Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Spotlight: pburgh01

Divorced, living in Pittsburgh, of British-Jewish ancestry, and convinced Trump is going to get 300 electoral votes. But he's not so confident that he'll let any Freeper get by who is less than glowing about Trump. Has recently changed his tag-line to "We need to repeal the XIX Amendment." and has the hatred of women to prove it. His take on Michelle Obama is particularly pure.

And while his reg-date says 2007, I haven't seen much of him except lately, and a bit in 2012...planned retread?

He spends a lot of time excoriating Freepers for their anxiety. And by excoriating, I mean calling them snowflakes, cucks, and beta-males.

Trump is gonna dominate, and everyone knows it!
The fact is and both camps know this Trump is right around 300Evs and poised for victory. They know it and a month out are trying to change that. Trump has Ohio in the bag, and Florida, and Colorado, and Nevada and NC and probably VA and Michigan. It's 10 minutes left to go in the 4th and Trump is up 24-14 and has he ball on her 40. He needs to keep on keeping on, keep pounding the media, hit harder in the next debate and be Trump. In about 2 weeks we will see the all the polls suddenly show Trump with a slight lead..they will insist in the MOE.

I will bet any Eeeyore Freeper $1000 dollars Trump wins, any takers?
He's a Jew, but more of a badass Catholic Jew:
American\European Jews = Book Smart but incredibly naive and ignorant. Comes from being cloistered, narrow-minded and a culturally matriarchal culture(Feminized). How with rare exception they passively walked into the gas chambers. Post-war Israeli Sabra Jews, more in lines of Old Testament As* kickers and the toughest kid on the block.

My relatives fought in the Pacific and at Normandy and my Father was a fighter pilot. Then again my relatives were old Irish\English Jews, a very rare breed, we had more in common with our Catholic neighbors then sniveling book worm pacifist in places like Austria and France.
Expert debate analysis
What the MSM misses and why her debate performance was a big plate of fail was she made absolutely no dent in the perception she nothing more than a polished, slick, lying, scumbag politician. Donald won on points last night.

I watched the debate and have since I saw Carter\Reagan in 1980 and was on my HS debate team....DT won, period. Sorry MSM you lost the academic argument also.
NEXT Debate will be the one where Trump dominates!
Trump signalling next debate, gloves come off, no more Mr Nice guy. Alpha male comes out to growl and puts that bloated, corrupt bag of sh* t in her place. If she doesn’t cry, fall over or begin yelling I would rate the debate a fail. I want to read in the NYT and WoPost that Donald was ungentlemanly, rude, vicious and dare I say it un-Presidential(Code for not a Beta male pussy)
Rachel Maddow is a lesbian, and all lesbians are craaaazy...
I heard Mr. Rachael Maddow soundbite where she was making fun of us for questioning that Hillary could actually remain upright the whole debate or this very back brace sized contraption on her back. I watched it and thought...OMG keep talking Rhodes Scholar.. keep it up. Keep up with the mocking you deluded, sexually confused Mensa imbicile. I firmly believe male homosexuality is not a mental disorder, militant lesbianism, I have yet to meet a sane one. The all have serious behavioral issues. I would not hire one.
Polls are for cucked men!
Polls are BOGUS, why post them here?

Because the pearl clutchers and cucked men here love to be negative. I don't know why they identify as Conservatives. Conservatives are positive, informed, educated and not prone to wild gyrations in attitude and perception. They operate in the world of logic and educated hypothesis, not prone to make comments like ...."Um not good" Cucked men, people on large doses of SSRIs for depression, and faux conservatives are really liberals with a Messiah craving. They hang on the words of politicians, expecting a single person or party to rescue them. Their whole day is shot if a poll is one way or another.
Trump's gonna win so hard!
Is anyone else starting to smell a tidal wave coming. I thought maybe Trump would win, but maybe a rout is coming. The debate is appearing to be a stroke of genius by DT, him NOT doing what people thought, eviscerating her, coming off angry, aggressive. Trump realizes its not about convincing waffling knuckleheads, it’s about getting people to vote for you. That includes blue bloods, inner city minorities, country folk, white rust belt whites, alt-right college educated white and grey collars.
echoes of 2012, bit with less cucks:
I have an alternate hypothesis. It fits together with something Sarah Palin who is not prone to hyperbole alluded to, says a major story is about to break.

