Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hillary leaked nuclear secrets during the debate!

Though they protest mightiliy it isn't so, in the past coupld of weeks it's clear to me that the right wing media has given up and stopped worrying about the election results, and with that lack of hope comes freedom; they now just stoke their own fires, unconstrained by politics or reality.

Thus the echo chamber has returned, creating Hillary conspiracies that are only confirmed by the fact that no one else seems to think they exist. And Hillary tossed off that our first-strike response time was four minutes, Freepers provided clicks to any who would cry treason.

Stay tuned at the end for some sweet sweet Hillary FanFiction!

xzins cites authority:
Sebastian Gorka agrees.

Clinton just violated national security.

She’s treasonous
xzins moves on to discard any authority other than his own:
You’re not experienced with these things.

All capabilities are classified.

Other nations guess all they want, they analyze all they want, but capabilities are never revealed, confirmed, or denied.

So, yes. It was classified. I imagine it was classified ABOVE top secret.
xzins explains how important an expert he is:
I was in intel when enlisted.

As a commissioned officer, I worked with Spec Ops units.
xzins also speculates about Hillar's secret sinister agenda:
She seems intent on a war with Russia
I wonder if she’s connected to any of the “start the world over” groups?
Diogenesis has never met an apocalyptic fantasy he doesn't like:
Knowing that delay time allows the Enemy
to perfect 1st and 2nd strikes before the US gets one off.

Ms. Clinton will truly follow the lead of the
First Moslem that supports al Qaeda, Iran, and
the Moslem Brotherhood (Nazis).
HiTech RedNeck does his usual thing - psychoanalyzing people.
In a way — please indulge me in some thought, at least, before panning me — that might be like her envious response to Donald’s adolescent (and inappropriate for public expression) fantasy about having whatever woman he wished? Hillary can’t grab any guy she wants, she is too old. However she could now nuke Russia in 4 minutes (and she has been oddly saber rattling recently). Was Freud altogether wrong to speak of penis envy?
Hillary envies youthful Trump's 'grab them by their pussy,' so she threatens to nuke Russia. Seems legit.

eyeamok is probably serious:
I cannot believe she was Not ARRESTED right in the Middle of the Debate as a NATIONAL SECURITY BREECH was Taking Place LIVE in front of the Whole World!!!
Lazamataz really shows how much Freepers care about reality these days:
As if countries with nuclear weapons don’t have the same protocols. As if countries with nuclear weapons don’t already know our protocols. As much as I despise Hillary, there was no treason committed here.

Sorry. It’s treasonous.
The thing is, an endless drumbeat, even on as meaningless as Fiddlstix's, does seem to have some effect in the long run...
ClinToon HATES America!
mastertex weaves a fantasy that our military is patriotically hiding stuff from Democrats:
I ‘am a bit surprised that Slow Joe Biden didn’t let this slip years ago.

Reason is NO one told him....if your considered a risk....you don’t get the information...Military calls it “Need to Know”...Hillary does NOT know either ....she just made it all up....think about it.....it’d be like giving Bill Clinton the key to daughters bed room....
No one else seems to care! hirn_man has proof of the cover up!
I have checked all the articles on FR I can find about this, and checked Drudge.

I notice not 1 mainstream outlet that I can find has mentioned this.

More cover-up by the MSM for their preferred candidate I suspect.

But if Donald so much as looks at a woman it will be non stop for days.
SERKIT's fan fiction tries for satire, but gets bogged down in tin foil:
Let's see how that would work for a Hillary Presidency:

From a dead sleep, Huma tries to rouse Hillary, this will take at least 10 minutes.

Huma helps Hillary out of bed. Hillary stands up, does a vertical seizure like she did on 9/11. The "Black Man in Black" gives her an injection, tossed Hillary in the undercover handicap van, and rushes Hillary to Chelsea's apartment. This takes 4 hours, Washington to New York.

While at Chelsea's apartment, Hillary is found to be dehydrated - self imposed due to the discomfort of incontinence, passed out, strikes her head, again, and needs brain surgery. This takes another 3 hours.

Hillary recovers. Her staff gives her a ceremonial football helmet with the Presidential seal on the side for the "next time there is a nuclear attack". This takes two months.

Hillary is asked for the location of the nuclear codes. She does not remember. A House Oversight meeting is held, and Hillary repeats that she cannot recall due to her head injury. The Committee goes into recess. This takes 3 months.

