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Friday Spotlight: Dick Bachert

There are a few sorts of Freepers who are very influential to Freep culture, yet eludes spotlighting. One runs Freepathons or other high traffic lists, so their crazy is diluted. But there area also the filibusterers. The ones who post huge tracts of purple prose meandering their way to a Freeper talking point. One such is Liz. Another is this guy. Unlike Liz, he doesn't bother to exhaustively research laws and regulations to prosecute his fantasies - he just writes some crap, and then pastes it to like 10 different threads. And often he'll quadruple-post on the same thread! He also does some talk radio on the side, because of course he does.

Former Air Force, his main philosophy seems to be of the 'Global Elites' variety. Basically, everything he doesn't like is a scheme by evil bankers and/or the Fed. And anyone who is universally condemned must be super conservative for still standng despite said bankers' machinations to make them hated. That's when he manages to avoid losing control and ranting about women and Negroes, of course.

His profile page is full of quotes from the Founders about how liberty is super keen, and pretty boring in the end.

"How is a fetus not a baby when some people keep insisting it is?"
The absolute hypocrisy and duplicity of the American statist left defies logical explanation!

Putting aside for the moment that “statist left” and “logical” should NEVER APPEAR in the same rant, the just announced Hobby Lobby decision by the Supremes displayed it for all to see. All, that is, except the looney 47% who are receiving all the “free” chit and other goodies dispensed by the left to keep them voting for Democrat hacks who promise more and more of the free chit.

At the time the left rammed through the (Un)Affordable Care Act, there were loud protests from the few million or so sane citizens still living here that it would interpose fedzilla into the formerly sacred relationship between patient and doctor. The equally looney “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it” left quickly waved a collective imperious hand and uttered a royal “Tsk, tsk”, dismissed the objectors and returned to destroying the fabric of the country.

Comes now the favorable Hobby Lobby decision and comes now two pro-abortion radical feminazis to – where else – MSNBC to decry and lament over the decision. One was Rep. Nita Lowey from NYC (aka Gomorrah on the Hudson) and another woman representing one of the several Margaret Sanger eugenics inspired pro-abortion groups still murdering babies in the former safety of their mothers’ wombs.

Their first and only opposition argument? Though I suspect you have figured this out, better brace yourself: “It would interfere with the sanctity of the relationship between a woman and her doctor.”

And before you hit the reply button with “What about the hypocrisy of the pro-life right in celebrating Hobby Lobby?”

You may have overlooked the third and silent party in the discussion: The unborn baby!

The pro-aborts maintain that a fetus is NOT a human being either until birth or the third trimester. (I’ll believe that when a human female delivers a chicken or a cow.) And a number of courts here and in other nations regularly rule in support of that erroneous notion.

And while we’re discussing “hypocrisy”, can you explain this to me? How is it that those same courts correctly rule in cases involving intentional or accidental serious injury to or death of a pregnant woman that if her unborn baby is injured or dies, her baby constitutes a SECOND victim of the trauma or crime and the jury/judge nearly always factors that into the civil judgment or criminal sentence?

That concept comes down to us from the over 2,000 year old law found in the Bible.

And here’s one final piece of law from that Good Book: “A double-minded man (or woman) is UNSTABLE in ALL his (or her) ways”.

What does that say about 21st century America?

Just sayin’

Dick Bachert
6 30 2014
He loves Trump because JFK was assassinated by the Fed:
JFK was one of the last Democrats who, while he leaned somewhat to the left, LOVED AMERICA — THE IDEA. (Yes, he and Bobby screwed up the immigration laws and several other things, but ALL these folks are mixed bags!) That love caused him to do two things that angered the oligarchs whose ideological progeny are today opposing Trump: He signed an Executive Order authorizing the issue of United States Notes, a currency bypassing the Federal Reserve Notes the Fed creates from thin air and for which it charges us INTEREST for the privilege. And, as a war veteran himself, Kennedy was preparing to pull us out of the quagmire called Vietnam, angering the Military-Industrial Complex that 5 STAR GENERAL and PRESIDENT Eisenhower warned us in his Farewell Address!

I may be wrong, but all the indicators I’ve seen so far inform me that Trump “GETS IT” (understands the goal of the New World Order oligarchs) and he LOVES AMERICA — THE IDEA. He wants our kids and grand kids to have the same opportunities we have enjoyed in a sovereign and independent America and a unique economic system that, warts and all, has provided more people more liberty and wealth than any other in the history of the world.

