Sunday, October 9, 2016

THIS is what takes Trump out?!

The news cycle has changed these days. The Dems now drop things on Friday to get a full weekend of coverage on cable and the Internet. And possibly without talk radio to rally and the troops and unify the message, if that's even a thing anymore. Point is, I'll probably have to start doing more Sunday posts for crazy news.


Anyhoo, it's been a helluva weekend already, and still the debate to go!! This hobby/addiction of mine has been a lot of fun, and made me pretty unflappable politically. But it has also made me awful at political prognostication.

When the audio tape of Trump boasting how he can get away with sexually assaulting women came out, I didn't even bat an eye - Trump was still not Hillary, so who was going to care? I was already writing the Freeper spin in my head - something about how all men want to do that and now God has elevated Trump.

Well, the GOP has suddenly decided Trump is toxic. This is what did it. Not the birtherism, not the condoning white supremacists, not the nativist demonizing of legal immigrants, Muslims and Mexicans, not the implicit endorsement of political violence, not the overt sexism, not his clear contempt for the GOP itself. I just don't get electoral politics.


At first Freepers were dismissive, then swarming. I liked their first tactic of fully strawmanning that the problem wasn't that he boasted about assaulting women but the language he used to do it. It was unexpected, and seemed a sufficient tonic for the troops to just move on. Indeed, it seems the substantive spin Freepers are going with. But we have moved waaaay beyond substance.

As the GOP has abandoned Trump, Freepers have moved into apocalyptic mode. Vanities aplenty; Frenzied prayers, impotent threats at the GOPe, Civil War 2 have all come to the forefront. On another thread they're already planning the impeachment of Hillary, as close to a surrender as I've ever seen on Freep. But the main thing I'm seeing is retreating to a substanceless crouch of 'Hillary is bad! Hillary is bad! We gotta win, because Hillary is bad!'

It's as plaintive as it is empty. This might be the worst I've ever seen them. Delicious!

Ann Archy is sufficiently out of touch, she thinks some fun with labels will solve the whole thing:
All anyone has to say is ...”He was a Democrat back then.”
Sacajaweau doesn't care - Hillary said some Trump supporters were deplorable!
I feel so......deplorable. And as a deplorable, I will cast my vote for Trump.
I guess this deplorable thing has crystallized the renegade anti-PC brand Freepers get off on, so it'll be around for a while.

clearcarbon blames the media for everyone caring about what Trump did so long ago. What about what Hillary did long ago?!!
It's breathtaking the way the LMSM has suckered the public with their latest sensationalism. They want to discipline Trump for something he said as a democrat eleven years ago, and yet their perfectly willing to put a known felon back in the White House regardless of her actions against the people for over two decades.
exit82 drinks deep of the uniparty conspiracy:
Apparently promises have been made and pieces of silver exchanged.

We are watching in real time the GOP-E trying to sabotage the candidate picked, not by the elites, but by the people.

This is the Et Tu, Brute? moment for the GOP.

They mean to decapitate Trump politically, with one month to go before the most critical election of our lifetime.

A million Americans descending on DC may be needed to fix this treachery.
Unable to tell mountains from molehills, C210N is spinning this as a coverup of some kinda lame Hillary stories:
the left learned that the meme works better if it is Blitzkrieg-ed from politicians, leftists, press, regime, and even some so-called “repubs”.

This is all to offset the recent bad polls, and recent email releases (Podesta, excerpts of wall street speeches, etc).
factoryrat calls Hillary a revolutionary:
The left has begun their revolution in the US.

If Trump wins, we have a chance at beating them back.

If hitlery wins, the neostalinists have won, and the US is toast.

The stakes are too high for us to lose this.
Electric Graffiti is inspired to add a bunch of anti-Obama racism to his GOP hate:
It seems these rino muslim mandingo fluffers just won't be satiated until the bones on America's carcass are picked clean.
A month before the election, mad_as_he$$ is already hating the American voter:
These are the weak minded individuals, easily swayed, naive. If you are sitting here, 29 dayz out from the election saying to yourself, “I just really am undecided at this point”, you are a complete igmo.

You just described a large piece of the US population.
MichaelCorleone will hate the FOX until they yell about abortion 24-7.
Now she and the entire Democratic party are just hypocritical, two faced manipulative liars and practice the worst brand of misogyny - they glorify and condone the sexual predator in their midst while vilifying and excoriating others.

Don’t forget big media (including FOX).

