Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Trump and Alicia Machado

Freepers are really torn about Trump's full-court press that this lady he called a fat pig is indeed a fat pig and also a slut.

They seem about evenly split. Some manage to realize this is another political stumble, worse due to the late hour. Others, though, cannot continence anyone insulting their hero.

AppyPappy is yelling like he's in a horror movie
“check out” Machado’s “sex tape and past.”

No!!!! Don’t go there!
pburgh01 thinks it's all part of Trump's plan, but Freepers are too wimpy to see it:
Jui-Jitsu my friends I see it. Hillary trotted out this whore, now we can hang her with her own rope. But I expect this thread full of precious little snowflakes whose backbone is similar to the consistency of cold congealed chicken fat.
pburgh01 continues his rant about 'the whore.'
the snowflakes don't see it. They probably loved a robot like Romney, a LOSER, who was always on message, counter punched like a pussy and listened to the snowflakes. Romney and McCain were automatons. You see the whore even took to insulting Melania yesterday. I say savage her for a day or so, let people look into the whore's life and think...OMG this is best Hillary could roll out. Donald was right to call her pig, she actually is.

Trump has had his diarrhea of the mouth moments but this was not one of them....Jui Jitsu at it's finest.
wareagle7295 also cites Romney and calls her a whore. And urges Trump to stay positive!
What a bunch of Romneys we have on here. We finally have a candidate that shoots their sh*t back in their face and you sit and wringing your hands. 
We have a shitload of $$$ saved up, if I were him i’d run nothing but ads about how depressed this economy is and how he will fix it. Positive ads. They will be pulling this sorta crap out of their asses for the next 40 days, people won’t remember this whore by next week.
Timpanagos1 reassures another Freeper who has concerns:
VERY STUPID idea. Who is minding the effing store and his twitter account? He wants another mexican judge and/or gold star dad fight which got him off track, unfocused, and behind in the polls?

Trump is on track and doing exactly what he needs to do.
Jay Thomas doesn't get why Trump's tweets doubling down about miss piggy and intimating a sex tape are special:
Wow, a tirade of three tweets.

Anyone see Killary’s twitter feed yesterday? Why isn’t that considered a tirade.
rdcbn is sure this was actually evidence of how clever Trump was in the debate:
This Machado attack is part of a pre scripted media attack coordinated with the Clinton Campaign.

It was one of several trial balloons Hillary floated at the debate and its the only one that Trump did not shhot down in the debate.

This Machado silliness is the least damaging and serious of Hillary's trial balloons so the fact that this is the only one the media has in play shows Trump shot down the Clinton/Media post debate script before it ever got off the ground.

It's also backfiring against Clinton as revelations about Macho continue to roll out and it's the only ammunition Hillary has to paint Trump as a rabid misogynist.

The media is running with this cause it's all got and Trump has no choice but to counter attack.

In this case, Bill and Hillary's long term abuse of the Politics of Personal Destruction (perfected by the Clintons BTW) against women allows Trump to go on the offensive rather than have to play defense on this issue.

It's taking time from issues, but it highlights Hillary's lying, bad judgment , incompetence, lack of temperament and high lights her desperation and he campaigns bankrupt platform to run on.
KC_Conspirator seems to realize an uncontrolled need to attack isn't a sign of strength:
I have defended Trump over and over again, but the hardest lift of all is on his temperament. If you don't think this doesn't feed into reinforcing the worst perceptions of him, particularly at this point in the campaign, you are fooling yourself.

Correct. When he does foolish stuff like this, chasing mexican judges, gold star families, and now pageant queens down a rabbit hole, he looks unfocused and petty.
Alberta's Child remembers the triumph that was Trump taking on the Khans:
I will concede one point on this, and I do this with the whole story of that Muslim guy at the Democratic convention in mind.

Remember that he disappeared from the news very quickly once Trump began belittling him in public. That story backfired on the Democrats, and this one probably will, too.

If this Machado broad disappears from the news by 5:00 PM today, then maybe this is all part of a good campaign strategy.
Deo volente realizes this might be one of Trump's very few weakenesses:
He’s letting Clinton get under his skin. That’s one of his very few weaknesses, and the media will exploit it for all it’s worth. The more he responds, the more this sordid story is out in front and crowding out the real issues facing America at this critical time.

