Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Spotlight: jsanders2001

Why are the Texas Freepers so crazy? I know lots of people from Texas, and they all seem quite normal to me.

A Freeper claiming poverty and blaming it all on Obama, jsanders2001 stands out for his vivid fantasy life. It goes beyond conspiracies to a Walter Mitty level of imagination.

More than most Freepers, he's always posting about how his most fantastic conspiracy theories will be revealed to the world any day now.

But the big thing is how much he wishes he were in an action-espionage movie. Any day now Iran will attack and he'll have to spring into badass cloak-and-dagger action and bring revenge on all the evil conspiracies swirling around. Conservatives are the silent majority, natch, but they contend with a legion of sinister spies. All Non-Trumps Republicans secret Democrats and all Democrats are secret homosexual Satanist pedophiles.
Oh, and he was trained to secretly influence people. It's sad enough I don't even believe his boast that he won't pay his taxes, unless he's too poor to have them.

But the best bits are when he gets supernatural. He claims to be Christian, but I think it's only for the supernatural aspects. Satan, the Illuminati, Obama's the Antichrist, it's all there in a chaotic stew of dramatic evil set against his noble and heroic self.

The Poll Fakers just sit in a room and make stuff up.
I think they (the poll fakers) just sit in one room making this stuff all up; probably already have some pre-recorded phone calls as "proof that a poll was taken. Don't believe these idjits for one second. The MSM has been co-opted politically for mega money. I bet they make more money from their fake political BS than they do for some Super Bowl commercials. No one will ever trust the MSM again after the last 8 years. They screwed themselves.
See, Lefts propagandize with lies, but Rights propagandize with truth!
There is one major difference between what the Left and the Tight “pumps out” - the Left pumps out lies and deception. The Right just exposes the truth and let’s the facts land where they may.
'Not many know this, but I'm a secret hypno-agent.'
what most people don’t know is that I have experience and training in influencing people using non-verbal / semantic techniques to get them to do what I want them to do as part of my training as an operative in another life.
Obama obsessed with Trump's buildings, hates John Wayne
Both very masculine things. The tutu wearer can’t handle anything that even has the appearance of being masculine or straight.
Gay Obama and Gay Hillary.
The lying Leftists are already at work schilling for Hitlery. The gaystapo needs another gay president to furtherbtheor agenda...
Soon Gay Obama will be revealed!
Maybe Moochie will catch 0dumbo with a Wang in his mouth in the Oval Office and pull a Lorena Bobbitt on him. Hey it would make great TV for the MSM!
Gays always look like reptiles.
My gaydar just pegged.

Its the dead reptilian eyes and the McConnell mouth isn’t it? They have that broken in O shape that comes from years of use sort of like a used baseball glove.
Gays are all knife killers.
Homos are much more jealous and violent. You could never have a guy with 10 husbands. They would all kill each other in the most violent way possible. Knives are one of their preferred tools of death of homos because they are so much more personal. They hold the knife as they stab the victim and vent their rage that way. I know a guy who had a gay son that had a gay live-in lover. Seems his son wasn’t being “faithful”. They found him dead in his apartment with 35 stab wounds. The prosecutor got a conviction on the live-in lover when he held up a piece of cardboard in the courtroom and stabbed it with knife 35 times right in front of the jurors.
Everyone against Trump is a secret Democrat.
Who in Hell is Erick Erickson?