Their hypocrisy must also be pointed out. None of these bimbo talking heads have a problem with butchering babies and selling their body parts to the highest bidder, yet have a meltdown when mere words are spoken.
Right-wing Librarian doesn't just want to hate an entire party - he's gotta pick a villain!
sackless Ryan

He plays for the other team.
BlessedBeGod sees Trump is into the toxic masculinity tantrum as well:
CAluvdubya is heartened by seeing schoolyard taunts on the Internet:
Drudge is awesome!

Really, all that needs to be said is that Trump has since accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior.
Right-wing Librarian - the GOP is evil, jersey:
The GOP is so stupid. If Trump is out, so are his supporters.

They are not stupid, they are evil, jersey.

They don’t care if Trump supporters leave “their” party.

They don’t need us because they get the gravy train whether they win or lose.

What they want and need is for the status quo to continue, for the Insiders, the Establishment to continue on as usual.

This is the treasonous evil we face. has been copypasting this on all the threads. I've excerpted the part I liked the best:
However, these comments made by Trump eleven years ago in NO WAY rise to the level of Hillary’s criminality and abuse of political position:
1- her cheating during the LAST debate;
2- attempting to STACK the townhall questions in tomorrow’s debate;
3- illegally taking campaign money from foreign nations for her presidential candidacy [snip]
More naked fear about the debates I have not seen.

Jim Noble coyly implies political violence is now on the table:
The US is now toast.

The Left rules from a position of weakness. They rule with words, over a people who (so far) have consented to a regime of words.

HRC's election, should that occur, will end an era, and start a new one.

With new rules.
Bibman doesn't know what coy means:
Lock and Load!!!


  1. CNN adds fuel to the fire by digging up Trumps apperences on Howard Sterns show. Freepers react accordingly.

  2. Hmm, does anybody really think Trump is pro-life? I can vividly picture him very aggressively and threateningly demanding that a mistress kill their child.

    1. Freepers have been deluding themselves about this insane fuck ever since he started running. If they'd wanted a real conservative they would have all backed Ted Cruz. A little thing like abandoning their morals won't stop them now.

    2. Hmm! Sounds like he may have done exactly what I said after a visit to Jeff Epstein's child rape island.

  3. Trump was sliding in the polls before pussygate, thanks to his poor performance in the first debate. This will likely make his poll numbers go through the floor. Hillary is now ahead in Arizona. There's a possibility we could see a 400+ electoral vote landslide for her.

  4. Thin skinned Donnie is bound to fuck up tonight at the debate. He won't be able to help himself.

    1. He came close to going full on nut-case last debate a few times ... its just a matter of time, and Hillary can push the right buttons tonight.

  5. Really, all that needs to be said is that Trump has since accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior.

    I'm fascinated that they can keep two ideas in their heads at the same time: That "accepting Christ" means your innate attitude about wanting to sexually assault women has gone away for good; and that "real men" talk about grabbing pussy because that's just how all normal real men are. Are conservative "real men" Christians, or not?

    1. IF mankind could become PERFECT on his
      own; then CHRIST would not have had to
      sacrifice himself on the cross.

      MANKIND could not and is still flawed.
      Thing is, MANKIND is expected to TRY
      and not use being "flawed" as an
      excuse to keep on sinning - a real
      CLINTON strong suit.

      "Real" Christians are also REAL MEN
      AND WOMEN, too.

      Hillary is too weak to even push a
      red "reset" button.

      I would not care if she started that
      hacking cough and could not stop.
      I told her about RICOLA; but she kept
      on insisting on HALL'S cough drops.

      President Donald J. Trump
      President of the United States
      of America

      Your worst nightmare,

    2. Face it, Trump has no chance anymore. Republicans are abandoning Trump like rats from a sinking ship. You can continue to post "President Donald J. Trump" all you want, but it only serves to further illustrate how delusional you are. Unless something earth-shattering happens between now and election day, Hillary Clinton is going to be president for the next 4-8 years. And no matter how loud you yell "we win" it will not bring you victory.

    3. Matthew 3:13 Grab them by the pussy!

    4. Twinkie predictably dodged my question by giving a sermon.

      Is a man who accepts Christ and stops grabbing pussy no longer a real man? Or,

      Is a man who grabs pussy like a real man rejecting Christ?

      It must be one or the other.

    5. No, Euphgreek. YOU face it! I tell
      you that the ordinary person is FED
      UP with the GOP-ELITE and with

      Are YOU really ecstatic that "Hillary
      Clintonn" is "going to be President
      for the next 8 yrs.

