Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Lera blames Hurricane Matthew on God. And by God, I mean Obama:
My bet is that 0bama has done something nasty against Israel . . . natural disasters tend to occur to countries that take a stand against God’s nation.

He dissed Israel at Peres’s funeral by saying Jerusalem wasn’t part of Israel.

The storm starting west right after he did that.

Mathew means gift from God
dfwgator blames Europe not being nativist on the God hating the Holocaust:
Why do you think Europe is being inundated with muslims that hate the Europeans and their way of life?

Killing six million of God's Chosen People has its' consequences.
ShivaFan should not drink and freep:
OMG! Jessie Jackson is PREGNANT!
He's on Hannity right now, and it is obvious, HE - IS - PREG - NANT !

(with his own love child?) ...

Check it out!
AND! He is DRUNK and pregnant at the SAME MOMENT!
You should not drink AND be pregnant!
And Kaine has a new NAME! They now call him Poop Cookies! I Swear to ***!

Hey! There's POOP COOKIES! Come over here, Poop Cookies, do you think you won the debate? Really? Well have a good nite cap Poop Cookies.
Hostage's world is dark, Clinton-haunted, and devoid of compromise:
I am convinced the Clintons are heads of an international crime syndicate and that reticence on the part of Congress, and failures in the past referencing as far back as Trent Lott, have enabled this pair to establish themselves as images of high corruption.

Whereas America in the past was viewed as the grand example to follow, the image projected by the Clintons is one that normalizes corruption, lies, injustice.

Each Senator of honor and integrity should be standing up and stating “Although the numbers today do not exist to impeach and convict certain high officials of high crimes, I will never cease to persuade my fellow members to take action against such officials as their crimes come to light. I will not work with any President who blatantly lies and compromises America’s national security period”.
scottinoc doesn't bother to look up that this debate, lacking anyone wacky, was the lowest rated veep debate since 2000
Anyone know what the viewership was? I’m guessing a lot higher than normal for a VP debate. They’re a heartbeat away from being commander-in-chief, which in HilLIARy’s case isn’t that many.
Paladin2 has a lifehack for us!
Wymyn with two first names are likely worse than similarly named males.
I studied this controversy in grad school, but even if I hadn't there are some subtle clues pabianice has gotten a lot of things wrong here:
I remember when the Smithsonian displayed part of the Enola Gay with a sign that blamed the U.S. for starting WW II. Wretches. Probably staffers that had majored in interpretive womyns’ dance.
Cobra64 on the key to Trump's debate success:
Trump’s only chance of NOT BEING CHEATED OUT OF VICTORY is to blurt the issue out during the DEBATE...

Yup. I hope he does. He will most likely use the term, “rigged.”
I guess Woody Allen likes Trump? Or for some reason FredZarguna is rewriting history to not make him a creepy molester:
Yep. Mia Farrow convinced her kids that her ex-boyfriend molested one of them, despite the fact that there was never any evidence it was true, and despite the fact that she never tried to put a stop to it when it was supposedly occurring.

Mia Farrow did one of the most disgusting things a mother can do to her children, unfortunately, it happens all to often.
reasonisfaith has clearly been to too much fancy college and has disappeared up his own ass:
Progressivism’s number one goal has been not to overthrow America, or the free market system or “virtuous morality.”

Progressivism’s goal has been to overthrow God. And progressivist philosophers have recognized that in order to overthrow God, they first have to destroy language, even truth itself.

But their postmodernist and PC advances over language have been a Pyrrhic victory for the following reason: everything and everyone are still subject to truth.

So Alinskyism falls not under the weight of its own strategies, but—same as Alinsky’s favorite radical—under the power of truth.
wardaddy argues rape is about violence AND sex. Also race, because wardaddy:
Black men rape white women....particularly pretty fair blonde white women at exponential rates compared to white men raping black women which is just about non existent in the US

Which btw....reflects the non rape norms as well

White woman and black man relatively common today outside the Deep South

White man and black woman fairly rare

That’s a long route of just one type of rape to show its about sexual desire

This notion rape is thirst of violence is 1970 bra burner talk....

It’s about force to obtain what a man wants but can’t have
Persevero wonders if maybe the right should cheat like they have convinced themselves the left do...
One thing about voter fraud: it seems like we all assume it’s in the Dems favor. Is that necessarily so?
tomkat hears about a natural disaster, and jumps directly to how convenient this would make vigilante homocide:
I truly hope our southern friends shoot every damned looter they see and let the tidal surge take care of the carrion.
Dr. Sivana adds some historical analysis to Poland's backing off of banning abortion:
Sadly Poland’s Catholic-themed values have been polluted by contact with the EU.

Decades of occupation by Nazis and Soviet Communists may also skew your view of the world.
surrey is already calling all of Hillary's staff gay:
Podesta can go pound sand.

He and Blumenthal should find themselves at the wrong end of a rope.

She certainly does surround herself with effeminate men. I don’t think she could handle a guy with cojones.

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