Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

SatinDoll has chosen to stop having sex.
I went chaste at 30 years old and will be 65 in about four months.

Isn’t is amazing how much you can get done?
Though doorgunner69 finds another Freeper doing the same thing to sound a little...feminist...
It is! I bypassed the entire dating scene during my twenties and I am SO thankful that I made that choice. It’s led to so many good ones and frankly I wonder why more young women don’t choose to just focus on building their own life. I do think our free society is often loaded with temptation, but thing is, that it does give women the ability to decide the person they want to be and express who they truly are.

Hence, women with slutty preferences end up screwing around and women who are decent end up being able to choose a quiet life of dedication and hard work without making a mess of their personal lives.

Forgive me for suggesting, but that sounds an awful lot like what the feminazis like to preach.

It sounds like you are wired a lot differently than most women. Good luck finding a guy that matches your personality. Not being offensive, just an observation.
HangUpNow quotes when Jesus said be a dick at Thanksgiving:
Matthew 10:34-36 (Berean Study Bible):

"Do not assume that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn A man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. 
A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household." ·
Jim Robinson zots a Freeper for not hating Mark Levin:
how do we advance Trump's chances by denigrating Levin who is doggedly, 20 hours a week, attacking Hillary?


I give Levin credit for doing the uni-party’s dirty work by backstabbing we the grassroots voters who nominated Trump and are working their tails off to get him elected. And if Hillary is elected, he’ll deserve his share of the credit for that too.

Now you can sit it out from FR for the rest of this election cycle with your foolish anti-Trumper friends. Your services here are no longer required—or welcome.
moovova is really working hard to turn Trump's compulsive bullying into an asset:
Trump’s smart.

Let it be known, right now, that he’ll be suing these women after the election. These women know Hillary’s not going to provide cover after the election. One or more, in order to sidestep a trial against a BILLIONAIRE, may just offer up information to Trump RE the false accusations...the HRC campaign instigator/contact person, etc.

This could very well be a fishing expedition. Hope he catches a big one.
DiogenesLamp explains that Obama is a 'jive talking simpleton.'
Before he became a US Senator, Obama couldn't properly operate a credit card. His finances were a mess and he was deep in debt. Had he not won that Illinois Senate seat, he would have been on the street in a few months.

Did you see that housing project this "community organizer" managed? Utterly bumbled in every conceivable way.

The man is a jive talking simpleton who destroys things because he lacks the intelligence to do otherwise. But for the media promoting this unaccomplished jackass we would have never heard of him.
sarge83 makes a number of social assumptions in this story...
I have a co-worker who is a commie and his wife is as well and long story short me and another co-worker take this guy out to lunch on his bday and he always invites his wife to come along.

She is against guns and firearms but the entire time asks me about them and CCW and I answer her honestly and point out misconceptions she has. Then she says well I could never own a gun because I would get mad and shoot someone over something stupid! To which I replied if you can’t control your temper, no you don’t need to own a firearm and went on to explain that with a CCW you have to control your temper, you have to deescalate situations and remain calm or risk legal repercussions, walk or drive away if you can.

After all this is said and done about how she hates guns she looks at me and says, when will you take me shooting!
Arthur McGowan is one of the Hllary=Islapocolypse guys.
Whatever the establishment tries to create, it will last a very short time, because it will be built on imported Muslim savages, sodomy, fiat money, abortion, and most of all, fetid stupidity. It will not last even as long as the Thousand-Year Reich.

It will not take much of Hillary’s absolute wickedness and incompetence to cause millions of people to freeze and starve—and that’s assuming that’s not what she wants.

If Hillary wins, we are months away from large-scale bloodshed if the military obeys Hillary, and a military coup if they keep their oath to the Constitution.
heterosupremacist is outsourcing his conspiracy theories to Europe.
In late September 2012, reports surfaced about the involvement of French secret services in the tracking and killing of Muammar Gaddafi. According to some sources, Gaddafi was in fact killed by a French spy who infiltrated the mob of rebels that captured Gaddafi, and shot him in the head after his capture. The motive was alleged to be to prevent Gaddafi from revealing links with the French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Former interim prime minister Mahmoud Jibril, told Egyptian television that “it was a foreign agent who mixed with the revolutionary brigades to kill Qaddafi.”
MeganC tells us a little about herself while offended about made up crap.
Clinton Claims Trump is Autistic

I’m a functioning autistic and I resent Hillary’s remarks.
Dallas59 unleashes has canned affirmative action rant at the news that Lando is gonna be played by a black guy:
Donald Glover Cast as Young Lando Calrissian 
The thing that worries me is they cast a person not based on their abilities but based on their skin color, sexual habits, sexual preferences, gender and religious convictions....
cherry fights the power:
we're in a mail only state...Washington....we hold our ballets to the last day, and get them stamped properly or drop them in drop boxes...

that way the cheats in Seattle don't exactly know how many votes to make up...
Our school system seems to have failed cherry:
as far as I'm concerned, Julian et all are practicing nonviolent civil disobedience, like Gandhi...
Jamestown1630 no longer cares if Freepers start just making up wikileaks e-mails:
Please somebody send me a link to where this is found on wiki leaks if this is real.

Does it matter if it’s real? We know they (or rather their surrogates in the journo-world) have been doing it anyway.

All you need to do is look at the crowds that Trump brings out, and the ones Clinton doesn’t bring out.
At first I assumed this was BS. But once I realized the uniparty now contains everyone except Trump, Vision Thing is probably telling the truth.
glenn is butt hurt that wikileaks exposed him as a recipient of dnc uniparty money.
31R1O is making a list of dead cucks:
Glenn Beck is a cuck and is dead to me!


Please add to list as necessary...


  1. Megan is offended that you could even claim that all autistic people are like Donald Trump -- wait, that can't be right

    Megan is offended that you are comparing the great Donald Trump to her -- wait, that can't be right


  2. Jim's zot of Nathan Bedford is pure emotion. What is the point of a one week zot???

    Go (To Hell) Trump!
    Clinton Too!

    1. Stalin didn't purge Kamenev and Zinoviev because they were "bad communists", he did it because they were an obstacle to his personality cult and position as sole authority on politically correct dogma.

    2. Maybe there ought to be term limits on FRee Republic because JR seems to believe that Trump can win if JR can only sacrifice-zot enough oldtime conservatives.

  3. To cherry: Hold ur ballets until ya see the whites of their eyes! Then break out the tutu.

  4. Poor General Forrest. I've had a lot of arguments with him about the confederacy (he for, me against) and 17th amendment (me for, he against) but I have a lot of respect for him that's grown during this election, he's made a lot of excellent posts.

    To think, I seriously considered pinging the man and saying "Um Levin endorsed Trump months ago" but thought better of it. I like to avoid him.

    Oddly enough he's now discovered that Levin is not against Trump and said "Go Mark".

    Poor General Forrest. I'm saddened over the people that have been zotted or left over this stupid election.

    1. He does seem quite willing to engage in whatever conversation you bring to him, which is cool.

      But I'll admit I find his verbose style offputting. Like he's putting on airs.