With only a few weeks to go, the last thing he needs is his campaign to fall into the tabloid gutter. I really hope we don’t hear the name Machado at the next debate.
RoseofTexas is in rare form:
oh plezzzz! Troll my butt!! Where are the ads?? He raised enough money to put out a very good ad telling the folks how he helped her keep her job etc....this would’ve touched the women’s heart!! 
The mediapukes are doing a bang up job destroying his chances with the women’s vote he needs to play the part as gentle as a dove BUT CUNNING as a serpent!! He needs to outsmart the evil media-dragons!
fortes fortuna juvat knows one must always attack when attacked. Always!
Why is Trump wasting even a nanosecond with this washed-up bimbo?

Because no lying attack on one’s morals and character can be permitted to stand unchallenged. NEVER. The narrative concocted by Clinton/Muchado is a blatant lie, and Trump was right to call them on it.
TTFlyer is just pissed no one attacks Hillary ever:
Why the F*** does Hillary ALWAYS get a pass? The HELL with Hillary. Drag her fat ass through the mud! Don’t pull a Bush and sit there like a bump on a log - Fight back!
nikos1121 pulls the standard Freeper move of declaring that this crapshow proves the liberal media is desperate:
He made his point, now move on. Clearly, the Clinton camp must be way behind in the polling to be doing this. It’s another shameful display on their part. Did Megyn Kelly actually give this lady a platform, without outing her as the liar and criminal she is?
Lorianne explains that strong women need to just take it when men insult them:
Girls’ self esteem? Sorry, girls need to get tough or go home. We need serious girls and women in the future. Women who fall to pieces if someone calls them fat will not do well in life and frankly, are no help to anyone anyway. They can stay home and cry if they want.

Millions of women in the world have real problems and real concerns. Billions of women are working everyday to make their lives and the lives of their families better. They’re going to school, starting families, jobs, careers, taking care of the elderly, running for local political office .... or just working to put food on the table.

They are not silly, weak women yammering about fat this or fat that.
AllAmericanGirl44 declares all those unhappy to be Cruz supporters (hisssss!)
Yes yes yes!

I can’t waste another moment reading the ex cruzers who desire to beat Trump over the head on this.
Vision Thing rages at the skeptics:
Geez he makes it difficult to support him.

C’mon cuttnhorse, you can say it: “never trump!”

You know you want to say it, so say it: “never trump!”

It is who you are. It is your essence. It defines you.

So say it: “never trump!”

You can do it!

And then reap the monetary rewards from hillary just like Bernie Sanders did.
In another common Freep move, nclaurel tries to explain that this is Trump's outreach to the idiot rubes Freepers are too smart to undertand:
Since you are a freeper, I assume you are a sane, stable person. Hillary’s anti Trump ads are direct to the LIV who “feel” not think. you seem to judge things related to them based on you and a daughter that you raise to also be sane and stable. Think LIV.


  1. confused about donald's latest escapades?

    worry not, gentle freeper, it's all a part of trump's plan ...

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  4. Do Freepers think that they are going to be the ones to reconstruct the Republican Party? Somehow I don't think it will be the losers who supported Trump who will dictate the future direction of the Party.

    1. I hope and pray that HITLER-Y and
      BENT-ONE BILL cannot manage to
      wangle this election through the
      usual voter fraud.

      Ya'll are writing your own narrative
      on this election and seem to be blind
      to HITLER-Y'S naked ambition to WIN
      at all costs; even though she is just
      about a cripple and NOT up to the job.

      Of course, true to form, she will fan
      out with more wars because that is
      what this angry woman does.

      Then, a REPUBLICAN will be elected,
      but not if DHIMMIS can help it, and
      the whole mess will be dumped in their
      laps to catch the blame and absorb all
      the crapfall from the results of hers
      & Hussein's bumbling & meddling.

      They both THINK they want a Caliphate
      for an assurance of Dhimmicrat voters
      ad infinitum.

      Oh JOY!!

      P.S. "Hive mind" my butt! This blog
      is the epitome of the hive mind of
      Ludie's Goose. (You know; the HEADLESS
      goose.) If HITLER-Y is "selected",
      there will not likely be a Republican
      Party left to be "reconstructed".

      President Donald J. Trump, POTUS

    2. Tying to think of all the Wars Bill Clinton POTUS and Barack Obama POTUS got us into as compared to both Bush administration's twinkie, can you help me out here.

    3. Of course Twinkie can't help you. Twinkle can't even figure out where the apostrophe in y'all goes.

    4. Of course Twinkie can't help you. Twinkle can't even figure out where the apostrophe in y'all goes.

  5. Freepers hate snowflakes because they have the audacity to be unique individuals.