Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

Lazamataz got mugged, everyone! He has a whole thread crowing to himself about how fearless and steady he was. It's the saddest thing on Freep until Thanksgiving:
LOL first time experience. I got robbed. One guy had gun, flashed it, other didn't. They got my phone, credit card (already cancelled) bank card (already cancelled) and a few bux (40).

I was pretty impressed with my reaction. Zero fear, total calm. If I was packing the gun dude would be dead and I would have had total control of my weapon, total calm means no trembling. I guess I'm good under pressure LOL

Probably happy they din't shoot me anyways, but everything I lost I can get back just fine. Boneheads. Kinda wish I was rollin heavy. I'd have two bodies under my belt. hehehehe
Jumper dares to dream the impossible dream:
I am day dreaming about thousands of enraged protesters storming a Hillary Campaign Event and arresting her.

Maybe thousands more can descend upon Washington DC and demand the president resign.
Sans-Culotte thinks entitlement-gutting Randian Paul Ryan is about to become a Democrat:
I see a change of party in Ryan’s future.
Having a bit of a timeline issue, gaijin warns Commander in Chief Hillary might declare war on Russia to win the election!
With all the rumors of the sky high stakes of the impending election does anyone doubt what lengths Hillary would go to in order to win the election..?

it looks very much like she’s about to orchestrate something with Russia doesn’t it?

Crowds Are chanting, lock her up, and on national TV Trump, who has a history of delivering on threats, swore hed put her in jail.

I have never seen the Stakes higher for Hillary.

She has killed people for far less serious things.
chris37 is the pinacle of Freeper with:
Christians who reject all refugees are 'hypocrites,' Pope says

GFY, Poop Frank.
Even at this late hour, Hostage is sure blacks are all voting for Trump:
The black communities are fired up in a good way like never before. Blacks today are smart and well-informed. They are not fools. They love America and they know Donald is their leader, a leader they know comes once in a lifetime for them.

The Trump movement among Black Americans is fanning out across the country causing a great awakening in their communities.
GrandJediMasterYoda found a Trump voter in upstate NY who employs illegal labor. HILLARY IS DOOMED!!
I had a guy today who runs a farm out here in Riverhead NY, he employs people from Guatemala and Mexico and we got to talking about politics and he asked me who I was voting for. Thinking he was obviously going to vote for Hillary, I told him I haven’t decided yet. And can you believe he told “Are you kidding, vote for Trump, Hillary is a goddamn f**kin crook” LOL!

I asked him if he was worried about his employees getting deported, and he said Trump will work something out but he is more concerned about the country falling apart. How about that!! Now if THAT guy is voting for Trump, it tells me that Hillary is in a lot of trouble!
goldstategop compares two completely different polls showing Trump's way behind, and finds a silver lining in their natural variation.
This weekend she was leading by +11.... lost four points in the span of several days.

Hillary cannot sustain a lead.
nopardons and HarleyLady are beginning to see the stormclouds. This guy will be top of the post-election watch-list.

bigbob wants every Democrat he can think of in jail:
I want to see a special prosecutor appointed and don’t care if Comey is put on paid leave for a year, as long as it ends in indictment.

SPs for Lynch, Abedin, and Mills too. Throw any and all immunity agreements in the trash and let them sue, so long as they’re perp walked and jailed.
fuente lays out Trump's foolproof political message. Surprise, it's like four different ways to say 'lock up all the Democrats.'
Here are his two themes. One is red meat for his base and the other is a plea to the appalled and disgusted middle.

1. Law and order within the government. He should reiterate that he would look into the trail of corruption of ALL past administrations.

a. He would start by releasing FBI personnel who investigated Hillary from their NDAs and

b. immediately appoint an Independent Counsel for investigation of CF and affiliates during her tenure at State.

c. reopen the IRS investigation

2. Immediately appoint an independent review of the FBI investigation including oversight, review and proceedings of the investigative processes pertaining to mishandling of classified documents and destruction of records.

3. Immediate introduce policies by EO and then legislation that anyone asserting their 5th amendment privilege in the course of a congressional or legal investigation for activity being investigated as a person fulfilling duties requiring that of Public Trust shall be immediately removed said position and permanently disbarred for further positions of Public Trust. Furthermore all benefits and retirement provision shall be irreversibly revoked from all positions, including all previous positions of Public Trust. The justification for number 3 is simple, if you refuse to answer questions during your security clearance investigations, that is grounds for immediate disqualification for said Public Trust.

If Donald rolled this out during the last debate...THE RACE WOULD BE OVER!!!
roostercogburn wants less policy and more yelling about ze libs:
I’d make commercials full of hysterical liberal Hillary fans, making the dumbest comments and ask America if this is the kind of country we want. Is this how we make America strong and great again??
CapnJack is already gearing up the voter-fraud.
I bet there will be a lot of surprised people when they go to vote on the 8th and find out the “already voted” absentee and see their name striked off the voter list.

I will venture a guess that a majority of these absentee ballots are fraudulent.
cgbg is pretty smug about his mental illness:
By the way I have a theory that paranoia is partially genetic.

You see my ancestors in the old country were divided into two groups—the paranoids and the normal people.

The normal people were convinced the Czar’s horsemen would never kill them and seize their property.

The paranoid people thought the Czar was a greedy SOB would be happily have his horsemen kill them and take their stuff.

The paranoid people fled for the US.

The normal people were slaughtered in the old country.

Think of it as evolution in action.
Rashputin explains that pot is how Soros is going to get everyone addicted to opium. Because Soros is orchestrating the Fake Drug War....
Soros knows history.

Three out of four pot smokers in this country could become opium addicts before they even knew they were smoking opium dipped weed.

Opium and opium based addictive drugs are the ideal product for those dedicated to Mercantilism, and Mercantilism is the pure form of Globalism. The Brits even fought two wars to force China to keep letting them bring opium into China.
Who really believes the huge sums of money from the drug trade sloshing around world can't be choked nearly to death by governments if they wanted to do it? 


  1. "Hillary cannot sustain a lead."

    i could be charitable and presume that goldstategop actually meant that hillary can't sustain a large "margin", since she's done nothing but sustain a lead ...

    but in freeperville charity, like nuance, is for suckers.

  2. Laz runs into some dealer he owes money to. Since he's an unemployed dope head, Laz has little of value so the dealer shakes him down for whatever he's carrying. Laz remains calm and relaxed (tr: "stoned as usual") and then retcons the incident for public bragging rights.