Sunday, October 16, 2016

Debate reax potpourri.

As a commenter noted, Freepers are more and more turning to prayers. stars & stripes forever has the sort of  angry and fearful prayer Freepers make:
[Pray, everyone!]


Take over this debate. Expose HILLARY for the felon she is. We demand JUSTICE! May no arrow formed against DONALD TRUMP prosper. Turn them on those who oppose him. Open eyes to see, ears to hear, minds to understand.

In JESUS Name we pray. Amen.
janee got a little too into the debate...
I’m shaking such a good job Donald.
Peter ODonnell aims high:
Start measuring the spaces on Mount Rushmore.
moovova thinks Melania Trump made Bill Clinton poop himself:
Melania Trump Trolls Clintons with ‘Pussy Bow’ Blouse at Debate

RE: the handshake, the outfit...done on purpose.

She put an untouchable thing in his face...and, Billy Boy probably let loose in his panties.

He’ll ache for the rest of his miserable life knowing that’s the closest he’ll that lady.
ri4dc drank himself to sleep:
Report: After Rough Debate With Donald Trump Hillary Went Straight to the Booze

I went straight to the booze as well, to celebrate Trump’s total domination over Her Clowness. Into the great good night Hillary.
A fly landed on Hillary. She didn't brush it away. Therapsid tries to argue this is a sign Hillary was *gasp* acting!
This is Why the Fly is important.......B.O. and Hilarity...have been controlling their expressions “in order to lie effectively”....for so long They dont feel a fly on their FACE.....every facial nuance is contrived-controled...........and has been for yrs...The fly IS actually a useful blsht detector.
politicianslie pulls out the flyperbole Real Freepers crave:
The flies will also be landing on Americans killed by Hussein's Muslims that he is flooding into the US. Madam Benghazi wants to increase Hussein's flood by over FIVE TIMES.

The murdered Americans will have flies on them before their bodies are picked up off the streets of America.
At home in a dictatorship, KamperKen demands landslide victories in his useless online polls!
I just took a look at the Drudge Report poll. Earlier in the evening it was around 90/10 in favor of Trump. It’s now 63/37 in favor of Trump with Trump dropping.

About 100 votes/second are now being cast and Hillary is slowly gaining. In other words, the liberals are now trying to change the results of the poll with some sort of automated voting. I expect by morning it will show that Hillary won.

I hope Drudge takes note of this and disowns his own poll. I just sent a note to the Drudge website informing them of this. I hope everyone else takes notes too.


  1. NBC/WSJ Poll: Hillary Clinton Extends Lead Over Donald Trump to 11 Points

    Yep, that leftie rag, the Rupert Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal is just lying it's ass off. It isn't true. Donnie is going to win, Win, WIN! Donnie is going to win it ALL!

  2. WHERE ARE YA'LL? TWINKIE'S already been
    up and done lots of stuff while ya'll
    have been ZONKED out in ya'll's parents'
    basements sleeping off those disgusting
    hangovers ya'll get from guzzling all
    that rotgut moonshine ya'll guzzle!

    TWINKIE'S feelings are hurt again by
    one of the Anonymouses on here. They
    write horrible poetry about TWINKIE and
    think it's SO CUTE! IT IS NOT CUTE!!!


    You do not have to go to Sunday School;
    but you do need to go to church once in
    a while. TWINKIE can't do "perfect
    attendance" either; but it does you good
    to GIT UP AND GO TO CHURCH once in a
    while!! People have made an effort just
    for ya'll. Pianist practiced, choir also
    practiced, preacher wrote his sermon,
    communion was prepared, now ya'll do your
    part and BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!!!!!

    On another note; HALLOWEEN will soon be
    here. In all these 30 yrs. no little kids
    have been up our spooky driveway back
    here for trick or treat. We always buy
    a bag of treats; but it's just SCARY back
    here. The driveway is real far back, past
    some spooky areas and then past DUB, our
    giant mongrel white dog that looks like
    a GHOST! It can't be helped. It's scary;
    and ME and FANG are always forced to have
    to eat the candy ourselves.

    Of course, I always buy a big supply of
    candy corns during the month of October.
    I don't like HALLOWEEN really; but I'm
    not going to fuss at little kids for it
    or deprive them of their bit of candy,
    the only thing that keeps their dentists
    on their toes!

    OK. Well, as ya'll know; one of the
    Anonymices has again written degrading
    poetry, calling TWINKIE out of her name!

    Just for that; ya'll will ALL be
    punished with OVERSLEEPING in an
    unnatural way on Election Day and not
    waking up in order to go over and cast
    ya'll's precious votes for HILLIARY
    will be so sleepy that ya'll will
    check the TRUMP box on your ballot and
    won't even realize it.