Cutting to the chase: Trump has pissed off the same folks whose ancestors took out not only JFK but only God knows how many others who dared challenged the Utopian oligarchs who do not lightly tolerate such insolence!

Trump is literally betting his life that he can beat the bastards! Join me in praying that he is right!
More of his philosophy of supporting people based entirely on who hates them.

Simple new rule for candidate selection for conservatives: Find out who NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN (and FNN if they keep drifting to port) and the NY Slimes are supporting and immediately scratch them off your list.
As for finding your candidate, ascertain who NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, the Slimes and the RINOs and TURNCOATS in the GOPe are most actively and viciously attacking and you’ve found your pick!
Speaking of the Slimes, the joke going around when Castro siezed power in Cuba was the HE GOT HIS JOB THROUGH THE NY TIMES! If you want that to happen here, remain silent and FAIL TO SHOW UP NEXT NOVEMBER!

There ya go!!
More talk about MLK's affairs!
Not sure if Hoover’s FBI files on MLK have been released, but they’d make very exciting reading for the kiddies!
More ranting that the Financial Elites are behind all our evils:
The fight over Obamacare is about stopping the unvetted, unqualified, narcissistic megalomaniacal former community organizer and tyrant in the White House from bringing about his “transformation of America”. That phrase was and is code among his dumbed down and/or uninformed supporters for creating a despotic Marxist redistributionist Utopia. That it has failed everywhere it has been attempted and left misery and death in its wake is of no concern to them. The magic Obama can make it finally work.

One element that may puzzle some of you is why more of the wealthy captains of industry and capitalists – who ostensibly have the most to lose – haven’t spoken out in opposition.

Two reasons (there may be more):
1. They believe they will be princes in the new order, their lives of wealth and ease little affected by the distress inflicted on the us down here, the mass of the great unwashed. They really should restudy the histories of those who collaborated with other tyrants who, once in firm control, dispatched those who had the resources and intellect to topple the new “king” once the inclination to do so took hold of them.
2. During the Cold War, the head of Citibank, one Walter Wriston, was asked why his New York based organization continued to provide financing to the tyrants running the Soviet Union and the slave states the USSR dominated. He replied that it made little difference to him what sort of government these nations had and his only concern was “Can they pay their bills?”

The WWII era Norwegians applied a real world name of real world fellow Norwegian for those folks: Quisling.
Not a fan of those two broads on the Supreme Court.
The low-information, low-IQ MORONS who put obozo in a position to pack this court with IDIOTS like these two broads will — I pray to God — live to rue the day.
Michelle Obama can't fight her Kenyan blood:
Michelle Obama insults flag folders at 9/11 commemoration

Many of us in the country fully reciprocate her feelings.

And if that ceremony had featured 100 men in loinclothes playing the Kenyan national anthem (both notes nearly simultaneously)on meat whistles and bonaphones while the Cuban flag was being folded, they’d both have been weeping uncontrollably.
Hillary's evil debate tactic of talking about policy:
As I watched the “debate”/cage match last night, I felt my last 3 alcohol saturated cerebral neurons begin to stir.

One of those on the stage was a 30+ year “politician” and OPEN BORDERS MARXIST GLOBALIST whose primary goal throughout her largely otherwise unremarkable existence has been to seek out the highest publicly paid sinecure. The other was a successful, clever businessman, builder and NON-POLITICIAN who loves America enough to put aside his comfortable and affluent private sector life to do battle with the entrenched establishment “elites” and political hacks (but I repeat myself) who have driven America into the deep ditch in which we now find ourselves. That he was largely self-funded early on and was, ergo, NOT beholden to the usual suspects, was a BIG plus for this citizen.

After 30+ years in the “Game”, Hillary “The Deceitful Dissembler” Clinton understands how the “Fool the Voter” scam works. Bog down the “debate” with the minute and wonkish details of plans and programs that cross the eyes of most of us out here among the great unwashed BUT create the impression that she is far more qualified for the job. That ploy DOES often get those “elites” elected.
Let me wrap this by making THE case for Trump.

No, he doesn’t have a list of glib, sound bite worthy, detail and data laden plans and programs for his administration. What he DOES have is a deep understanding of just how deep is the ditch into which Obama, the Clintons and their characterless clones have driven the country and the “system” wiser men have called “the last best hope for mankind”, became angry and tired of watching the process from the sidelines. He felt he had no choice but to become “the man in the arena”.

