Tuesday, November 22, 2016


This shouldn't be a story. Pence went to see Hamilton, and a cast member told Pence he was worried about what Trump's Administration would do. Trump spent a full day tweeting bad things about Hamilton and hilariously declaring the theater a 'safe space.'

Trump's a thinskinned crybaby. But we knew that. And the media has been going on about it since it happened Friday. I'm frustrated by how much we deserve the government we get.

But this silliness has given rise to some amusing Freepings. Freepers do not know very much about this musical, and are so not terribly well equipped to criticize it. But that's never stopped them before, to hilarious effect. It's also getting me to re-listen to the soundtrack, and I'm grinning and bobbing my head to it right now.

seawolf101 manages to declare calling out the powerful to actually be an act of cowardice:
The cast of Hamilton needs to go to a safe space get some crayons, coloring books, and play doh and suck on a pacifier like the did at some Ivy League schools.

Boycott Hamilton.
Gaffer thinks the problem is that the Hamilton cast doesn't know the Real Facts that make Freeperism the only Truth:
I heard the condescending bleat. It was presumptuously offensive in my opinion.

The probably truth of the matter is that NONE of the cast actually had any idea about Pence’s history, thoughts or record. They were lashing out emotionally and delivering the same old victim bullshit they always do when they don’t get their way.
silverleaf declares the actors rich, and thus hypocrites:
The cheap seats are $600
Such social justice warriors ...
Lin-Manuel Miranda called Hamilton 'the story of America yesterday told by the America of today.' A bit cute perhaps, but Freepers like bk1000 only see offense that whites are not given their due:
Let’s have a play that uses whites to play the parts of Malcom X and MLK. Have them sing and dance, maybe do a little jig.
polymuser has the same idea. And similarly shows why committed partisans don't make great entertainment:
Think I’ll write a play about black slave holders of Hispanic slaves, about how they love the Demorat Party and are all in the BBK (Black Brothers Clan), about how they lynched poor Hispanic slaves. What do you think?
knarf pretends to be Pence's child, I guess? It's weird.
Honey, this is what Daddy’s up against, so don’t forget to pray for Daddy and President Trump.
mikrofon tries for drama:
Once again, actors commit assassination in a theater. (This time it was character assassination.)
conservatism_IS_compassion psychoanalyzes the negro, and magnanimously declares the play great outreach to black people.
I put it to you that it isn’t “pretending our founding fathers weren’t white” so much as constructing a fantasy world (which is what you expect to see in theater, isn’t it?) in which blacks can fully identify with the founding fathers.

Which sounds like something to be applauded. I like the concept, a lot.
Impy tries to relate the Founders' philosophies to modern times.
Hamilton was the grandfather of modern conservatism, I don’t think he would like this play or the politics of it’s cast members.
Showing why this is a dumb idea, cowboyusa does the same thing, reaching the opposite conclusion.
Stupid play about one of the worst men in American history. The original big-government Monarchical Corporatist traitor.
Market bedamned! nickedknack wants a disclaimer that unexpected free speech might happen at a private event:
As gauche as it is to single out an audience member for a personal lecture, I support their right to to so. They’re selling a product, just like the NFL is. If people don’t like what they’re doing, they can decline to support it. Let the free market rule.

Yes, but not an after the fact rant at an entertainment event. If the tickets came with a warning, then OK. However, Gov. Pence had no chance to make a decision beforehand to attend or forego. It’s called having some decency and class.
zencycler declares Pence totally won, neglecting to mention Trump immediately seizing the low ground:
Actually they DID “lure him into a duel” - and Pence skewered them, as his cordial, flattering and deferential remarks drew the stark contrast needed to put their obnoxious whining fully on display for all sensible folks to observe for themselves.
Bodega hopes the false consciousness ends, and mobilizes all those Freeper broadway fans. So Miss Marmelstein, I guess:
Snivelers. One and all. Snivelers.

I wonder if they will be alive when old enough to understand what they did? Our monetary retaliation in response.

Boycott “Hamilton” for 8 years minimum. I am sure Soros will keep it “alive” at some level or another.
longtermmemmory has decided Hamilton is bad quality and inaccurate:
Hamilton, The Musical “has no clothes”

having looked up the play and criticism of its lack of historical accuracy, it would appear this is just an issue of hype rather than actual quality of play.

IOW political correctness to force sales.
It's sad no Freepers seem to have bothered to listen to the soundtrack. It's fiercely patriotic. Nationalist, even.

nickedknack thinks the solution is to boycott culture generally:
When my parents spent the bulk of their post-WWII honeymoon in NYC, theater tickets were priced at 4.40, 6.60, and 8.80. Even factoring the 2000 percent inflation since then, the face prices for Hamilton tickets are exorbitant; scalper prices are worse.

Solution: Don’t go to plays or movies, download Netflix, subscribe to Sirius XM, or watch TV.


  1. The "lecture" that was delivered actually dressed down the audience booing as well as delivering a little statement to VPE Pence ...
    it pretty much took a middle road and defused an awkward situation.

    Mike Pence answered in an adult manner, whereas Donald acted like the big "freeperish" baby that we all know him to be.

    Within a year, Donald will get fed up, resign in a hissy-fit, and Mike Pence will be our president before 2018.

    1. Nope. Sometime in 2018, maybe.

      If the VP takes over with less than two years of the term to run, he may run for President for two full terms. If there are more than two years to go when he takes over, he may only run for a single term.