    It will be sad . . for ya'll!!!!

    But not for . . . .

    President Donald J. Trump POTUS

    TEE HEE!!!!



    P.S. Sigh. More hurdles. You'd think it
    would be enough just to be able to
    check the "I'M NOT A ROBOT" box that
    ya'll would know that I am NOT a robot;
    butt ya'll demand a pint of blood from
    POOR TWINKIE. For Halloween, I guess.

  3. Freeper style Christianity...
    They think God (or, as twinkie calls him, YOOHOO) is their own personal magic monkey in the sky, and if they keep poking Him with a sharp stick he'll eventually do their bidding.

    Yesh Mak'mea Hammsammich !!!

    1. Ya'll are so full or it, your eyeballs
      are brown! FULL OF IT!!

      TWINKIE "COMES" from the same part of
      the country as did Sergeant Alvin C.
      York and Private Barfoot, men who did
      PHENOMENAL things during WWI & WWII.

      The recent movie that MEL GIBSON made
      about Private Barfoot is one of those
      rare "Hollywood" productions that is
      NOT a lie. Both York and Barfoot were
      from the mountains of East Tennessee;
      and ya'll would do well to NOT make
      fun of their God. Any more unassuming
      men, you would never find in your
      neck of the woods.


      You speak very disrespectful of one
      you do not understand or even know

      TWINKIE does NOT call Him YOOHOO.
      (I don't call my muu-muu a MOO-MOO
      either; but that is another subject of
      a more trivial nature.)

      against FREE REPUBLIC, against
      TWINKIE, against GOD.

      Calling HIM, or Freepers, or even
      Twinkie, a MONKEY is a big old fat

      WONKERS!! I don't exactly know what a
      "WONKER" is; but that is the only word
      I can think of that describes you

      IF Hitler-y does get rewarded for
      standing by Billious and punishing
      Monica and all the rest of Billious's
      victims, hop in that bed down in your
      parents' basements and pull that cover
      over your heads. Pray to that "Hamm-
      sammich" ya'll keep yammering about
      to protect ya'll's butts from the
      without hesitation rain down on your
      heads through her lack of JUDGMENT
      and SELF-DESTRUCTION that the
      Clinton hunger for power has wrought
      in both of those YAHOOS!

      It is only right and just that YOUR
      own lack of judgment and discretion
      OWN HEADS!

      ain't far behind! FANG & TWINKIE moved
      out here on the river THIRTY years ago, when TWINKIE was probably about
      ya'll's age - about 39. Seems like
      just yesterday. Time flies. It goes
      WARP SPEED when you're FOOLISH, IF
      you're FOOLISH.




    2. See you (and Fang) in hell, twinkie !

      YOOHOO doesn't like it when you treat Him like your own personal vengance monkey.

    3. I usually just use Twinkie's posts as a bridge to actual comments, but for some reason I gave this one a fair shake. Few questions:

      1. Why do you believe the post was making fun of York and Barfoot's god? Geographic proximity is hardly a compelling argument. The post clearly is about the vengeful Freeper God.
      2. Why do Freepers presume God is on their side?
      3. Why are Freepers so opposed to Christ's teachings? I have a personal relationship with Jesus and you guys are so far away from what he espoused that I can't consider Freepers to be actual Christians. Your God is not a God of love but a petty, vengeful monkey that has delivered the election the last two times to the other side so why has He (and I know you believe God actually has a gender) forsaken and abandoned you?
      4. Do you actually believe that God would push a bitter, lying, ignorant, orange primate to the front of the line to represent Him in this election? Why would He nominate that one person who's most likely guaranteed a loss in this election?

    4. Ya'll here on F.M. do not even have
      the faintest idea WHO YORK & BARFOOT

      However, ya'll pride yourselves on
      knowing who the latest "ROCK" star
      is and having all his latest albums.

      YOU don't know what you are talking
      about when it comes to "Freepers" -
      whatever that is or they are!

      You are yapping about HUNDREDS and
      even THOUSANDS of people when you
      are yapping at the heels of so-called


      As to TRUMP. He has WON, FAIR &
      SQUARE, the Republican nomination
      for President. Against a lot of
      Republican Bushes and bigshots.

      TWINKIE is ashamed to admit that she
      voted for CRUZ in our early state
      primary. - TRUMP graciously allowed
      TED CRUZ to show his nekkid butt at
      the convention - when CRUZ could have
      used some discretion, accepted the
      will of the people, and bowed out
      until 2020- But, no, BITTER TED just
      doubled down on obstinate the next
      day when he had been BOOED out of
      the convention hall for his lack of
      discretion. TWINKIE will NEVER cast
      a one of her votes for TED CRUZ again. Never.