I think Obama is throwing the election on purpose. I can see him taking a dive in the 2 and 3rd debates, not obvious but will leave the MSM saying he won anyway. We know they will say he won, be prepared for it, the phony bump in the polls, the Newsweek cover. Obama will not run with that but slog along and lose respectfully on the first Tuesday after the first Monday on November. This is his plea bargain, to lose in a not so obvious way. I am sure there are many staffers who have resumes cobbled and resignation letters ready but Team Obama has told them they will not resign, if they try they will be destroyed. Ex staffers talk...

Still calling blowout maybe 350+ electoral votes for Romney, throw in a few surprises like Michigan, NM, Pa, Wisconsin and maybe a surprise NE state like Maine.
But this time, it's different from 2012. Try and make Hillary cry, Donald!
I remember back in 2012 at this time, it looked a little grim, Obama was up 6-10% in most polls and we hung on what Dick Morris had to say. I even was a little delusional as the race looked to get to within the MOE after the first debate and then Romney faded. We are really in this thing and poised for a win, I'm optimistic like I have never been. Next debate Trump goes ba*ls out and 86's the nice guy thing. Try and make her cry Donald. I want to hear things like

"Oh that's rich madam Secretary, you want my tax returns, how does page 14 of my tax return effect in any way the average American. I made money, I was successful, I know you and your evil minions like George Soros love to play this class game but you know we did it your way and you've failed. I am marveled that a person with not just a closet full of skeletons but a whole house could really have the chutzpah to run for President, you're a lying , corrupt, kleptocrat. Why don't you stop making speeches about how to tell other people to live and get an actual job producing something, creating a job and having to make a payroll. Whoops maybe I said something I shouldn't have, will I wind up dead from a suicide gunshot to back of my head? You are a straight up gangster thug in an ugly $1200 paint suit."

I am sure the English-degreed suburban white kitten snowflakes in Long Island and Mountian View would faint at a woman being treated so roughly, but enough would that's an Alpha make I trust with the presidency. She's like that bitchy Lumbergh middle manager (insert female anatomy) that back stabs and whines constantly.
Hillary voters are all ugly and/or slutty:
Katy Perry who Russell Brand said was the dumbest women probably on planet earth. Coming from a dummy like him, that's saying something. Lena Dunham, an ungodly amalgam of colossally dumb, gelatinous, incestuous and ugly like a horse kicked her in the face.

Most Hillary voters, the girls who most guys have banged and the ones no one would.
Women shouldn't vote.
This ruckus is why the 19th Amendment should be repealed. Once we let softheaded women vote, it was the beginning of the end of the Republic. If women would really not vote for a person who called someone fat 20 years ago..oh good grief, where to begin..that women are basically emotion driven imbiciles, with a few exceptions, that they take their feelings as reality, etc. Politics is the realm of logic and reason period, not a strong suit for girls.
Mansplaining that women are too emotional to understand abortion:
I'll say something very un-PC. I don't trust women on life and death issues, period. They act out of emotion and not logic. Our trajectory to where we are now is directly correlated to women's suffrage. Women's brains are different than men's, if a woman can be convinced on an emotional level to kill their own kids, they will and do many times more than men do. Women to decide on whether a human lives or dies in the womb, hell no would I trust them. Besides its a specious argument, you want to get fake boobs, that's your body, you want to get a mole removed, that's your body, you want to get your appendix out, that's your body. You want to snuff out a human life connected to you via an umbilical cord..not your body, got it? This is not that hard.
A woman writes that SNL should mock Trump. pburg01 looked her up and went on a purple prose insult rampage.

Is this homely little goo stain anymore of a cliche? She even has the requisite micro penis Beta male FWB on her Facebook page. What a vapid little life of binge drinking, eating Indian food and trying to be comfortable with a worldview bereft of any logic, meaning or substance. Where just being pithy and clever is all you aspire to.

Then again she I think is 25, so I ignore her, like a puppy yapping at me at the dog park. You don't even exist Tiffany, you DON'T matter, keep it up and that will be a permanent state of your existence. You are the 3rd girl in line at Urban Outfitters buying that ugly mohair sweater with your greasy unkept hair and your ruddy skin. Stinking like cigarettes, mild BO and your BF's sex. Cucked Daddy supports your "You being you" sponging with his 3k check every 3rd day of the month and his weekly Facetimes where he calls you his precious little pumpkin and tells you how great you are.