WikeLeaks finds the nuclear codes in the email of John Podesta, Sid Blumenthal, and Donna Brazile (and by extension in the email of a CNN reporter). This takes 30 seconds. Ultimately, the nuclear codes are found on the table of the Map Room in the White House.

The nuclear codes are found, a counter attack is launched, but alas it is too late since America is a vast nuclear wasteland from multiple missile attacks from Russia, North Korea, and our newest "partner in peace", The Islamic Republic of Iran.

Bottom line: Hillary leaks the high-security 4 minute nuclear response time, which is actually closer to 4 months in the Clinton Regime, she sees the destruction, and says: "Four minutes? What difference, at this point does it make?"
Tom Clancy DCBryan1 is not...
0300 hours EST 2018: President Clinton and Huma soundly asleep in White House. Cyber attack begins from Russia. Target early warning and electric grids, and telephone/internet connecting stations.

0301 hrs EST: Russian ICBMs launch from Silos in a first strike, counterforce attack. Earlier all road and rail mobile ICBMs scattered for 2nd strike/counter value launch. SLBMs manned and ready. Hatches open.

Russia salvo fires ICBMs for simultaneous impact. Targets: LCCs in the Missile fields, Nuclear WSAs at Kirkland AFB, Kings Bay, and Bangor, along with Whiteman AFB Minot AFB, Dyess AFB, Barksdale AFB, Warren AFB, Malstrom AFB, Tinker AFB, etc. NATO WSA targets are also targeted at Aviano, Batman, Incirlik, Kleine-Brogel, B├╝chel, Volkel with 350kt SRBM missiles. Bear/Blackjack bombers scrambled from Engle air base with full loads. Command and control sites also targeted: White House, Pentagon, Site A,B,C,E,M,and R, Camp David, Naval Observatory, and another dozen alternate National Command Authority sites.

0302 hrs EST: only 1 of 5 early warning satellites over Russia detect thermal launch out of silos due to hacking/Anti-Satellite laser malfunctions.

0303 hrs EST: Massive cyber attack begins on Early warning radar, command and control, electrical grid.

0303 hrs EST: technicians at NORAD begin to trouble shoot why other satellites aren't seeing the thermal launch.

0304 hrs EST: National command authority receives first indication of "weird outages".

0305hrs: ICBMs lose first stage of missile. Luckily half of the satellites pick that thermal signature up on the backdrop of space.

0306hrs: First concerns at NORAD on possible missile attack. Technicians still trying to confirm launch vs. early morning sun rise in Russia.

0307hrs: Huma rolls over and removes drool covered arm from under Hillary's head. Russian 2nd stage on ICBMs nearing exo-atmospheric arc and depleting fuel. ICBMs now approaching 15,000 MPH.

0308hrs: First early warning Radar sees ICBMs rising above poles. Technicians spend 3 minutes figuring out if it is real, but first they look at the DEFCON board: 5 peacetime.

0309hrs: First phone calls being relayed to National Command Authority on possibility of launch. First General has been notified flying from Looking Glass out of Tinker AFB. It takes him 3 minutes to get "confidence unknown" call.

0310hrs: Marine One on standby alert has Auxiliary Power units pulled as it starts up and takes off towards White House lawn. VC-25 (Air Force One) is warmed up ready for take off at end of Andrews until a computer glitch restarts then deadlines engines.

0311: F22s at Langley get first alert. Only 2 Raptors ready. ETA 15 minutes.

0315: Radar+thermal launch tests have been run and the confidence is high of decapitation strike inbound.

0316: USSS bust into East Wing of White House and PULL a naked Hillary out of bed, still unconscious. Luckily, USSS have much experience carrying Hillary like this. They rush outside for awaiting Marine Corps 1 from Langley. Nuclear Breifcase is rushed out of safe and is being "warmed up".

0317hrs: As Hillary sits naked in the cold, screaming obscenities, warm clothes brought to her, not hers, blankets and black London Fog Jackets by USSS. Her tirade at USSS continues as USAF LTC tells her that this is a national emergency and ICBMs could be inbound. Hillary continues to scream incredulously with slurred speech.