And he has the agile mind of a successful businessman and BUILDER – and that aspect of him is more important than you may know. THAT sets him apart from most of the current crop of political hacks (like the Clintons and Obama) that are more concerned with THEIR prosperity and well-being than that of the nation. It’s how we got into this deep ditch and are literally on the eve of destruction.
This classical music buff believes that we’re choosing someone to conduct the symphony orchestra that is – or WAS – America. The conductor intimately knows the overall score, the expression marks and the notes each instrument is to play, when and how loud or softly. But the conductor cannot play all the various parts himself. What he CAN do and DOES is AUDITION the best players to become a part of his musical TEAM. America today is more a very poorly equipped and led steel drum band (which music, if played well, your humble writer also enjoys).
Since mid-2014, we've been doing a 30 minute weekly Wednesday radio show (aka "rant") with Dr. Lori Wilson out of WLBB in Carrollton, Georgia. If you have an interest in listening, go to this link: and the center "PODCASTS" Menu and click on "The Wednesday Show with Dick Bachert" for the current program.

If you want to listen real-time, the show airs between 8:30 to 9:00 AM, Eastern.

TOPICS TODAY: The EXISTENTIAL nature of the November Election. Newt Gingrich's DYNAMITE 17 minute WARNING to Republicans (and ALL of us) that we face perhaps the most critical choice since our founding!
Keeping his powder dry.
Let'em come. But some of them will NOT leave in a vertical position! When that time comes, THEY can discuss who that will be.
The media is liberal blah blah Nazis blah Hillary die in jail blah Marxism..zzzzzz.
The co-opting and subversion of the media and our other institutions here began a long time ago and we foolishly failed to nip it in the bud.

This long forgotten – or completely UNKNOWN among the “snowflakes” and “yutes” — HISTORY of the close relationship between the leftist “educated” (indoctrinated is more like it) “pseudo elite” dumb asses being churned out of colleges and universities here and the Marxist socialism (which, if not strangled in its crib, has ALWAYS morphed into communism) that has failed everywhere it has been tried may aid your understanding of the media’s vicious hatred of Trump and his supporters (the now infamous “DEPLORABLES”).

The sad fact is that the media here is overwhelmingly populated by these deluded dumb asses! Any nefarious, otherwise disreputable act by them is acceptable — even encouraged — because, according to Marxist/socialist methodology, all that matters is “THE STRUGGLE” for their insane Utopian workers’ paradise where all will be equal but some — including most of THEM — will be more equal than others!

You may be growing weary of hearing this but I’ll keep reminding folks until we reach the critical mass needed to defeat them. During Hitler’s rise to power as head of the Nazi (National SOCIALIST) Party in the 30s, he was greatly aided by one Ernst Rohm, head of the SA. Once Hitler had gained total control of Germany, in 1934 he purged (as in KILLED!) the party of EVERY member he felt might challenge his position. His old friend, Herr Rohm was rewarded for his help with a bullet in his brain in a jail cell!

Should this — this — WOMAN and her criminal crew prevail in November, it is my fervent prayer that those who aided her rise suffer similar fates — especially those in the media who have committed countless acts of the sort now the norm in the mendacious media here.
The roots of the problems in academia flow back to something referred to as the Frankfurt School and their 1935 move to COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY and the spread of Marxist thought (now there’s an oxymoron for ya’!) into every area of learning here.
If one examines the life of Karl Marx, we find a bum who abandoned his wife and family to advance the socialist struggle and never worked or dirtied his hands at day in his life. That sort of thing was for the bourgeoisie, not such an exalted personage as himself. His guilt over that abandonment probably explains Karl’s fondness for state welfare paid for by the labor of others so that his abandoned family wouldn’t perish (not that a mensch like Karl gave a rat’s ass).
More on the Frankfurt School controlling us all.
I’ll keep posting this rant until EVERY citizen who still loves AMERICA — THE IDEA — “GETS IT”.

Still perplexed about WHY this CRAP keeps happening in and to this country and just never seems to end? This will clear it all up! THE US MEDIA and OTHER CENTERS OF INFLUENCE AND THE MARXIST FRANKFURT SCHOOL!

