Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. I

A roundup of posts from before the election. Remember when some protestor made the Secret Service jumpy when he took out his sign? TigerClaws knows his lack of hostile intent only proves how deep the conspiracy ran:
If he is a Clinton operative, this might have been a dry run.

What did they learn?

1. How Trump would react?

2. How his typical crowd would react?

3. How his Secret Service would react?

They learned the Trump crowd reacted quickly, altered the SS (”Gun!”), tackled the guy.

A Hinkley-style ‘lone wolf’ setup won’t work with a Trump rally.

So they’ll probe for other weaknesses.
Later, TigerClaws went deep into some dumb pedophile conspiracy that Freepers are still into now that it's dead in all but Turkish twitter...

agere_contra knows how to spot an assassin - you flagrantly possess fists.
Only a imbecile would call this an assassination attempt

Because no-one in history was ever killed by an unarmed man?

Of course this could have been an assassination attempt.

Also: you’re a plant.
IMO Hillary was weak, but Comey handed her the election. He still managed to piss of Freepers like WrightWings:
James Comey, may you burn in hell you son-of-a-bitch. I look forward to the day that you and your ilk are swinging from lamposts. The sooner the better.

That's right - I said it - you worthless FBI/CIA/NSA people. I *D-A-R-E* you to come and arrest me. Some of you worthless hacks ***W-I-L-L*** rue the day that Comey caved...

I'm waiting for you *uc*s!!!!!!!!!
Leaning Right explains that when things go his way, it's fair. When they don't, it's cheating:
Fair election, Trump wins. Just the way Truman came from behind to beat Dewey.
Rigged election, Hillary wins. Just the way Kim Jong-un always wins.
Mr. K is bringing out the oooold Clinton conspiracies:
The Branch Davidians did not shoot ANY ONE - ANY PERSON - NO PERSON from the government was hit by Branch Davidians.

But two officers were killed.

And they were both killed by “friendly fire”.

And both were former Clinton bodyguards.
stockpirate is pretty sure the Pope is required to be a capitalist:
Communism and being a Pope don’t go well together.

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  1. WrightWings made that post on Nov.6, during what looks like an entire night of drunken threatening posts, and hasn't posted since.

    A small part of me actually hopes the FBI came and hauled him away.