A leftist pretending to be a righty? Hell its getting harder to tell because so many of the leftists are brazen liars nowadays. They even set up faux Tea Party pages on Facebook to get uninformed voters to vote for their RINO candidate instead of a true conservative. I know of at least 2 sites that were put up in 2014 for that purpose. They usually put them up a few months ahead of the elections so they’re not as suspicious.
And then there's all the liberal pedos...
The pedophile officials that the Left keeps putting in office isn’t helping. Of course they seem to want it that way...
jsanders2001 versus the WalMart Muslims.
I know we have had 4 people that appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent visit our church one time each to never return again. By chance, I spotted one of them in a local Walmart and Asked her about her visit and she said something that seemed a little strange at the time but not anymore; she said I visit different churches all the time. She seemed a little suspicious atbthe time and I get the impression they are Muslims doing recon on an area before they target it for invasion.
We surround them!
The libs are learning that they are the vast minority finally. Everyone who is sane knows Trump is only saying what any normal person is thinking.
Well, we mostly surround them in the South...
Its a known fact that Southerners are a lot more laid back, trustworthy, loyal and friendly than the North Easterners. Everyone knows this. The percentage of Southerners that want to visit the Northeast quandrant of the U.S. is probably very low unless they originally came from that area. I avoid those areas unless I have no other choice. There’s more corruption in that neck of the woods than any other sector of this U.S. other than (basing this on thousands of fraud and corruption cases I’ve worked on for several decades).
Lets all go to the Southern Border to kill all the Muslims streaming across.
F#ck’em and Agenda 21. Line up a few million people on the border with weapons aimed across at them and let those Muzzie ba$tards try to walk through the line. We know what this is really about. Your strategy has been unveiled and you mission been revealed.
All evil all the time has him pretty grumpy.
You have to look over me at times. All the evil, all the time, gets me pretty grumpy dealing with the extreme evil that has been uncorked the last 8 years....
Libs been Alinskying us since 2008!
And just what the hell have the leftists liberal loonies been pumping out the past 8’years? They’ve tortured the right with constitutional law grabs, using executive orders to bypass the will of the American people, Alinkskyzing the $hit out of us with lies and deception of every magnitude, killed our police officers while being manipulated by a super wealthy white man and not even being smart enough to realize it, forcing us to pay for importing terrorists and programs that have bankrupted us, given our enemies access to weapons so that they can use to overtake us, etc... etc....the list goes on and on and on...

Suck it lefties, your day of reckoning has arrived. Way overdue but better late than never.
Obama's Presidency is impossible!
No senator with only 3 short terms under his belt and a non-practicing lawyer at that becomes president especially if he’s black. This was all setup. Why would anyone to to law school then become an activist? You’ could even go on and on about how his education was paid for and his identity poblems but it does no good.
The Commies fixed the election for Obama in the 1980s.
O was reportedly spotted coming out of Tom Ayers’ (Bill’s father) house back in the late 80’s after thanking the ole man for helping put him through college (Occidental) and was asked what his future plans were going to be by a postman Alan Hulton. His reply was “I’m going to be president of the United States” as though he knew it was already a done deal. You got to remember Tom was a Communist for it to have significance; something was obviously afoot...
Obama's election was a coup, because of all the things he's sure are happening:
There is no doubt in my mind at all that that his was coup that was carefully planned and executed with depth and precision.

The destruction of everything that made America the superpower it once was via attacks on the family unit,
Obamacare with hidden motives for the purpose of setting up a data file on every citizen which includes an RFID chip medical information, financial information, and other things we're probably not even aware of,
maybe even GPS tracking capabilities (but of course they wouldn't tell us that),
individuality / property rights,
The Constitution,
installation of a new religious ideology called Islam with a completely different type of law and punishment system,
the economy,
standing in the world community,
dismantling / weakening of the military,
attempts to disarm the populace,
sovereignty with borders that have been made porous,
the installment of advanced surveillance systems to monitor the populace,
the formation of a civilian military type force that has been setup to deal with public unrest and uprising (and development of new technologies to deal with them just the same, i.e the microwave heat gun),
the setting up of educational programs to indoctrinate children into the socialist mindset,
Agenda 21 type programs (dictates how communities are to be set up) that we are now just starting to see being implemented,
takeover of the MSM and use as a major propaganda and mind control device,
patriots have been painted as being terrorists while terrorists have been turned into celebrities and non-hostile to the left...

So you tell me. If its not a coup, what does one look like?
Remember when those American sailors wandered into Iranian waters? He thought it was a hoax.
Lemme guess. The sailors all look suspiciously middle eastern and their is a reflection of a film crew in the glass in one of the shots, right?
He worked hard to prove the hoax.
Look at the photo. The person looks like they could have middle eastern to me but with what looks like blue”ish”eyes. Anyone could photoshop brown eyes and make them blue easily and we know how the Iranians as well as ISIS have show they have decent computer skills that they use to manipulate and deceive their enemies like the recent fake tank “prototype” they had as well as the fake missile launcher trucks they posted online awhile back.
Time to get ready for 2014.
It’s time to gear up. Can’t say much beyond that because of the DemonRats that spy here on this board and report back to their Satan led lieutenants...
'Soon Iran will nuke us and my revenge movie fantasies can come true!'
Just remember if Iran develops a nuke and dops it on U.S. soil because of the funding and the Iran deal we gave them it’s going to open up a major case of whoop ass. People will no longer be sitting in thir homes waiting or the next bomb to drop. They will be driving to Washington in the millions ready to storm the Halls of Congress and pull members out of their seats and start executing them. People are way more fed up with the traitors than the realize.
Vigilantes are noble souls doing what the system cannot:

Vigilante? No.