Your averageness is not buffeted by your witty prose and you useless degree, you are that empty, angry, bully you always were. We know who you are and the 1000's of John Stewart wannabees and you will hear from us November 8th. Get ready for a new life Tiffany and a new country. A country where SJW asshats like you and your friends are going to get a huge donkey punch in your smug faces of Lena Dunham fug
It's great when they get super lyrical as they yell about elites.

Mary J Blige
Hello.... 1999 calling they want their ratchet, hair hat, ghetto rat shrieker back.
"That insult was so great! I should use it on Michelle Obama too!"
You can take the ratchet ghetto rat girl out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto rat ratchet out of the girl. You can still on occasion catch her adding a "s" to her pronouns.

Moochelle and her no-show affirmative action career, Where would she be without her glomming onto a micro penis beta male imbicile like she has. I tell you where, stuck in some fortune 1000 company middle manager affirmative action job, with a cpl of kids by a cpl of different guys, throw in a divorce or two, posting hoochie pictures on Instagram and going out with her black sorority Sisters on the weekends to have appletinis. Another opinionated "Black Queen" idiot.
Yeah...not a fan of Michelle.
Ok trigger meme for Moose....Harambe. You go, you affirmative action, micro penis loving, white girl hair wishing, sack of corn spotted diarrhea. Can’t wait till you bounce out of the WhiteHut in a few months. We’ll need ServPro to fumigate and steam clean that place..”Like it never happened”
He's decided to call Michelle Harambe. GET IT?
Harambe with her bug eyes flaring will come out and defend her poor Beta male husband and tell us what he meant and how he has transcended logic.
More Michelle rage
The “Black” brand is not what it was a few years ago, with cool Oblameo and his Beyonce loving Harambe wife.
Hillary and Machado - both fat lol!
LOL, did Hillary step in it. I bet today they wished this would go away. This woman is a real degenerate whore, Alicia that is..oh wait so is that Cankles Pig and’re fat also.
Amazingly, he's divorced!
Years ago I heard Dr Laura Schlesinger on the raio, ex-wife liked her. She had a pro-abort woman called and and she absoltley evicercerated her.
He lays down the law about his girlfriend's ex being so much less manly than him:
My current GF made a comment..what guy would vote for Hillary. I added, your ex-BF Steve, your words a blubbering, Beta male weenie whose aggressive passive\agressiveness was the by-product of an overbearing middle manager single Mother and sweater vest pussy absent Dad who was off "Finding himself". To a T this is a male Hilary voter, the orbiting, wimp-man who gets cheated on regularly by women who say they want a sensitive guy but really want a man who takes charge.
So much for the landslide. Turns out millions of Americans are evil, and the election is gonna be hard
No one was going to be the magic pony in this election. No magic document that would bury Hillary and this be a slam dunk. We are going to have to win this the hard way. Only way you temper a movement. The Clintons are masters at dangling supposed scandals and then amounting to nothing. Want to bury the Clintons, do it in a mountain of Trump votes. We have to stop relying on the MSM coming around. Nothing said in those documents would be covered honestly, NOTHING, even planned murder. Yes some of our fellow citizens are that corrupt and evil, a sizable percentage..millions of them. Leftists will vote for murderers, it's shown that to be true world-wide, what you think the useless eaters here are any different. The promise of free stuff trumps even the most basic of natural laws.
FBI Director is totes gay:
This sack of sh*t FBI Director got the sit-down and they told him how this was going to go down or else his gay relationship with a staffer or his shady 0% loan on his vacation property on the Chesapeake Bay happened was going to be on the front page of the NYT. He backed off, told everyone else to back off, and well you had his incredibly incoherent and moronic criminal intent.
Most football players are functionally retarded:
NFLers with exception of MLB players are the dumbest athletes on planet earth. Blessed with abnormal genes for size and speed is about all. Most I suspect are functionally retarded.
Cruz fans and buttholery:
Why is 2ndDiviosion still around here? He’s one of the most insufferable of Cruz sycophants and he definitely is way over the threshold for TDS\ABT of buttholery. They just don’t want to do what what’s right, they want to pout, suck their thumb, and babble incoherently like Mark Levin.
In March, eager for a Cruz purge:
They are really coming unhinged these days. Getting angrier, more smug, more insufferable. If Cruz eeks out a win in Wisconsin, look out, Jim R may have to go a banning. Maybe I will dangle $1000 donation out there to handpick the dozen or so of the most insufferable tools to be Zotted.
"lets all troll this guy!"
Come on guys let’s troll this concern weenie.
Nothing says Alpha like naked petty meanness to some Freeper called CatOwner:
Are you looking for the MSM to have some come to Jesus moment? To make CatOwner feel good? You've been on here a while, have you not heeded the 1000's of warnings about listening to the MSM. I would have thought you'd lost that username by now, no winning, if you are a guy, it's screams Beta male wimp, if a woman, some nutter with long greasy hair who mumbles to herself all day long.
Agenda 21, without saying agenda 21.
Becuase they are all run by the globalist elites, the media. It's downright Satanic, Soylent Green kind of stuff. Max world population 500 million. The rest killed, babies aborted, sick allowed to die and ground up for organic fertilizer.

