by the pussy their hearts and minds will follow".

    5. Tonight, the Presidential Debate will
      hold lots of surprises.

      My guess is that Hillree will start
      and can't stop! (TWINKIE tried to
      tell her that the HALL'S don't do
      much.) The ticket is that one from
      Switzerland, ya'll know which one I'm
      talking about. Now, they have them in
      lots of flavors; used to just be in
      that rough tasting flavor.

      My name is TWINKIE, ay-nony-nony.
      YOU would not like me calling you
      by an unflattering name and then
      insulting some body part of yours!

      Anyway, back to HILLARIOUS. Some
      more TRUMP guests are there set to
      ask Hillree some pointed questions
      sure to make her chipmunk cheeks
      flame bright crimson.

      FANG would resent your insult to
      TWINKIE'S private parts. He hasn't
      complained & he has TWINKIE'S
      permission to grab and snatch any
      THING that'll have him. TWINKIE
      ain't remarrying if FANG does kick
      the bucket before she does. My
      aim is improving with the old Biden
      shotgun; and I do not shoot it off
      willy nilly - unlike ay-nony-nony's

      He has to be a Pajama Boy. Only they
      dare to tweak TWINKIE'S nose in such
      an insulting manner, and then only

      Anonymous also talks ugly. Not a
      nice thing in a FM porn addict!!!

      OK. Also, Hillree will probably SIT
      ALL NIGHT. Like the woman in that
      old joke who remarked when asked to
      dance by the handsome prince, "No
      thanks! I am CONSTIPATED ON
      She meant to say was, "No thanks!
      and I PREFER TO SIT!"

      Butt, alas, she, like HITLER-Y will
      get her tongue all twisted up at
      the prospect of FINALLY grabbing
      the TOTAL POWER that BILLY BOB
      denied her when he kept boinking

      CLAIM IT!!!

      Oh! The HUMANITY! This orange clown
      is poised to foil her plans for
      becoming another EVITA PERON! Don't
      cry for me, ARKANSANS!! I'm jumping
      to reach the golden ring . . . .
      OOPSY! POOPSY! HILL fell down and
      broke her crown and BILL came
      (unfortunate choice of words)
      tumbling after!!!

      OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

      DOWN . . DOWN . . DOWN . .

      I'm picturing Melania in the pink
      gold designer gown that Michelle
      wore to the LAST state dinner for
      the Italian bigwigs. In all
      fairness, Michelle looked nice. TK

      P.S. Gotta close before ya'll shun

    6. Meh. What's the fun? I hear it's a pretty dry gulch.

    7. Like all the other FRinklebags, STINKIE is so fat and stupid that she thinks the stoops that Trump invites to the debate get to ask questions!

      Oh, and Fang is laughing hilariously at my commentary about STINKIE's hygiene and saggy parts. In fact, he feeds me my best material!

    8. "My aim is improving with the old Biden shotgun"

      Oh, Twinks. Tsk, tsk. There such a thing as too much information.

      We don't need to know your vibrator's name.

  8. More lamentations from sad old RooRoobird20 ...

    She's another FRinklebag that needs to go on suicide watch after the election.

  9. Another Old Maid at FR demands support and acceptance for 12 years of being undesirable.

    1. To: CorporateStepsister

      Good for you! I went chaste at 30 years old and will be 65 in about four months.

      Isn’t is amazing how much you can get done?

      13 posted on 10/19/2016, 10:27:55 PM by SatinDoll

    2. Yeah- 35 years of poison pen posting on the internet and "letters to the editor" before that, ha ha.

  10. Abstinence thread!
    Maybe relevant, maybe tangential, to why Freepers hate everything in general, and their family members in particular.
    If you just hold out until you're'll find the right one.