[Vigilantes] do things to right injustices when the police can’t or won’t do their job.

These guys are nothing more than thug terrorists.
Attack all Muslims like they killed your wife.
Beating them up is just recreational violence and serves no purpose.

If someone beat up and raped your wife would you it back and say, "it's okay honey, you'll recover. Now don't hold any grudges". Hell no, you want street vengeance. They deserve it and your conformist and passive style just wont cut it when dealing with animals.
Polls bedamned, everyone hates Obama.
How is Obama’s approval rating 52%?

More like .052 %
Soon a rogue Obama agent will reveal that all mass shooters are a liberal anti-gun plot.
Seemingly random shootings that are unconnected? Hmm. You have to ask yourself - why would a person do this on random targets (a trade school and several restaurants) that apparently have no connection to him? Answer - politically motivated or ordered shooting to inflict fear into people so that they don’t feel safe anywhere. Why?: to incite fear to make people demand that guns be removed from the populace. Who would profit the most from this? Leftists and the current administration.

Someone somewhere will finally come clean and admit that there are teams working for the current administrative but they’re going to have to be smart and go rogue and staight to a trusted news media source they know they can trust and honestly there aren’t many of ‘em....
Every shooting he has a variety of this comment off the break.
We’ll find out AFTER the power grab that he was a psychotic atheist.

And we’ll find out that the gunman was given a fat envelope stuffed with several thousand stuffed in it by a mysterious man wearing a suit with a pin on his lapel shortly before the shooting incident...
Soon the government plot to import illegals will be revealed!
More people are looking into this orchestrated invasion than most people think. When you orchestrate something of this magnitude there are always witnesses, many of which were involved who will come forward to tell the truth because they know it’s wrong. There are also those people who figure things out no matter how much you compartmentalize it for the sake of secrecy.

I have already been hearing rumors about a nameless federal contractor’s employees who have been talking about being involved in transporting the illegal immigrants to the border. I don’t have the name of the company yet but some people are looking into it from what I’ve been told. There’s a lot of indications that FedGov is complicit with the invasion so far. Now to confirm.
Soon Obama's embezzlement will be revealed!
No telling how much the Obamas's have really stolen from taxpayers and secreted in offshore accounts but I bet they are just narcisstic to believe they will never be caught. Can't wait until they get busted. You know it's coming...
Soon Iran will bomb us and Obama will admit he's a gay Muslim!
And when the nukes go off on our soil, Obama will be thousands of miles away smiling to himself as the Amerca we know is blasted into oblivion. After divorrcing Moochie and collecting his commission checks from Soros, he’ll finally announce he was Muslim and gay all along and acknowledge that the 47 % were suckers...
I'll bet Kaine has a huge secret to be revealed!
Wikileaks it’s getting near that time. We’d like to see the goods on Kaine soon. I suspect it’s one thing that will be pretty damning and reveal his true nature. Hope it’s good stuff.
Getting impatient, he comes up with his own Kaine secret.
From his pics, it ure looks lie Kaine knows his way around a liquor bottle. I could be wrong but he has “the look” of a well seasoned drinker to me.
McDonalds science.
Clearly its not because the black children are more prone to get in fights, not listen, or do what the teacher tell them to do.../s

Visit any McDonald’s and sit and watch the children play on the playgrounds there for an hour and the answer will become abundantly clear...
Blacks are violent because they lack fathers...Naw, it's in their blood:
they will deny to the death that there is a disproprtionate problem with violence within the black populace because of lack of good parenting and fathers that are not there to discipline their children.

And that may not even help that much if they are just more genetically inclined to commit violent acts. It seems to be in their blood.
Always generalize based on anecdotes - Satan hates that!
It stands to reason that if a few Muslims were captured on camera celebrating 9/11 that there were many more given the milliins of Muslims that already lived here. You know how the Satan folowers like to nitpick arguments to make them seem invalid when they’re not.
There is no such thing as satire.
This isn’t satire. You’ve just revealed the “real” thinking processes the half human automatons are having at the moment. They just don’t like being beat at their own game and exposed for it to show themselves to be true demons they really are.
Tattoos are ugly - on women.
Women who get tattoos abandon feminity. It’s disgusting.