0318hrs: Huma shows up with a small bag. USAF officer arrives and asks if Hillary on drugs and if she had been drinking. Huma admits that Hillary took Clonidine for high blood pressure and an ambien at 11PM. She had 2 glasses of wine with dinner. USAF nuclear officer confirms with Global Strike Command that the VP is now CINC due to medical/alcohol incapacitation by Hillary.

0320: The Vice President is awakened

0321: Various Congressmen/Congresswomen are trying to be found, esp. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Pro Temporate Harry Reid. Secretary of State John Kerry is the only official out of the CONUS in Thailand and is not answering his phone.

0322: Marine One arrives and picks up WH staff.

0323: Marine One leaves White House. Everyone but Hillary looks scared to death. Hillary is pissed because she knows this is a drill. She asks if any networks or reporters are aware of "this bullshit" and threatens heads will roll for this indignity.

0325hrs: 2nd stage on Russian ICBMs cut off and MIRV packages begin to separate. At first, Dummy warheads come out emitting signals to confuse any ABM program. The next warheads are real. The first to let go are now being released. One warhead remains to explode once the others are clear, and at high altitude for EMP effects.

0328: Hillary lands at Andrews AFB. She is notified that something is wrong with Air Force One. It is dark on the base, the lights are out. The short briefing on Marine One has sobered her up and the reality of the attack is upon her. She is decisive and opens the football and starts to enter the first phase of the Special Action Link messages to authenticate release of our nuclear weapons to the military. She fumbles through the codes and has Huma enter them for her. She knows they have FOUR minutes. Hillary remembers that she gave up that information on the last TV debate and damn near lost to that statement. Only voter fraud and never Trumpers took her over the top to win, she reminds herself.

0329: Hillary and the accompanying staff look up as the first MIRVs from the SS-29 (Topol MR) start exploding. The first explodes 50,000 feet in the air. Harmless to those on the ground, but causes and EMP pulse that fries everything non-shielded from NC to NY, west to OH. The remaining four MIRVs dive at 18,000 MPH and explode.

0330: Bright flashes can be seen from the International Space Station at what must be DC and the surrounding area. Andrews, Langley, Pentagon, White House, Site R, Camp David, etc all lie in ruins. No one knows who the President is at 0331hrs. Warheads continue to fall over America, crippling our nuclear deterrent, taking out 75% of our deployable warheads, 95% of our ALCMs, 80% of our SLBMs, and 100% of built, but not deployed nukes in storage. Of the 6 Ohio class SSBNs deployed, only 2 of them are remaining. Four don't reply. Somehow they were tracked and destroyed. America now only has ~300 warheads out of 4500 30 minutes earlier. Russia still has 2,000 warheads ready for counter value strikes.

No air raid sirens were sounded, no TV program sent an alert, no one but the very ones we voted to protect us knew what was coming. Now all are dead along with millions of others.

0600hrs EST John F'n Kerry is picking up the phone ready to surrender to the Russians from Thailand.
I find the scenery chewing of angry, drugged Hillary pretty compelling. And how is the attack on our mainland taking out our Air Launched Cruise Missiles and Subs?


  1. How is blood pressure medicine supposed to dope someone up, again?

    Reading these poor attempts at fanfiction makes me feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

    1. I wish there was some way to let freepers experience real "tyrrany" ... when your whole country is war-torn, when you literally don't eat more than once every two days for months on end.

      If they ever had to endure real tyranny, they'd realize how disgusting their fanfiction complaints sound to regular people.

    2. They're under tyranny because the First Lady suggested their kids eat something besides pizza with french fries 5 days a week at school so that they don't end up riding Rascal scooters by the time they're 29 due to morbid obesity. Tyranny!

    3. These are people who genuinely don't see what's ridiculous about comparing 2016 America to a concentration camp. These are people who honestly don't understand why anybody would object to the notion that having to pay taxes is worse than chattel slavery.

      If it hasn't happened to them, personally, then it doesn't really count as a thing. Holocaust? It sort of happened, I guess, they like the Jews because they hate the Arabs, so probably the Holocaust happened and it was probably bad and everything, but OBAMACARE IS WAY WORSE THAN ANYTHING HITLER DID!!!

    4. To be fair to Freepers (!!?) the whole "taxation=tyrrany and slavery is good for the ferals" meme goes back to the founders. Another bunch of wealthy blowhards whose only direct experience of tyrrany came in the form of inflicting it upon their livestock.

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