This long forgotten – or completely UNKNOWN among the “snowflakes” and “yutes” — HISTORY ....
The Gold Standard is the only way to fight the tyranny!
Why “sell” the gold when fedzilla can just keep printing FRAUDS, destroying their value and screwing not only the nations holding US paper but all the rest of us with the same hyper-inflation.
Pulitzer was just another evil Democrat:
Pulitzer introduced YELLOW JOURNALISM as a technique. We’re sure as hell seeing a lot of THAT today. Of course, he was a Democrat.
Conservative sex scandal, or Alinsky conspiracy?
Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY) has RESIGNED after being caught up in alleged craigslist cheating scandal

Gotta wonder if the leftists are ENTRAPPING these guys in the same way their buds in the KGB use “Foxes” to compromise enemies? Sounds like Saul Alinsky to me.
'let me ramble about illegal immigration and health care costs.'
A prime technique for bringing down an existing social order is to OVERLOAD and OVERWHELM the governmental systems, creating economic and social chaos. What’s going on today straight out of Saul Alinsky’s “Handbook for Radicals.” Because we have NOT sent home 20 million illegals, WE NOW HAVE THE FORMER AND ARE CLOSING IN ON THE LATTER. BOTH parties have been applying those methods but Obama, who studied those methods under Bill Ayers while a so-called “community organizer,” is using ALL the tools in the radical toolkit. If it continues much longer, YOUR kids are doomed to life as serfs in a nation that will more resemble Nazi Germany or the old USSR than the America the Founders ATTEMPTED to leave us.

A member of the family is an OB/GYN who took her pre-med at HAAAAVVAAAAADDD! Needless to say, she emerged from that experience a LIBERAL. (She stopped catching babies and went into research when her malpractice premiums exceeded her annual earnings.)
Before my oldest daughter was born at University Hospital in Cleveland in 1967, I sat in the main lobby as welfare mother-to-be after welfare mother-to-be shuffled through the door to the maternity ER for THEIR free deliveries.

Before WE could take OUR daughter home, I had to cough up over 3 grand. And that was a great deal of dough in 1967, especially for a guy just out of the USAF.
Keeping the appropriate perspective the day of the Orlando massacre:
There are no political parties, only The Global Elites.
I would only add that, with several exceptions (conspicuous by their rarity) this entire gang of brigands, liars and criminals is the biggest aggregation of “PLICKS” since the Bilderbergers, Skull & Bones, the CFR, Trilateral Commission and the UN all gathered at Bohemian Grove to anoint the inter-changeable little Jebby Bush and Hillary to be the next presidential candidates! (What’s a “PLICK”? That’s a guy who leaves a dime tip in a Chinese restaurant.)

Subject: Washington Club.
My friends, I have news for you. There is no longer a GOP or Democrat party. Oh sure, they exist in name only, but Washington has evolved while the rest of us weren’t paying attention. Washington is now a club, and you’re either a member, or not. Folks like Speaker Ryan have been charter members since the day they entered Congress. Trump, on the other hand, has never been a member, and does not seek membership. Therefore, members such as Ryan, Bush, and yes, Clinton will do whatever is necessary to keep outsiders like Trump from being elected. And in case you were wondering, you and I aren’t members either, which is why I’m supporting Trump. The Washington Club can go f**k themselves.”
(Sadly, they’re too busy f**king US to devote time to David’s excellent suggestion!)
Jail all those who don't vote as I say!
I’m a rather peaceful guy, but I keep thinking how I could easily support the new president negotiating with the current owners of what the French owners at the time called “Devil’s Island”, buying the place then PACKING ALL CLINTON VOTERS – EVEN THE DEAD ONES FROM CHICAGO – OFF TO SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES GAZING AT THEIR (OR THEIR SAME SEX PARTNER’S) NAVELS AND THE SEA. We could air drop them in (parachutes optional).


  1. Welp. Freepers continue to reject reality and make it their own. Trump being boo'd at the Alfred Smith dinner constitutes WINNING it everybody!

    1. In the glorious future America there will be no humor OR charity! Catholicism, maybe!

    2. Dude, Those booing were the Hillary suck-ups in the MSM!! I just love how you continue deluding yourselves!

    3. Hey, Richard!

      The right seems to believe everyone has discarded civility because they have. This is only more isolating.