I agree. Mmm mmm those "tramp" stamps are going to look good in their 60's when they're stretched 3 times as wide
Gonna stop paying taxes.
I’m ready to stop paying taxes and be lawless too. It’s going to take a massive taxpayer revolt to remove the funds that they are using to opress us to get their attention. Hell I’ll just dump out what money from the bank I have left so they can’t freeze the accounts and if the want to file a lien on my house which isn’t paid for let ‘em.
The voter fraud busses!
You will see many coming up from Brownsville and Laredo in Texas loaded to the gills. They will probably be tour buses or Grehound buses (at the Greyhound facilities ) or the standard white government buses or vans. And they will probably have freshly minted bills in their possession. The Feds like to use Greyhound and other Mexican tour buses after they got busted using GS4 transports....
The horrors of a black Wonder Woman.
I’d much rather see a white, tall, slim, pretty, big breasted Wonder Woman than Queen Latifah or Kim Kardashian in the same suit. Just sayin...
Muslims protesting terrorism are only proof Muslims fear whitey!
Me thinks the Muzzies are sensing we’ve had just about enuf of their nonsense and are gearing up for a major Muzzie a$$ kicking of epic proportions. We’re talking raiding their temples, uncovering their hidden weapons caches and burning it to the ground. I think they sense this right now and it’s the only reason they’re convening; to give the impression they’re concerned. Yeah maybe 5%; the rest are cheering behind closed doors.
The only hope for whites is to start acting like ISIS.
whites are too nice and tolerant these days after years of being fed PC, fairness for all no matter who tries harder, equality / affirmative action, etc... Maybe if we ‘d start throwing homos from the roofs and stoning people we’d get some respect again.
Whites need to attack liberals.
White people have been too nice too long. The Muzzies and liberal agitators are awakening the sleeping giants.
'I heard African men are all dumb and savage.'
I heard a missionary say one time that he noticed one glaring consistency that might explain why Africa has not progressed very far. He said that when he visited any village he noticed that the men always sat around while the women did all the chores. After thinking about it, he said it made perfect sense why they still lived in huts made of cow dungwould add women walk 10 miles for water but never dug wells. They were just lazy in general.
2014 Cruz love.
Cruz would forego the PC crap and boot the Muzzies out of his administration...
Why don't we start a GoFundMe to assassinate Soros?
Surprised a gofundme account hasnt been setup to raise 5 Million for a Soros removal team. $10M for the family. Can’t let that evil or it’s spawn live on the face of the earth. He’s caused far too many problems and I’m sure his sons have already been raised to carry the torch in the event of hi death.
Any day now, SOROS!
Everybody that knows who Soros is agrees he should not be allowed to walk among the living and I have had this conversation with more than a few lately. His days are numbered.
Now I'm poor. Thanks, Obama!
Well I’m poor now primarily because of their belief in and gullibility of The One. Does that make them happy. Pobably but that’s much more telling about them than it is me.
Weird, Freeper dreams:
Obama’s economy has certainly depleted much of my savings. I had a dream about him last night for some reason and in it he was becoming richer by stealing tax dollars through some scheme. I just can’t remember how. Maybe it will come back to me later. I hate old
Eat the rich!
Rich Senators should not be able to pass legislation for peoples substantially poorer than they are.
Liberals, they gotta have porn:
Liberals HAVE to have their porn to feed their depravity. They won’t like this one bit. Between being forced to pay for Obamacare and the porn industry being impacted they will switch teams and begin to hate the man. I see a bad moon arisin’....
...Flaming arrows?
Flaming arrows is the only answer they will understand
Muslims go home!
If you want to go worship, there’s plenty more places to do it than Italy. Sorry Muzzies, your game plan has been figured out. Your “worship” includes very evil acts such as infidel killing, stoning, raping, throwing people from buildings, desecrating Christians’ places of worship, bombings, stabbings. Excuse this unChristian outburst but just GTFO. It’s necessary to repel evil with force at times and this is one of them. Go back to your own countries.
'Excuse this unChristian outburst.' LOL.