      Believe me, it WILL be according to
      God's will WHO will be allowed to
      rule America after this election;
      as it always has been and still is.

      Pray it is the "orange man" instead
      of the "ball buster" & her lecherous
      FIRST LADDIE money grubbing "hubby".

      None are so blind as those who REFUSE
      to see.

      YOU say "God" has abandoned me? Ask
      the people of Sodom & the people of
      Gomorroh. Ask the men & women of
      Nineveh who humbled themselves and
      REPENTED in sackcloth when GOD sent
      JONAH to preach repentance to them.

      The queers of Sodom & Gomorrah had
      become so seared in their lusts that
      they were even to the point where
      they wished Lot to send out the
      angels into the streets where they
      could RAPE THEM!

      Those degenerates were too far gone;
      not even deserving of being given
      another chance by GOD!

      Perhaps we are, too, when we get SO
      warped that many of us DESIRE the
      warped likes of the CROOKED CLINTONS
      to rule over this country.

      YOU accuse TWINKIE of STUPIDITY and
      all the while tell her just how
      "stupid" YOU think she is.

      You were all sucked in by HUSSEIN
      OBAMA'S "awesomeness". I think that
      even the "Mormon" would have done a
      somewhat better job than the Kenyan
      has done.

      Hussein is, in fact, a flop. I do
      pray he will be assigned his place
      on the links in the ASS HEAP OF

      I THINK HITLER-Y is going DOWN . .
      DOWN . . DOWN . . DOWN, along with
      the FIRST LADDIE and her "Creepy
      Klown" running mate, Kaine.

      Ya'll are, as usual, a day late and
      a dollar short.


      P.S. I hope and pray the CLINKTONS
      are soon GONE!!!

    5. Ha! Poor miserable Guenevere needs Trump to win and is trying reverse psychology on God. That's the ticket!


      Even though now and then my faith grows small and fearful....
      ....I strongly see where I should be praising God already.....I told my husband this...

      .....instead of fearfully crying to the Lord.....please please let it be Trump

      I am thanking him ahead for what He is doing......already seeing Mr. Trump as President!
      Look how far God has brought us through this election season...
      look at all He has exposed to us.....We the People SEE the corruption, deceit and lies that were hidden

      If God is for Donald Trump, who can be against him!"

      The level of deluded ignorance amongst the freepers is breathtaking,

    6. Guenevere is another one who has gone full koo-koo's nest ... I can't wait to read her posts (if there are any) after Hillary's win.

    7. STINKIE, like all the pharisee hypocrites, neglects to mention that Lot was very enthusiastic about sending his own virgin daughters out to crowd ...

      but then, of course, raping virgins is what her sick filthy candidate is all about.

      Put on that sack cloth, STINKIE.
      Filthy hypocrite pharisees like you need to repent !

  4. I hope Drudge takes note of this and disowns his own poll.

    Or, here's an option, Drudge could design a valid poll.

  5. Moovova is talking about Bill Clinton ejactulating in his pants, not pooping. Witness the oh so subtle use of the word "come"

  6. All done casting my pearls before SWINE.

    No more.

    John "Courage" has almost silently wished
    TWINKIE gone. A man, or woman, who knows, of
    few words.

    No one reads my posts? OK. Fair enough.

    It would be STUPID to waste TWINKIE'S time
    on such towers of intellect as Freeper
    Madnesses fancy themselves to be!

    TWINKIE, ever the glutton for punishment,
    keeps returning for more insults and inane
    and totally unrelated replies from the
    TOWERS OF INTELLECTS, (ALL half-dozen of them.)

    OK. I'm sure ya'll can find "positions" in
    the Clintoon White House, directly under
    the Presidential Desk when Hitler-y's away
    taking another of her frequent nappy-poo's,
    or maybe EVEN WHEN SHE'S THERE! It IS the
    "Clintoons", after all.

    I assume ya'll will still be here on
    Freeper Madness blog, vilifying the folks
    over on F.R. OR WILL YOU?

    LIKE TO DO!! That would be sort of -

    Yours truly,


    1. Behold ... STINKIE's daily "I'll never post here again!" post.

    2. Interestingly enough, it seems even Twinkie believes Hil will win the election. What would Jim Robinson think of this loss of faith in the Great Orange Hope?

    3. No. I do NOT think that Hillary will
      "win" anything. In fact, her tiny
      "rallies" tend to reveal her real
      lack of appeal. However, with the
      CLINTON VOTER FRAUD, who knows?