You are right the media is just shoveling out crap and the important stuff they ignore. Talk to a liberal, they are ignorant chattle. The logic is "Well Hillary is Bill's wife and the 1990's were not that bad." Only reason she is even in this. Her as a candidate back in 1980, she would have been laughed out of the primaries. But after Obama and America's collective guilt about putting a Negroid in power to feel better about itself, Trump has his hands full, I think he will win, but we can't let off the peddle.


  1. Gosh, I just can't imagine why pburgh01 is divorced.

    And he actually has a girlfriend? She's either a glutton for punishment or has serious self-esteem issues to stay with this jerk.

    1. Pburgh01 has cuckold written all over him.
      I'm clearly seeing him as the overly macho douche who's wife cheated on him with some much more successful guy who a actually uses a washcloth once in a while (using a washcloth makes you a beta make, doncha know).

      I'm also doubting his Jewish ancestry. If he is Jewish, I'm sure he's a few generations away from actually having practiced or acknowledging his identity.

    2. I like how some Freepers cite their ancestry as if it has anything to do with their own achievements in life -- like courage, words, and actions are passed on through sperm and egg. They wish.

  2. Ya'll need to quit using sodium chloride (or
    plain table salt). Instead, use CELTIC SEA
    SALT). It is better for ya'll. I've told
    ya'll that before; but ya'll ignored me.

    CELTIC SEA SALT is better for you AND it
    takes a lot less of it than it does the
    sodium chloride.

    I've talked my head off to ya'll; but ya'll
    have ignored TWINKIE in the most patrician,
    stuck-up manner ya'll can manage.

    Some day TWINKIE will have to give up on
    ya'll's stubborn butts and just drop out of
    this bad-mouthing forum of yours!!

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    Oh yeah. HITLER-Y CLINKTON is going DOWN,
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    TWINKIE'S in pretty good shape and still
    feels like heck!

    TWINKIE despairs of ya'll. Can't tell
    ya'll a thing! Even good advice, ya'll spit



    1. Joining the First Lady as a diet evangelist Twinkles?

      "Sea Salt" (any brand) is just Sodium Chloride with more impurities than the mined and purified variety (1-2%: mostly Potassium and Magnesium compounds). It is only "better" for people who otherwise risk mineral deficiency because of bad diet (e.g. too many TWINKIES).

    2. There ya'll go again! VILLIFYING
      TWINKIE every way she turns; no
      matter how much she TRYS to help
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      That is just THAT!! Ya'll's diets
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      A little ORGANIC BEEF or ORGANIC
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      The Obamas eat WAGU beef on a
      regular basis. I don't know if it
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      I DO NOT EAT TWINKIES! That would
      amount to CANNIBALISM!!! I told ya'll
      that; but ya'll do not believe a
      thing TWINKIE says - no matter what!!

      When CANKLES gets DEFEATED by TRUMP,
      ya'll won't have a thing to do. Such
      a sad commentary.

      SOCIETY besides bashing TRUMP!!!



      Donald John Trump, POTUS


      P.S. Ya'll should be ashamed!!!!!!

    3. Humans, like bears, are designed to be omnivorous. Second guessing millions of years of evolution requires a level of arrogance I do not possess.

      I happen to agree that HRH Clinton II should be defeated. She is the worst Dem candidate in (my) living memory. Unfortunately fifth columnists such as yourself have ensured her election by conspiring to field the most ridiculous, unelectable, buffoon of a candidate it is possible to imagine. Jeb, Rubio, Kasich (in fact anyone but the Texan theocrat) could have taken her down, but noooo ... you clowns decide to push the tartrazine mussolini.