'I'd curse the Boy Scouts just like this, but that would be unChristian'
May all their support disappear, their organization close due to lack of participation, have to file bankruptcy, sued so that they lose all they were paid off by the LGBT groups, and the persons responsible be tormented by failed relationship and finances. That’s how I would curse them if it weren’t a sin. But it’s most likely what will happen given what I’ve seen happen to other scumbags in my lifetime. They will regret this but I feel they were probably cornered and pushed into a corner without too many options.
Obama is basically Satan.
Satan hates Israel. Let me re-phrase:
Obama hates Netanyahu.
It goes Holder -> Obama -> Satan.
He is a negro taking marching orders from a magic negro with connections to Satan himself.
So Obama's the Antichrist:
Staging for the ascension and revealing of the Anti-Christ in the WH
Soon God will supply my revenge!
Wormwood is coming and when it does the faggots are going to be screaming like sissies...
Vaccinations, or Operation Beast Mark?
Operation Beast Mark in progress. Get the kids used to being forced o do whatever the government tells them to and they will accept the tracking / citizen tracking vaccine or tattoo without question later as will their children...
Blackness is the Mark of Cain:
The destruction of White America is the destruction of America, period.

That’s what the elites seek.

And one Muslim descendent from the lineage of Cain who,worships Satan accelerated it tenfold
Katy Perry is Illuminati.
Katy Perry uses Illumanati symbols and Satanic items all throughout her shows. I look forward to the day here in a few years when her looks fade and she’s a has been so she’ll finally (maybe) shut that fat mouth of hers.
I'll bet the Illuminati uses abortions!
My gut tells me that many of these organs, and perhaps the babies themselves, are ultimately being used in some abominable satanic religious practice.

The Illuminati comes to mind and I’m willing to bet dear leader and his buddies are members.
Ugliness science
There isn't much you can do to fix ugly on that scale. Her eyes are so close together she looks like a human rat and she thinks everything that comes out of her mouth is great despite only being a mediocre singer who is only famous because her father set her up. She is of the megalomaniac variety having never endured any hardships excepting trying to decide what skanky out fit will match the color of her tongue best when she sits on a hint plastic wiener on stage.
Trump's latest accuser? Whore.
Looks like a hooker to me. I guess Hillary made her 11th payoff yesterday...
Putin Owns Obama.
The man is A Communist plant using Islam and socialism as tools to destroy the nation.Putin is probably laughing his butt off at the Kremlin while yrying to maintain a straight face in the public eye and put on that he hates Obama which he does. The irony is that Obama doesn’t realize that he’s Putin’s beotch and that his strings are actually being pulled by the Kremlin. I have to say, “well played” even being a victim...
Russia hacking us is God's work.
No it was more like spying which wins wars and something our government has absolutely no problem doing against its own citizens at all. ad the the truth of the matter is that your own people are doing it against you because they realize just how evil you have become. And you guys say there is no God. Be ready to learn that you've been wrong all along. Whe there is God, there is justice so either change your ways or get ready or more holy water and the burn....
Please invade us Putin!
Not all of America is godless Putin... but if you want to come over here and slay the godless there’s plenty here. Just look for the rainbow fags,,,er I meant flags, the MSM oulets that support them, and the entire WH and its occupants. If that’s not enough if a snack, there’s Congressional Hall which is just a hop, skip, and jump away. You’ll find plenty of pigs and turkeys there.

Note : You’ll have to beat ISIS thought. And don’t worry about trying to sneak your forces in. There’s about 1100 miles of wife open space south of the border that Obama has kept wide open for illegals to come and Cloward-Piven us with. So by all means the border’s open and just don’t forget to clean up when you’re through.
Writing the history of Meximerica.
Let the history books reflect that President Obama made a serioustactical error in judgment by making ‘”friends” with the illegal immigrants to get their votes and importing them en masse in 2014. It became the pivotal factor that led to the U.S. being assimilated and then taken over by Mexico after the Mexican government overthrew our government and defeated our military in 2024. One of they key factors to their success will be that the Hispanic population reached 80 % of the 1 billion living in the U.S; the majority of growth coming from the Hispanic communities.


  1. Is Israel the only issue separating FR and Stormfront?

    1. nah they were against Israel for a hot minute too when the PM said something about how he would really prefer Trump to not be president. I think they've forgotten about it though.

    2. It's more like an elderly InfoWars

    3. I think the difference is that most Stormfront posters have read a book at some point in their life, even if it was Mein Kampf.

  2. Remember Dale Dribble from the "King of the Hill" show?
    Gets all of his conspiracy news from short wave radio shows, never is without a cigarette hanging out the side of his mouth, got his "secret agent" training from a booklet he ordered out of Soldier of Fortune magazine.

    He'd never be a real danger because he'd never trust anybody enough to team up with them.