  2. "Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY) has RESIGNED after being caught up in alleged craigslist cheating scandal

    Gotta wonder if the leftists are ENTRAPPING these guys in the same way their buds in the KGB use “Foxes” to compromise enemies? Sounds like Saul Alinsky to me."

    Actually, the story is pretty cut and dry: Chris Lee sent pics to a transsexual hooker on Craigslist and got busted when one of the transexual hookers recognized the pic and put two and two together with all of the information that HE offered.

    Not Saul Alinsky unless Saul was a Tranny Chaser too.

    1. One way or another "entrapping" is ridiculous. Even if it was a sting operation, dude did what he did.

      That's like saying if it weren't for "To Catch a Predator", those innocent men never would been pedophiles. Sad.

    2. The scandal here is that the hooker was transsexual. How can you genuinely "grab them by the pussy" if all they have is a remodelled scrotum. How?! It is a betrayal of everything Auric Trumpfinger stands for!!

    3. Does Trump have a problem with trannsexuals other than that presumably most MTFs do not meet his exacting hotness standards?

    4. OMG, I'd love for some transsexual to come forward and say the Donald took a grab!
      True or not, the religious right and FR would go into mental meltdown.

      ZOTTED !!!


    6. I'm sure we've all been ZOTTED Twinkles, or we would be if we set foot in the feudal echo chamber devoted to unquestioning praise for the Thoughts of Chairman Rim. What color is the little book by the way? I'm assuming there must be one. Obviously it won't be Red. Perhaps a shade of "Sewage Brown"?

    7. Naw man, brown is the color of inner city ferals in freeperland. Green, specifically the shade of " donors" money as they flush it down the toilet to Jim Rob

    8. Not zotted. Not even close, dear darling Twink.

      You'd be shocked to know how many "loyal", active freepers are here.

  3. If Dick Bachert didn't use his real name (and I assume he does), i'd swear he was a guy I used to work with.

    Sarah Palin levels of word salad with Alex Jones dressing.

    1. Sweet sweet drunk talk.

  4. One element that may puzzle some of you is why more of the wealthy captains of industry and capitalists – who ostensibly have the most to lose – haven’t spoken out in opposition.

    It's probably because under Obama those captains are doing better than ever. Only Freepers think everything is collapsing at once. It could have something to do with how they despise education and everyone who has one, like this guy apparently does.

  5. "Violence spreads to white suburbs where people are targeted and murdered in broad daylight"

    Time between Trump win and Inaugural Address will be most dangerous in history (vanity)

    If we have any casual readers here wondering why anyone would care about what happens at a silly little site like Free Republic, see the above. These folks are sincere and they are dangerous.

    Time between Trump win and Inaugural Address will be most dangerous in history (vanity)

    If we have any casual readers here wondering why anyone would care about what happens at a silly little site like Free Republic, see the above. These folks are sincere.

    1. Sorry for the messy post.

    2. That time will be filled with thousands of pissed leftists in the streets with weapons attempting to create enough serious trouble to give obozo his lusted for martial law, not to disperse the troublemakers, but to begin reprisals against the Trump people. That's when it will get VERY UGLY indeed!

    3. Obama has given no sign he lusts for martial law except for in your fantasies of persecution.

      I do take solace in the fact that Freepers' plans if Hillary wins are mostly to sit at home and stew, waiting for the government to make a first move they never will.

      Freepers may hope for it, but civil unrest seems unlikely.

  6. i just posted this on his you tube page, where he has several screeds for jesus against globalisms (reachable via his JFK thread)

    everyone knows that jesus was the first globalist...he wants everyone to have one religion (his); to be of one nation (his father's) and one body (what is that if not the global/north american union?). You cannot be against globalism if you are for jesus!

  7. Freepers, here is how it's done.

    Don't say I never did anything for you. ;)

    1. What a masculine beard

  8. "What he CAN do and DOES is AUDITION the best players to become a part of his musical TEAM"

    aka "the breitbart alt-right philharmonic", currently booked on the uss trumptanic ...

  9. What time is happy hour at the Washington Club?

  10. after a bit of the google (and a day of boredom trolling) i think that Dick is this guy (also goes by JEDI PAULI)

    WOW what a read....get stoned, get reading, and get lauging

  11. A politician once commented to a reporter "I don't care what you say about me so long as you spell my name right".
    Thanks for spelling my name right!!

    1. Hehe, you're welcome!
      Always nice when the Freepers come visit my little blog.