Thursday, October 27, 2016

Justice Sonia Sotomayor says she thought about hitting Antonin Scalia with baseball bat

Freepers are ginning up some fake outrage about a minor, if perhaps ill-conceived, aside by Justice Sotomayor. This lets them attack the Justice's race and gender (I hope you like the word 'bitch!'), as well wish she'd meet a violent end as they yell that liberals are the real violent ones.

SpaceBar takes this deadly seriously:
I would hazard to guess that this is the first time in US history a sitting supreme court justice has admitted to contemplating homicide.
FreedomStar3028 hopes Scalia's racism was probably just to piss her off:
Yea, because Scalia could read her like an open book. An affirmative action appointment by an affirmative action President. No wonder Scalia said “things” about affirmative action, I’d be dropping offensive things about gay people all day too if I had to work with that dyke and watch her try to destroy my country every time she was on the bench.

Another point for Scalia.
Always able to spot the real racists, Neoliberalnot is sure Sotomayor hates everyone who isn't like her:
The La Raza Klan member demonstrates her hate for all things not Mexican. Who would think?
Pelham...I don't even know what thug means anymore.
Why is this a surprise? Sotomayor is a leftwing thug. Of course assault is on her mind.
gigster knows when they go low, you go lower:
Classy beotch, ain’t She?
Dilbert San Diego points out the hypocrisy of liberals not liking death threats and then talking about thinking about hitting a dead guy:
Aren’t liberals such peace loving people???

Remember after the Tucson shooting, liberals warned us not to use violent language or imagery or metaphors???

Anyone else remember how liberals have lectured us about inciting violence and the need to be civil in our discourse????

Now this bitch gets a pass because why?? Because if you are liberal you can say or do whatever the hell you want???

Can you imagine the reaction if Clarence Thomas indicated a desire to hit Justice Sotomayor over the head ??????.
Artisanal racist headsonpikes decides she can't have European roots:
Her roots appear to be more Aztec than Hispanic.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she contemplated cutting Scalia’s heart out after braining him.

“Wise latina” indeed...
cherry uses this to lament how she's oppressed on the Internet:
If our Trump card doesn't win,get used to this...

get used to disgraceful and violent language and deeds against us and people like us....

and nothing will be done about it...

but you write one stinking thing on the internet against the bitch, the Fat,Bald,and Insignificant will be after you..
funfan wishes for her death:
Too bad she wasn’t found dead instead of Justice Scalia.
going hot's death wish is more elaborate:
Wow, I hope she doesn’t get mugged some night on her way home from the court, by a bat wielding assailant, who got the idea from listening to her descriptions of how she would have liked to use Scalia for a piƱata.
Calvin Cooledge's black boss told him blacks want revenge for slavery:
Years ago I had a talk with my African American boss about the struggle for civil rights. He said that because of the history of slavery and racism in America, blacks did not want justice or equality. They wanted revenge.
tom h calls her fat.
Sotomayor could use either a stomach pump or gastric bypass surgery so she wouldn’t be so obese.

Even if thin, though, she would still be ugly.
Sirius Lee has a perfect circle of logic for all nonwhite males:
Affirmative action hires are inferior people.


  1. just to put another crimp in their tinfoil, sotomayor's next book should be titled: "if i did it".

  2. Antonin Scalia was pretty chubby, too, speaking of gastric bypass. He died of multiple obesity-related conditions.

    1. It doesn't matter if you're fat and male. Power is sexiness. For women, that's our body. For men, that's money. In either case, it doesn't matter who you are as an actual person.


    2. He also said the Constitution doesn't protect against sex discrimination; that's what legislatures are for. Good to know he thought we needed to persuade 535 mostly male legislators to provide equal treatment under the law for over 50% of the population.

  3. I have a feeling that if Calvin Cooledge ever even had a black boss, he probably said no such thing. Or perhaps in jest.