      Ya'll don't sound all that enthused
      that the CRIMINAL CLINTONS will have
      their grubby mits on YOUR tax money
      AND on YOUR military for 8 yrs. NOT

      Lemme see.
      Nope. Does not work for me!

      President Donald J. Trump POTUS
      Yep. That works!

      Ya'll quit talking nasty! "Pussy" is
      a perfectly legitimate word. Cats
      resent ya'll turning it into something OBSCENE!!


      P.S. Twinkie expects an apology from
      ya'll when TRUMP BEATS HITLER-Y LIKE

    6. On the very very very unlikely chance that "Grabby Puss" Trump wins, I'll still be here.

      On the very very very likely chance that President Hillary R. Clinton wins, will you ever come back here ??

      TWINKIE KING = self-loathing female !!
      TWINKIE KING = pharisee hypocrite !!

    7. We don't need to be enthused. We don't need to spend time on a message board repeating "President Hillary Clinton" over and over like a deranged parrot. She's going to win regardless. Republicans could have won this election against Hillary Clinton if they had run someone like Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio.

      I do hope that as you expect from us, you will apologize to us when Hillary wins on November 8th.

  6. Jim Noble coyly implies political violence is now on the table. He will defend unto death TV Star Donnie Trump's right to "grab them by the pussy!"

  7. "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too", "54° 40' or Fight" and "Grab Them by the Pussy!"

    Which one of these is not like the others?

    Which one of these is not like the others?

  8. Hillary Will Open The Debate Tonight By Refusing To Shaking Donald Trump's Hand(Vanity)

  9. If #MAGA and FR and others aren't claiming Trump was drugged before the debate I will be sad(!). Because wow Trump is out of it

    1. Yep. There is something wrong with him.

  10. I don't know if we were watching the same debate, or inhabiting the same reality, but Freepers really seemed to think he was out there winning.

    Trump was brilliant, even when they hauled out a muzzy to confront him. He put the muzzy lady in her place and moved on.

    And that's how he'll be president of "all of America." By putting "muzzies" in their place when they ask questions. First, they came for the muzzies....

  11. Here's Donnie Trump, that silver tongued devil. lol.

    "Well, I think I should respond, because — so ridiculous. Look, now she’s blaming — she got caught in a total lie. Her papers went out to all her friends at the banks, Goldman Sachs and everybody else, and she said things — WikiLeaks that just came out. And she lied. Now she’s blaming the lie on the late, great Abraham Lincoln. That’s one that I haven’t…

    OK, Honest Abe, Honest Abe never lied. That’s the good thing. That’s the big difference between Abraham Lincoln and you. That’s a big, big difference. We’re talking about some difference.

    But as far as other elements of what she was saying, I don’t know Putin. I think it would be great if we got along with Russia because we could fight ISIS together, as an example. But I don’t know Putin.

    But I notice, anytime anything wrong happens, they like to say the Russians are — she doesn’t know if it’s the Russians doing the hacking. Maybe there is no hacking. But they always blame Russia.

    And the reason they blame Russia because they think they’re trying to tarnish me with Russia. I know nothing about Russia. I know — I know about Russia, but I know nothing about the inner workings of Russia. I don’t deal there. I have no businesses there. I have no loans from Russia.

    I have a very, very great balance sheet, so great that when I did the Old Post Office on Pennsylvania Avenue, the United States government, because of my balance sheet, which they actually know very well, chose me to do the Old Post Office, between the White House and Congress, chose me to do the Old Post Office. One of the primary area things, in fact, perhaps the primary thing was balance sheet. But I have no loans with Russia. You could go to the United States government, and they would probably tell you that, because they know my sheet very well in order to get that development I had to have.

    Now, the taxes are a very simple thing. As soon as I have — first of all, I pay hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. Many of her friends took bigger deductions. Warren Buffett took a massive deduction. Soros, who’s a friend of hers, took a massive deduction. Many of the people that are giving her all this money that she can do many more commercials than me gave her — took massive deductions.

    I pay hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes. But — but as soon as my routine audit is finished, I’ll release my returns. I’ll be very proud to. They’re actually quite great."

    1. That broke my brain reading it.

    2. Naught me. Its Prefect in its massage and toon. Eye agree it was hard two follow in teh begging, butt buy teh Finnish it was like a vail had bin lifted.

      Now that eye have red it over too more times, Aye can't believe Aye didn't grok it the first thyme!