Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Internet paranoia

How Freepers believe the Internet works.
Some hackers attacked...basically The Internet, producing some minor irritation Friday afternoon. Though some hacker group claimed responsibility, it is not yet clear who did it.
The many Freepers with IT backgrounds stay silent as the Freepers with more paranoia than knowledge let their fearful imaginations run free.

BenLurkin knows who to blame!
Mote likely the DNC
TruthInThoughtWordAndDeed recalls the previous fracas that Obama gave away the Internet, and weaves a scenario:
Obama gave away control of the internet to the UN so that he could crash it, suspend the election, blame the Russians, and assume the role of dictator.
Lots of folks agree, including TigersEye, who admits the election has driven him mad:
Obama gave away control of the internet to the UN so that he could crash it, suspend the election, blame the Russians, and assume the role of dictator.

As little as six weeks ago that would have sounded a touch crazy to me.
Now it sounds like the most likely explanation.
Yashcheritsiy just takes a dig at non-Americans:
Because a bunch of inefficient foreigners are running the internet now.
MNDude thinks maybe it was good guys!
It was Julian supporters to show Julian and the world he is not alone.
Taking the exact opposite position, Cementjungle thinks this was the US attacking Wikileaks:
Wikileaks is an agile collection of servers in many locations. Hard to take them down, but the US is trying. In the meantime the US is trying to gum up the works. Most disruptive traffic today is coming from Microsoft offices.
Crimson Elephant is writing a novel about the Internet killswitch:
This is interesting.....because let’s say it is known that Oct 26th is the day the Hillary emails will be dumped. What if they killswitch the internet on the 25th and blame it on “Russian Hackers”, both to make it harder to view and send the email info, but also to create a “Big story” that will suck up the news, then tie it to Putin and then Trump and conflate the whole issue.

It would THEN also set up the idea that if Trump wins, it was a “Russian Hack”.

We are in the deep, deep water of global machinations here.
Buckeye Battle Cry's imagination takes him to the mythic powers of Mossad versus evil pro-Hillary forces:
If Anonymous actually does have a Mossad video of Clinton with a 13 year old black girl and they release it, we WILL see the internet break down.

Can’t let those pesky prudes in flyover country get wind of this now, can we?
Gideon7 - Free Republic is totally safe, and never goes down:
Jim Robinson runs a really funky DNS custom setup with multiple redirects. It looks homebrew, probably because FR has been DDOSed before (and probably lots of times).

This is probably why FR us running just fine right now. I’m pretty impressed with what he did.
Jim Robinson himself steps in to speculate:
Shutting down twitter puts a major damper on Trump communicating directly with the voters.
Shortly thereafter, Jim started his own paranoid thread: FOX News: The widespread cyber attack yesterday was "perpetrated by a government."

CJ Wolf declares the real...something has begun!
The trial runs are over.
TruBluKentuckian gets really exasperated that all the other Freepers are off spinning their own conspiracies and no one is adopting his:
This is the work of Anonymous with the intent of proving that shutting down Assange won’t stop anything. Here in Kentucky everything is still working fine, including Twitter, where I am getting the info on Anonymous. Appears that the DDOS continues, though, for the east coast and now the west coast is getting hit. Also outages in Texas.
grey_whiskers is probably joking that America accidentally attacked itself, but who knows with that guy:
This is either a "false flag" to justify the attack on Russia - and then after a couple of days of escalation, things will to go a shooting war;


This was supposed to be the attack on Russia, but the same Dem geniuses who couldn't build the Obamacare website, attacked United States by mistake--with the added advantage that it shut up people about Wikileaks for a few hours.
USCG SimTech thinks it's Skynet becoming sentient or something.
AI Borg beast in machine code. Even shutting down every machine on the planet can’t stop it. Turning things back on and it’ll still be there. 
Not today but maybe, or maybe soon once it learns more from this attack sequence and rewrites itself.
NFHale keeps his paranoia undirected; it's purer that way.
I was thinking that as well. Either a test run, or a demonstration.

My guess is that they really, really, really want to close Assange down. And fast.

Put nothing past the globalist fascists.


  1. Oh, god...they really have no clue how the internet works, do they? That PA comic sure does accurately describe their understanding of it.

  2. the regime is working all the angles ...

    butlerweave: "Did Obama tell terrorists to take a break during this election ?"

    Steely Tom: "Looks like it. Zero "knock-out game" attacks too. It'll all come back with a vengeance after the election."

  3. "a bunch of inefficient foreigners are running the internet now."

    I think freepers believe the internet is powered by hamsters running in little wheels.
    American hamsters would never have gotten tired and let the Twitters break >:/

  4. The internet is not a truck.

    The internet is a series of tubes!