      However, with the huge numbers of
      still surviving REAGAN DEPLORABLES,
      the CLINTONS may just find themselves
      a day late and a dollar short.

      I do intend to leave it up to God,
      as it is in His hands anyway and
      will be what He wishes. I hope it
      will be something along the lines of
      NINEVEH and NOT in the fashion of
      the crappy SODOM & GOMORRAH, which
      was does not bode well for us.

      I think and hope, in fact, there are
      enough of us in sackcloth and ashes
      who will check that box for TRUMP
      to salvage some of this HUSSEIN
      Dhimmicrat mess.

      I haven't said I will NEVER do
      anything or not do anything. I must
      admit, though, that ya'll are quickly
      ceasing to be very amusing to old
      TWINKIE. I'm even beginning to
      suspect that ya'll are just a bunch
      of octogenarians who are just
      tweaking TWINKIE'S tweaker and just
      joshing old TWINKIE'S cuddle bone!
      A terrible thing to do.

      If he does not; it is more of a bad
      omen than ya'll are even able to

      No human being will be perfect; but
      then I don't have to tell ya'll that
      about the CLINTONS. TRUMP won't be
      perfect either; butt he will be
      preferable to HORNDOG & HILLIE.

      The only real critique of ya'll is
      that ya'll write just the most
      stingy little, turdy sentences plus
      ya'll call TWINKIE out of her name!


      P.S. OK. To the HURDLES with
      TWINKIE! :O(

  7. I love that they think a poll on Drudge Report might be useful or have anything to say. It's about as useful as having an election in North Korea.

    1. Also, ya'll need to quit that dieting
      and tofu eating. The soy is bad for
      men especially and I would not allow
      FANG to indulge in soybean foods. I've
      told ya'll and told ya'll that it has
      too many estrogens in it that cause
      men to grow breasts and act like girls.

      Also, eat some meat along. Ya'll do
      not have to gobble up huge steaks;
      but eat a small amount of beef along
      and don't try to mimic ya'll's hero,
      BILLIOUS in his vegetarian pursuits.
      It has made him absolutely girlish
      looking. Why, I'll bet that he is
      attracted to his own reflection in
      the mirror.

      I guess Hillary drinks her meals;
      ugh. She is weak as water and needs
      the whole detail of SS officers to
      haul her fat butt up any flights of

      I get dizzy going up & down steps.
      Side effects of bp drugs.

      Ya'll don't know very much or at least
      ya'll don't let on that you do, except
      for the false information ya'll spout
      at TWINKIE that just could gag a goose
      IF one were a goose.

      I'm not a goose.

      Get ready for it -

      Donald John Trump POTUS

      Signing off - perhaps for the last
      time. I have been known to just up
      and do that without notice. THEN what
      will ya'll do when ya'll can no longer
      pick on TWINKIE like a bunch of


      P.S. More HURDLES! ugh!

    2. If I had a chance to see a Trump rally, I'd go for sure just for the trailer trash lolz.

    3. I went to the Chicago rally that got cancelled, it was like Monster truck night at Walmart.

      twinkie, I'm pretty sure we will do the same stuff we did before you decided to grace us with your presence.

    4. I think you're a damned SNOB, John
      Scaredycat!!!!! Throwing off on
      "rednecks" who live in trailers!
      Slurring people who shop at Walmart.

      Bragging about doing boring stuff
      on "Freeper Madness" and doubling
      down on it WHEN you can FINALLY run
      TWINKIE off from ya'lls "exclusive"
      and BIG SHOT "sophisticated" forum.


      TWINKIE took the time to type a nice
      long letter to ya'll last night;
      butt was BLOCKED from posting it for
      reasons only you SOPHISTICATES are
      capable of understanding.

      FANG & I have never lived in a
      trailer; but we have had family
      members who have. SNOBBY BUTTS.
      Go back to doing the MIASMA OF
      SNOBBY STUFF ya'll did before
      TWINKIE got sucked into this QUICHE
      EATING bunch of expensive caviar
      connoiseurs driving your PORSCHES
      and getting invited to big parties
      at all the places where the
      beautiful people go - the nearest
      STARBUCKS, of course. (I have to
      make do with INSTANT NESCAFE. The
      only kind STARBUCKS offers that is
      really good is PLAIN OLD BLACK
      COFFEE and it is overpriced. McD's
      has good coffee at a decent price.

      GOODBYE John Scaredycat! BRUTUS said
      tell you to KISS HER BUTT!!!! (She
      does not like it when anyone hurts
      her TWINKIE'S feelings as TWINKIE is
      the one who FEEDS her!!

    5. See you tomorrow twinkie

    6. YOU WISH!! GIT BIZZY and lose those

      Quit the dieting!