Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Trump pulled out of Virginia. This was reported on NBC, CNN, and even the Daily Caller. Freepers refuse to believe. Or...they say the refuse to believe. But things are getting pretty performative at this point.

MadMax, the Grinning Reaper cries that abandoning Virginia is the new Holocaust.
I have a friend, a Holocaust survivor, who, despite some health limitations, is going to make about 100 calls on Trump’s behalf.

What do I tell her now? Forget it, we’ve been abandoned? I think she went through this once before in something called WW2.

Helicondelta knows you can't surrender if you never played!
Article seems bogus. What does pulling out mean? Trump never had campaign offices and hundreds of staffers in Virginia.
JLAGRAYFOX disbelieves all negative Trump news:
If NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, FNC, etc. say the words “sources say”, it means ZILCH!!! While the Trump campaign or DJT, himself announce it...i will believe it!!! NBC...fair & balanced....forget it, folks!!! LMAO!!!
Nothingburger explains that in his experience, anonymous sources aren't a thing. I guess he doesn't read a lot of politics reporting:
Anonymous sources. I smell horsedump!

I was a newspaperman for 25 years but never made the big leagues. You might say my career topped out at AA ball.

But I can tell you that no managing editor I ever worked under would allow anonymous sources except under the rarest of circumstances.

In these relatively small media markets, we were accountable to our readers in a way these big-time journalists can never understand.
rissole laments that Freep isn't a perfect echo chamber:
It amazes me how some folks on here seem to get a secret thrill almost out of posting bad news. Do they just like the attention, or what?
toddausauras has the same plan Republicans have been declaring since like 1980:
Everybody needs to completely shut out the MSM after this election. Sure, now we pay attention for good reason but I’d really like to see an en-masse turning away from the tv screes and clicks. Kill their bread and butter: ad revenues. They need to be destroyed.
wright2bear knows campaign signs are the only true poll:
I would be shocked. I live in Virginia, and I just don’t see a lot of support for Hillary. Not even close to the support seen for Obumer in 2008&2012. And I travel to Northern Va for work also. Or either Hillary supporters are too embarrassed to publicly say they support a criminal.
Poor Timpanagos1 weakly tries to declare victory:
It could be good, it might be that Trump’s polling show him leading Clinton in Virginia.
Frank_2001 is already into the 'fuck the voters' stage of admitting loss:
Well by now, if you do not know who Trump is and why he is a far superior alternative to a felonious witch, you are probably too dumb to vote anyway!
aumrl thinks the problem is that some of Virginia used to be DC:
The Founders proven right again.
If Alexandria was still in the Federal District, Va would be Trump. No contest.
cynwoody doubles down - lets keep the entire northeast from voting!
The Founders miscalculated.

DC should have been much larger (Texas-sized?), and its residents should have been explicitly barred from voting for president or being represented in Congress.

After all, DC is the government, and it is a conflict of interest for the government to vote for the government.
ROCKLOBSTER just comes out with his plan to screw all government workers out of even supporting a candidate:
Union-thug bureaucRATs and other government "workers" should be banned from working on RAT campaigns, and jailed if they do.
Kenny is still on the 50-state landslide plan:
I thought that Trump is on his way to a fifty state, landslide victory! What happened to this line of thinking?

He can't personally fund a 50 state campaign. He's going to do what all candidates do, allocate resources strategically. Doesn't mean he won't win 50.
Electric Graffiti is watching only the right polls:
Which is why it appears he is losing Virginia.

Trump is ahead everywhere. What are you smoking?


  1. Once again, the group Trump delusion shows FR to be nothing but an massive multi player on-line fantasy game for wrinklebags, using 1990s technology.

    They like to pretend they are fighting battles, slaying dragons, and locking each other in the dungeons (aka "getting each other zotted").

  2. On another subject, here comes another Ouija Board thread.

    These are always good for a few good self-righteous lolz.

    1. Ouija boards?! Like the ones made by Parker Brothers and shit?!

      They're fake. One person is always pushing. If it's not you, it's the other person/people.

      Fucking Freepers are beyond stupid.

    2. Yeah, see, you gotta go for the Milton Bradley Quija boards. I have a source that says they have a lot more baby flesh in them.Parker Bros boards are just made from haunted trees.

    3. Ya'll talk too nasty; thinking the
      "F" word is sophisticated.

      Drudge Report has done a hit piece on
      HITLER-Y. - Scripture reads not to
      believe ANYTHING you HEAR about
      anyone; and only HALF of what you
      actually SEE. Story the "Enquirer"
      reported a few years ago on JOHN
      EDWARDS (the leading DEMOCRAT
      candidate back then) & his betrayal
      CANCER was solid reporting. So,
      maybe this story about Hillary is

      Ya'll need to leave those Ouija
      boards alone; ya'll are misguided

      Ya'll can tell I'm TWINKIE, SO I

      I predict that ya'll will oversleep
      on Election Day, or else get mixed
      up on which day it is. . and I DO
      NOT CARE!!!

      (A glutton for punishment.)

    4. Drudge, Assange, et.al. have been coming out with a lot of made-up dirt this week ...

      but no matter how bad they think they are making Hillary look, the Donald will always look worse.

      And its not all Donald ... every time they interview one of his toothless overstuffed trailer trash supporters (like STINKIE), Hillary gets another few hundred thousand votes.

    5. I already voted Twinkie. One of the nice things about being in the military is absentee balloting.

    6. You voted Twinkie?

      What, Trump wasn't crazy enough for you?

  3. I love the idea that people who work for the federal government shouldn't vote. I guess people on social security and medicare (the bulk of freepers) as well as in the military should not vote as well.

  4. rocklobster didn't say that govt workers shouldn't vote. he was very specific: govt and union workers shouldn't be allowed to work on dem campaigns.

    working on gop campaigns? no problemo.

    note: the hatch act forbids govt workers from politicking while on the clock and/or using govt resources.

  5. Wow, they even hate kids!:

    Here's Who Kids Say Will Be the Next President



    GilGil: "We are to believe Trump is losing but his statistics on Face book are obliterating Hillary"

    Cowboy Bob: "I have not yet seen a posting in support of Hillary on FaceBook."

    "Trump breaks all records on Facebook: beats Hillary by 100 million interactions"

    1. but, but, but, but, but ...
      Facebook is just another democrat (read: Joooooo!) controlled propaganda site !

    2. It's surprising how someone's Facebook friend list and news feed would reflect their own voting habits, Cowboy Bob.

  7. Replies
    1. ... it took me a minute.

  8. I'm so glad I no longer visit that site..