      The second coming of the Clintons is your doing Twinkles: own it.

    4. I voted Cruz in our early primary;
      but if I can't trust a man's word,
      he is OUT, does not pass GO and does
      not collect $200.

      Cruz will NEVER get another vote from
      "Twinkles" no matter what he runs for.

      None of the buffoons you list would
      have "taken her down". TRUMP has
      beaten all those you list fairly &
      squarely. He even gave Cruz a chance
      to act decently at the Republican
      Convention; but Cruz DOUBLED DOWN on
      nasty and the convention floor just
      about booed him off the stage.

      I've NEVER voted for a "Clinton" in
      my life! After one youthful vote for
      and have NEVER looked back & he did
      not disappoint.


      I am willing to give TRUMP/PENCE a
      chance. I see no other real choice.


    5. Not everyone commenting on this blog is a liberal, you know. And not being a Freeper doesn't make one liberal. Fangypoo isn't one, right?

      Oh, btw, I assume the exorcism was succesful, as your dead mother-in-law hasn't used your body to post recently. So, congrats!

    6. This election isn't about left vs. right or lib. vs. con.; it's about mendacious crook vs. delusional idiot.

      I would vote Nixon before Clinton on ethics, but I would vote Carter before Trump on competence. That makes an incompetent Dem crook the best offer on the table.

      The fact that you went for an equally delusional Cuban/Canadian theocratic idiot in the primaries changes nothing. You had three ways to choose a GOP presidency and two ways to choose to give it to Clinton. You chose Clinton. Own it.

  3. I'll bet this "man" is a hitter. And I pray he never breeds.

  4. "Trump realizes its not about convincing waffling knuckleheads, it’s about getting people to vote for you."

  5. "Trump has Ohio in the bag, and Florida, and Colorado, and Nevada and NC and probably VA and Michigan."

    No...and no, no, no, possibly and no and no.

  6. Cuck, alphas/betas, snowflakes, safe spaces, SJW = all unsuspicious terms used by the Alt-Rights.

    1. It's tough being an old white guy. Things were so much better when we were sitting in front of the TV wearing our Mattel six guns watching the Andy Griffith show.

  7. Republicans grabbing the woman's vote by the pussy!

    1. His campaign is bleeding from it's "whatever" and the denial apologetics on FR are pathetic and disgusting.

  8. US accuses Russia of hacking political sites


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  10. I'd say all this guy's obsession over masculinity shows that he's actually deep down a pussy...

    But pussies can take a way harder pounding than a dick and come back for more. So, he's just a dick, I guess.

  11. Sarah Palin who is not prone to hyperbole


    He also talks about micro penis quite a lot. I thought comparing dick size with black men went out of style a long time ago, but maybe not for divorced cuck-in-denial Freeper white males. This guy is so bitter that I actually feel sorry for him.

    1. Ha, I saw that about Sarah Palin. I rolled my eyes.

      and also, yeah guys who are using terms like pburg01 are the biggest wimps out there.
      I bet his current girlfriend treats him like shit and is going to dump him as soon as she spends all his money.

  12. And it comes out today that Trump talks about bedding married women and grabbing women by the p****.

    What low self-esteem freeper women must have if they continue to support Trump after this.

    What hypocrisy the pharisee religious right will show if they continue to support Trump after this.

    I'll bet you-know-who is going to be screaming "YESHUA" all over this site in a few minutes.

    1. To my thinking if a man confesses and distances himself from a sinful past that man is worthy of being forgiven by folks that call themselves Christians.

      But not Bill Clinton, though. And certainly not his wife.

    2. Bill Clinton disrespects women and is a dirty low down scoundrel.

      Donald Trump disrespects women and is a macho alpha male.


      WONKERS !!!

      TWINKIE KING !!!

  13. M Obama's Applitini life doesn't sound that bad.

  14. Donnie just dropped from 29 cents to 21 cents on PredictIt.

    What does this mean for you? It means you can just about quintuple your money betting on Donnie to WIN! So much WINNING!

    Don't delay, bet the ranch today!

    1. Now he is down to 19 cents. lol

    2. Don't forget!

      Give your winnings to FR!

  15. Replies
    1. At what point, exactly, did "Real American" come to mean "Ferengi"?