Wednesday, October 12, 2016


With less than one month leading up to the election, Freep is in a ferment of self-validation and delusion. It's an incredible sight I feel a bit lucky to see.

But there is always time for....TAGLINES!

nikos1121 sounds like he has a personal problem:
(I am so deplorable I stink.)
NIKK is playing fantasy tech support:
(Donald Trump's Oracle NICKNAME Provider..)
conservatism_IS_compassion gives 'wire-service journalism' a lot of credit! 
('Liberalism' is a conspiracy against the public by wire-service journalism.)
ColdOne memorializes her dog but still has time for sick burns about Hillary's health.
(poochie... Tasha 2000~3/14/11~ Hillary Clinton......shovel ready.)
ColdOne seems to update her tagline a lot.
(poochie... Tasha 2000~3/14/11~ Because you'd be in jail!)
doug from upland is also all in on the health thing:
 (She is evil, corrupt, and brain damaged.)
hondact200 is enslaved, man!
(Lincoln Freed the Slaves. Obama Enslaves the Free. Trump 2016 - Make America Great Again)
Blood of Tyrants has discovered a gun that only shoots wolves:
(Only idiot liberals believe that disarming the sheep makes them safe from the wolves.)
Old Grumpy loves being hated:
(I'm enjoying being considered "deplorable.")
wheatmiller - O tempore, O mores!
(No one thinks anymore....)
Windflier is dreaming of revolution:
(Pitchforks and torches ripen on the vine. Left too long, they become rifles.)
ThunderSleeps's tagline seems out of step:
(Stop obarma now! Stop the hussein - insane agenda!)
TauntedTiger knows what to blame for life's ills!
(Political correctness analyst/expert/victim)
Feeling the banana republic, Lopeover is calling all who vote wrong disloyal:
(2016 Election is about allegiance to the United States!)
jmaroneps37 is not feeling the humility:
(Conservatism is truth. Liberalism is lies.)
SomeCallMeTim knows money is the only motive for why anyone does anything:
( The best minds are not in government. If any were, business would hire them!)
Rashputin tells us all the tale of General Jesus:
(Jesus Christ doesn't evacuate His troops, He leads them to victory !!)
Between screenname and tagline, SecAmndmt has one thing on his mind.
(Arm yourselves!)
This I Wonder32460 proudly declares he has learned to hate:
(I was never a hateful person until I learned about Islam.)
ConservaTeen's tagline is vapid enough, I kind of believe her screenname:
(Islam is Not the Religion of Peace, but The RELIGION of PEDOPHILIA...)


  1. I like that Freepers are starting to pray. Their prayers are never answered- likely because they're disgusting human beings- and the results run contrary to what they pray for.

    I'd love to see Oz do his research on how many times their prayers have failed them, but I know from my experience of checking out FR that, when they pray, what happens is the opposite of what they pray for.

    1. P.S.: I mean specifically their prayers for a Trump victory. Of course they pray for everything, but they're more vociferous when it comes to a Trump win against "evil Hillary."

    2. And they're not praying to God and Jesus ...

      when they pray for Hillary, Obama, all liberals, etc. to die or get "struck down", they're always praying to "Yahweh" and "Yeshua ma'kea Hamsammich".

      They think this makes them look more holy.

    3. Query: does anyone use "Yeshua bin Joseph" or "Yeshua al-Nazareth," or do those sound too foreign

      Query: are there any hardcore Kabbalists seeking the true name of God

    4. Whomever they're praying to, it's working...but sadly for them in the opposite direction of their prayers.

      So keep praying Freepers!

    5. Whomever they're praying to, it's working...but sadly for them in the opposite direction of their prayers.

      So keep praying Freepers!

  2. this is just precious:

    johnk: "Fight Fraud: Lets Have An Organized Pre-Election Vote"

    I know the logistics would be tough.

    But let's have an real organized pre-election vote or several. This can be actual paper ballot voting or a secure online forum. We can use this to counteract the coming election fraud.

    It can open to everyone.

    For those that don't know many states don't require ID to vote. Like NY. Democrats pick up thousands of voters on buses and let them vote over and over again. The same individuals voting in different voting locations over and over.

    Democrats pay out money, give them gifts, provide food, cigarettes, alcohol and other things.

    If we organize several online votes before the election we can prove the support for Trump.

    Even if we can do an actual pre-vote at locations like Walmart or other large parking lots. This combined with organized exit polls after the real election would give us the data we need to stop the steal.

    Democrats would be unable to organize quickly enough to counteract this. Catch them off guard.

    Can we flesh out this idea? Any thought please?

    1. Any thoughts? Sure, I have one.

      Like NY. Democrats pick up thousands of voters on buses and let them vote over and over again.

      How does that work, exactly? When I go to vote, my polling place has my name on a list. They cross out my name and give me one ballot. So, these bus drivers know in which towns the people who they pick off the street to ply with alcohol and cigarettes are on the list(s)?

    2. Does anyone have any ideas of how to plug my pineal gland directly into the electoral college, like the lathe of heaven? Even the MSM is always talking about quantum mechanics, so this should be possible, and its the one guaranteed way to prevent democrats from spreading disinfo. Does anyone have any ideas or technology?

    3. Romney guy here...

      I don't know why they have so much trouble with the concept, but in practically all states, if you don't have an ID you receive what's called a provisional ballot that are not counted on Election Day.

      If the results of the election are close (which is EXTREMELY rare), they count up the provisional ballots and- only in the case of the total making any difference in the outcome would they even begin to adjudicate the provisional ballots.

      tl;dr? No ID or way to prove you're you? Provisional ballot which likely won't be counted.

      This concept shouldn't be difficult, even for Freepers to understand.

    4. But that would be admitting that they've picking a loser again and again and again.
      Freepers can't admit that, so it's voter fraud 100% all the way.
      FWIW, I'd vote for Romney in a hot minute and think that he'd have beaten Clinton handily. What a shame he's not running.

    5. How does that work? It doesn't, obviously. I don't recall the exact number, but voter fraud in past years was something like one or two people total.

      But Freepers like being afraid, so good luck convincing them of that.

      PS: Here in AZ voting was the same way. Now we have to show ID. If they ask. Which they don't. At least old people working there don't ask white people. Your experience may differ depending on hue.

  3. The historian in me is really intersted that McMullin may come out on Utah. The first 3rd party candidate (or somewhat 3rd party I guess) to win a state since 1968.

    Also interseting is the possiblity that Salt Lake City may have enough votes to take a split rest of the state for Clinton.

    1. The history teacher in me thinks the same way.
      It'll be interesting.