Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Debate was fixed; Trump still won

Even after all these years, Freepers still teach me things. In this case, I was curious why after a lot of speculation about the debates being fixed, when Trump performed badly, Freepers railed and complained, but did not don the tin foil.

Turns out the conspiracy-mill needs just a little bit of grist to begin to work. Anything will do, even trivialities - a trick of the light, an unexplained man in the post-debate, merely Trump complaining. Once you get that, though, it's off to the races!

tirednvirginia is sure the mics were fixed, especially after the Debate Commission said Trump's sound level in the debate hall was suboptimal:
Remember how loud his snifling was? And his mic was way lower and farther away from his mouth than Hilliary’s was. Since his snifling was probably magnified, then so was his voice and he came across very loud and somewhat bombastic and overpowering whereas Hilliary sounded calm.

So his incoming sound was not loud enough and his outgoing was tuned way too loud. He was at a real disadvantage.
SERKIT goes with some other conspiracy ideas:
How about some forensic study of Hillary’s podium rigged for a portable teleprompter, or her earpiece?
Never one to be outdone in paranoia, detective has a whole set of Clinton cheating, and then declares Trump's still the winner:
Defective microphone for Trump, Clinton earpiece, hand signals, rigged moderator, electronic device on Clinton’s lectern and Clinton got the questions in advance.

The debate was rigged and Trump still won.
Luircin is another Freeper angrily grasping for reasons the debate was fixed, and at the same time trying to convince everyone his guy won:
And loaded notepad, hand signals to Holt for rescue, softball questions.... Jeez she all the help she could ask for.

And she STILL lost.
fhayek also has a list, which includes some odd ones like Hillary's itchy face:
Let’s see. The mic was defective. The moderator was erroneously ‘fact checking’ Trump. Trump was interrupted ten times more than Clinton. Clinton had an oddly itchy face, and Clinton was allowed to sucker punch Trump with a sketchy story about a fat beauty queen, that the press was ready to run with. But it was all ‘inadvertent’.
More on Trump and the beauty queen later this week. I was waiting for Hillary to use Trump's predictability against him, and damn did she!

PastorBooks fails to make it even plausible:
many said Trump came across poorly because he sounded constantly like he had the sniffles

Question: Could they have sprayed something into the air that Trump is allergic to? Like a pollen or something that his medical records might show that he has a sensitivity to?
Diogenesis shows up with his formatting and accusations of magic 'electronic cheating'
They cheated in so many ways.

Gave the Benghazi Witch the questions, and she them
with a errant FedExNBC operative picking up the pieces
of paper.

Different podium, the Witch’s with electronic cheating.

rdcbn found Hillary's voice better modulated, almost as if she knows how to speak differently in rallies versus debates. HAX!
Not only was Trumps mic sabotaged intentionally to make him look bad, it sure sounds like Hillary's voice was run through a Milli Vanilli style voice synthesizer to make her infamously grating, finger nails on a chalk board voice sound more mellow and less annoying.
gaijin is just against all debates that aren't moderated by a loon:
Whether it’s four years ago or now it seems like whenever there’s a debate it involves a conservative having to trust Network people.

that just never works.

The next one should be on OAN, moderated by Milo.

let them suck on that.
tumblindice hopes Trump learned to stop being such a nice guy:
I hope Trump learned from last Monday: Clinton and her crew don’t play by the rules of civilized society.
On top of that, they will accuse you of doing what they are doing.
She is evil and can’t be allowed anywhere near the White House.
lizma2 rages at trixy Hillarys, and then at defense contractors, which Hillary controls even now!
This *itch puts Houdini to shame. So does most of Capital Hill!!!

I beginning to realize they just didn’t pull the wool over our eyes, They have pulled it past our feet!!!!

I’m praying that Trump wakes up and starts informing sheeples.

The 10 mills $ from the state dept to educate future H-1B visa minions. Lockheed Martin and the dozen plus deals the state department gave them to sell their stuff to other countries, including Iran!

You give ca$h to the Clinton’s, mountains move, and they hand us the bill giggling all the way.

Many are clueless. Are now too stupid to survive?
1_Rain_Drop admits she has a ridiculous suggestion, but goes along anyhow:
Next debate, he should wait until they are all ready to start, then he should insist on trading spots with her. That might be enough to make her faint right there!

LOL. you've read my mind!

The podium would be right up to her eyeballs... we won't see her lips move while she's lying.
ichabod1 sticks with his faith in Trump's smart brain:
Mr. Trump has a strategy that arcs over the whole of the three debates. He did what he intended to do in the first debate. If it would have helped him to challenge the set, he would have. 
Gotta trust Mr. Trump. He has a very smart brain.


  1. When Trump loses it won't be the fault of anyone but his dishonest opposition. It could not possibly be that the country didn't want to elect a TV host with an iffy past to the highest office in the land. No! Trump would have won but they cheated!


  2. How could he have been susceptible to any airborne irritant? I thought his health perfection was astonishing and godlike?

  3. Moderated by Milhahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahbagaag

  4. Is Bray on your list to spotlight?