Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. III

DesertRhino is pretty sure Stronger Together, like all urges for unity, is secretly Fascist.
Oh, yeah. Stronger together. I get it. Kinda like an old Roman fascis, (meaning “bundle”) it’s a bound bundle of wooden rods, sometimes including an axe with its blade emerging.

You can break one rod easily, but together, they are strong. I cant remember offhand, but it seems like there’s a political philosophy about that. I’m sure i’ll think of it.
Jim 0216 wants to reeducate America into the theocracy the Constitution truly demands:
Yup, time for Americans to start thinking for themselves once again like they used to. That means many need a re-education about what’s really true. Somehow, that needs to happen. A good starting place is

1) learning the biblical grace of the Lord Jesus Christ (the beginning of wisdom and knowledge (Prov 1:7, 9:10)) and

2) learning about THEIR Constitution, its basis, structure, text and how it has been twisted and perverted by the Left to give the government more power, not constitutional limited power.

Americans need to wean themselves from the toxic and corrupt media and government who constantly lie and misinform.
After some small town had some voting machine problems, GOPe Means Bend Over Spell Run thinks Hillary is gonna steal Texas
Clinton was claiming last week shevwould win Texas. Apparently she knew it would be stolen by George Soros voting machines flipping votes from Trump to Clinton.
supremedoctrine isn't sure how to find the SOROS inside:
ought-six———do you know in particular which voting machines might be Soros-controlled or related? And how to find out beforehand which machine you will be voting from in your own town? Who can we get this info from?
Talisker smells waffles or something:
The wafflers FINALLY smell Hillary’s Gestapo coming.
Trump_vs_Evil_Witch defines patriotism as anything that hurts Hillary:
At this point, anyone who contributes to keeping the most corrupt politician to have ever sought the Presidency out of her husbands’ ORAL OFFICE is a patriot.
Alberta's Child explains why Hillary's pretend not-racism isn't fooling blacks this time!
Hillary Clinton ran against Obama on the strength of her appeal to working-class whites. That's why the Clinton campaign started the whole "birther" movement back in 2008.

Now, the political system has been turned upside down. The core of Clinton's support is now likely to vote for Donald Trump (maybe even overwhelmingly), so Hillary has to take off her KKK robe, extinguish the burning cross on Obama's front lawn, and run around pretending she actually gives a sh!t about black people.

A lot of black people aren't buying her bullsh!t. I've been saying for months that Trump is going to shock people with his support among black Americans.
StAnDeliver continues the black outreach by calling them Amish:
It's not so much how many blacks vote for Trump, it's how many don't vote for Cankles.

Obama won Amish 93-6 in 2012.

Cankles cannot afford to slip under 90.

Kerry lost despite Amish going 88-11; and Trump's win map, as I said a year ago, is going to look a LOT like 2004.

This is so much closer to happening that people realize: OH, FL, IA, NH, NV [269 - tie broken by GOP House]. Let's see Ryan kiss Trump's ring.
Yaelle is an odd Freeper; she refuses to dehumanize the opposition, yet buys into all the conspiracies that assume the left are sociopathic monsters:
I think I’ve seen everything and I still get shocked at this corruption. And how we live under rule of a greedy oligarchy that cheats to get power and sues the power to amass money for themselves only. THEY DONT CARE ONE BIT ABOUT THE PEOPLE.

So they took money from overseas, from a man who clearly was not an American. And they were fine with it when it came in. ONLY AFTER REALIZING THEY WERE SET UP did they return the money.

Special prosecutor NOW. Everyone must see this tape, yes, even before CNN HAS “approved it.” ;). Get it out there. This is a travesty if nothing comes of this.
Repealthe17thAmendment knows bad polls are good news for Trump:
The Clinton campaign is so arrogant, that they think the polls showing their lead is to their benefit. They think it demoralizes the Trump supporters and confirms what they believe is their right to power.

They can't even imagine how determined the Trump support is, or how flimsy their own support is.

Suppressing the vote definitely helps Trump.
Kickass Conservative knows the moral stand against Obamacare is fraud:
Screw the Penalties. Hide your money and go on Medicaid.
a fool in paradise is looking for the another version of the Whitey Tape:
Is that anything like the video of Barack Hussein Obama toasting a terrorist associate?

The LA Times admits to possessing the video but claims they won’t release it because the statement was made “off the record” at a private event.
Enchante is still into the Romney 'Fuck the poors' plan.
47% are definitely parasites. Romney did nothing wrong but tell the TRUTH.

That whole thing was such a farce, it never should have hurt Romney but the biased Mediascum turned it into a fake issue.
itsahoot clamps down on Freepers urging civility about Paul Ryan's wife:
I know you Trump guys love to rip Ryan, but attacking his wife - who has individually been out of public life for nearly 20 years - is slimy and low.

The preceding is a paid political announcement.

In further news Cruz still lost.
Exemplifying Freepers, hattend is engaged, though not informed:
Vote NO on everything. Nothing good comes out of California propositions. 


  1. And DesertRhino conveniently proves that the U.S. military is Fascist to the core! Wait...

    1. Not to mention the NRA, all Churches and FR itself!

      "Individualist". Noun: Extreme Anarchist so batshit insane there isn't even a proper name for the political philosophy it would imply were it not a psychiatric condition (which it is).

  2. What was the US' motto again? E pluribus unum? More like "E pluribus FASCISM", amirite?