Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

dontreadthis explains how Freepers are different from 'libs'
from my limited contact with libs, I find them to be loud-mouthed, in-your-face, opinionated know-it-alls who would leap at the opportunity to tell a pollster what they think.

I, for one, don’t talk to pollsters.
Presbyterian Reporter recalls when Free Republic was briefly optimistic and hateful:
What a bunch of disappointing aXXholes the Bush’s have become.

I still remember the “VIVA BUSH” days when Dubya and Jeb had been a pretty good Governors and Dubya was handling the Presidency pretty well.

But wow what a letdown since those days.

Lots of photos at the link with Barbara hanging with Huma.
cradle of freedom is pretty sure everyone in Arkansas who ever died was killed by the Clinton:
I remember watching that old tv show Unsolved Mysteries which is still showing on reruns on some channels. There was a program about two teenage Arkansas boys who were found dead on the train tracks. The parents of one of the boys related their story about how the boys did not return home and they later were told that they had died on the train tracks. It was even mentioned on this show that Clinton was the governor of the state and that Clinton’s coroner had ruled that the boys had been smoking pot and fell asleep on the railroad tracks. Who falls asleep on railroad tracks!

This is just one of many examples of how Clinton’s coroner made up fake explanations for violent deaths inflicted on people who had crossed the Clinton crime machine in someway. The boys, it turns out were believed to be innocent bystanders who probably witnessed a drug transaction and therefore had to have been killed to keep them quiet. The term Arkancide is a allusion to all of the false claims of suicide of the victims of the Clinton crime family. There are dozens. It is believed that Clinton came from a crime family and was protecting the drug suppliers who were smuggling drugs to the Mena airport.
I find savagesusie repetitive, but every once in a while...taxes were invented by sodomite psychopathic bankers!
Why do we even have an Income Tax?????? Oh—Right. The CFR- controlled Pres. Wilson was the puppet of the sodomite psychopathic bankers who lied and got us into WWI to kill and maim thousands of young Christian moral males, and destroy other Christian nations.
More and more Freepers like BlackFemaleArmyCaptain are turning to God, since reality and hope don't make sense anymore:
Pew: Whites, Christians fleeing Democratic Party

Thank You, Lord, for using Trump!!!!!!!
HiTech RedNeck just throws up his hands about everything:
Weirdness and false flags all over
To be fair, HiTech RedNeck lives in a weird, weird world:
A friend of mine who has been under a terrific spiritual assault all his life said that when he was a child, he saw a star fall when he asked God for a sign; this struck me as a suggestion of how Lucifer was cast out of heaven when he sinned.
Olog-hai thinks Iran controls ISIS:
Iran has their hands in every form of Islamic terrorism, even sock-puppet ISIS; it’s in their constitution that they regard all Muslim-dominated nations to be part of their big happy Islamic family.
Conservative Gato does not have much time for Freepers who care about what voters think:
Enjoy your fantasy cocoon.

Out in the real world, Trump stumbled unprepared into the most important debate in his life and demonstrably lost - against a very weak opponent. He then follows up that failure by spending precious campaign time extending the shelf life of a story involving some beauty queen.

The multiple polls now showing him losing in November reflect this poor performance.

Who gives a d*** what the left in this country thinks????

Apparently you do, even though they have been proven to lie to the American people over and over again.

You can get all concerned over what they think but I don’t give a d***. They are proven liars and Hillary is a proven liar. Take your concerns and the left’s deceptions elsewhere.
faithhopecharity heard the actual Amish support Trump:
maybe its time for us to switch, ... stop all the Amish jokes here on FR.... since they’re smart enough to vote right, I mean...?
wastoute is a Vatican prepper:
Pope Francis Calls Woman with Sex-change Operation a ‘Man’ and Calls Partners ‘Married’

Has there been a plan to relocate the irreplaceable art and books to another location when the inevitable outcome is unfolding or is that all going to be collateral lose as even worse things are going on?
arthurus is all for Dictator Trump, because Hillary is gonna murderize all the Freepers:
The Republic is over, one way or another. A powerful dictator with Trump’s sensibilities will put all the gangsters and Communists in jail and kick out the Moslems. A powerful gangster Mrs Bill will start killing off her enemies surreptitiously then the discretion will go by the way and some serious killing will begin to happen.
zeaal on the Vice Presidential debate:
Staged! And how weird! Do you see a young woman asking any male candidate for any office that same question? This issue is not for the President of the United States of America, although we can all care, it surely is something that has a solution elsewhere.
rdcbn wonders what dark forces made Trey Gowdy not find anything in his investigations of the Clintons:
Trey Gowdy did great.

Gowdy was not able break the Benghazi stone wall,but he put enough cracks in it to give us a look and he exposed the Server Gate

If it were not for Gowdy, everything Clinton has done would be shoved down the cover up rabbit hole and Clinton would be sailing towards being elected President carrying her new grandson to interviews googling at reporters instead of hiding from the media and heading off investigations.

You have to ask what kind of dark forces Obama and the Clintons allied to them have that allows them to intimidate even Generals and FBI heads into silence and false testimony.
Jim Noble is one to watch should Hillary be elected:


Hillary and the people behind her cannot achieve their goals peacefully.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for war.
SERKIT is totally not making it up that Hillary, is a lesbian pedophile who joined Bill on that underage orgy plane:
It was rumored that on at least one occasion, the Hilldog went along for the ride ‘cuz there were young girls available. Who said Hill and Bill had nothing in common?


  1. Olog-hai again proves that FR virtually defines low information voter. Iran and ISIS on the same side because they both read the Qu'ran? About as accurate as Calvin and the Pope on the same side because theh both read the Bible or Poland and Germany being allies because they both ate pickled cabbage.

  2. .
    First post-debate polls coming in this morning.

    Hillary enjoys a comfortable bump up. Comfortably beating Donald in most nation-wide samples.

  3. I wonder if savagesusie has literally pulled out all of her hair now in frustration.

  4. How are they... going to offend the... Amish on an internet... forum...?

  5. Back us so we can block Clinton agenda, say some Republicans

    "These cucks have been a rubberstamp for the Kenyanesian Usurper.
    Why would we believe they would do anything different with illary?"

    Nothing important here, I just thought it was funny. Freepers really do live in a world of their own.

    1. YOU live in a world of your own & most
      likely in a bed in your parents'

      Better remove this comment toot sweet.
      SNOWFLAKES can't bear anything that
      challenges their silly world view.



    2. "toot sweet" ... "IGNORANCE burns!!"

      You have a rare talent for irony twinkles. I presume you refer to motor races as "Grand Pricks" and ask for the "Mayter Dee" in restaurants as well.

    3. My grandmother used to say "Horse Doovers" for appetizers.