Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Of course, Freepers love the Filipino strongman.

Filipino President Duerte has been consolidating his power largely through prosecuting 'drug dealers' via vigilante witch hunts. It's ironic how witch hunts makes a people feel safer even as it kills them.

And now he's opened a big trade deal with China, for no doubt a lot of personal inducements. Not that he's closing relations with America, he's just gonna sound like it. Not super surprising for a dictator figure to sell out his country.

Discarding due process? Ranting about corrupting national values? Anti-Obama rhetoric?! Who cares about allying with Communists, Freepers are in love.

kimtom is pretty sure Obama just lost World War 2.
Another Pacific Ally .....Gone!! Thank you Obumma

So much for the blood spilt 1941-1945
VanDeKoik predicts all of Asia will fall to the Chinese because Hillary Bad.
Looks like our foreign policy is on its own Bataan Death March.

With Hillary, it is a sure thing that Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia will fall into China’s orbit because they aren’t going to align with a nation that elects a nut like that.

Thailand may become a bit shaky for us, and Vietnam isnt going to cause China any issues as well.
NonValueAdded calls on Duarte to wait, because maybe America will be Great Again?!
But Duarte, it’s a bit premature don’tcha think? Or have you determined that sHrillary is going to win and her price for protection is just too darned high?
Truth29 thinks the problem is that Hillary doesn't think America is already great.
Another accomplishment by Obama/Hillary in the diminishment of the US to be just another country among many. Nothing special about her according to the enemy Left in the US. 
If Trump does not win on November 8, the US is headed to a future of a kleptocracy with a ruling elite and and a dependent mass of permanent Rat voters. Given enough time, Hillary will finish turning the US into something like Cuba or Venezuela with a considerable dash of Islamic terrorism.
Rooting for America to fail, grumpygresh is all for America becoming weak if Hillary's President!
This does vividly demonstrate that US is losing hegemony.

But let’s honestly ask ourselves if this is a bad thing. If Trump wins, this is a problem because I believe that an American military resurgence would be a worthwhile goal.

But if hitlery wins, maybe not. Hitlery could really be the ONE to round up her enemies and put them into camps, prisons and CMUs. at that point, conservatives would need a place to escape. A multipolar world at least gives us a chance to survive.
pepsi_junkie knows only Trump with his questioning of NATO and kissing up to Russia will be the reliable ally the world craves!
Here's the problem: Obama has made the US so unreliable and unpredictable that the Phillipine government has no idea (or faith) that he will support them in anything. And there they sit with "disputes" with giant China. China will gobble them up if they want to and the USA will probably (under Obama) do nothing but give some speech about how mean they are and how a sternly written letter is on the way to the UN right now.

They decided to align with China now when they had some ability to negotiate the terms rather than wait for the inevitable.

Bottom line: Trump is right when he says nobody respects (or trusts) Obama / Clinton.
nathanbedford is sure this is Obama's plan.
This is not the product of idiocy but of ideology.

This is a result desired by Obama's ideology.
Zionist Conspirator's strawman liberals are so confused!
Well, now that he’s with the Commies, there’ll be no more liberal complaints about how he treats drug dealers.
knarf is fully on board Duerte's vigilante justice train:
And Duterte is acting as a real father ...

You come into my country and give my kids drugs, I will kill you.
knarf goes off on a Freeper who dares to disapprove of how things are going in other countries:
Duterte is a self proclaimed Leftist. Where are the Duterte fan boys now ?

As a provocateur, you're a piker.

We whom speak positively about Rodrigo Duterte are commenting on a man that is governing his own country .... NOT YOURS.

What I say about Duterte is a personal opinion of a man that is actually DOing something for his country ... and he's doing it damned quickly.

Duterte is of the opinion America can do him no good and will investigate aligning with China.

Piss you off?

Maybe you have deeper issues than what a president of a foreign country is doing FOR his country.

Duterte and Trump are cut from the same cloth ... deal with it.

Stupid Irish, Dumb Germans, Idiot Spaniards, Foolish French, chinky Chinese, damned blacks, filthy freepers ....
So I guess he doesn't think it's appropriate to comment on Freeper villain Merkel, eh?

StAnDeliver predicts a Chinese coup of the Philippines:
So how much is the Philippine's bill going to be?

That's a good question, because it won't come due until China decides a Taiwan grab...

And commensurately, unscheduled 2GO cargo airliners dislodge hundreds of fatigue-wearing PLA (*cough cough* mainland Chinese friends) who are vanned off to 2GO ports in Manila and then ferried to other ports as well.

Duterte - who may be dumb but he's not stupid - promptly sh!ts himself and calls President Trump, who says, "What is your sovereignty worth to you, meathead?"


  1. Ahh, so much failure to distinguish between 1) severe penalties for convictions reached by due process and 2) getting to murder people you don't like and get away with it by just abusing them of using/selling drugs...

  2. They're Freepers. They want to murder people because they won't vote for Trump (vs. "lynch all libs/traitors" posts ad nauseam).

    Applying pest control measures to urban ferals is small beer. Not so much with rural rednecks cooking up CELTIC SEA SALT though. That's just Dukes of Hazzard style private enterpise.

    1. So much for that whole Constitution thing they claim to love so much!

    2. Freepers believe the Constitution only applies to white people

    3. Under the doctrine of "original intent", it does. Everything after Amendment 10 is liberal corruption of what the Founders intended.

    4. It's interesting to watch absolutists like that try to come to grips with the fact that, without the 14th Amendment, states could ban guns and make Islam the official state religion.

  3. "We whom speak positively about Rodrigo Duterte are commenting on a man that is governing his own country .... NOT YOURS."

    Couldn't one have said that same thing about Saddam Hussein?

  4. Ever since Trump praised him, freepers have been treating Saddam like a hero, and hating Bush for invading Iraq. And they actually used to zot those who opposed the Iraq war, at one time.

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