Thursday, November 24, 2016


I kept waiting for this 'Democrats are secret pedophiles using a secret pizza-based code' to die now that the election madness is over. But it's not dying. I now think this is a symptom of Freepers being unable to cope with more overtly trollish sites like 4chan and reddit (who has now banned the subforum for doxxing).
Bored anonymous people spinning BS on the Internet because they're bored isn't new, but now Freepers have tapped into it as an independent source. And Freepers take their conspiracies very seriously. And they regularly confuse quantity with quality.

Thus, we have threads a lot like the initial birther threads breathlessly finding patterns in nothing. And all those patterns lead to everyone Freepers don't like being into raping babies!

freedumb2003 is pretty excited to be read into this new conspiracy:
pizza gate is believed to be the clintons child trafficking exposed by wikileaks...

Wow!! Thanks!

I hope this is the 2nd act in hell on earth for the klintoons.
proud American in Canada notes that the Pizzagate blog and Reddit says Pizzagate is a thing, which means it's a thing.
Read the evidence and tell me you’re not convinced something really really really horrible is happening in DC:

It is all over Reddit.

Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire.
CondorFlight knows elites are always much worse than you know, so you'd better start imagining!
The elites always have their vices covered up, when possible.

In the Jimmy Savile pedophilia case, Scotland Yard was thwarted from investigating.

I doubt it will be any different here, considering that John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager, and his brother Tony, are allegedly involved in pedophilia, child trafficking, etc. etc.
HKMk23 is pretty sure speculation is circumstantial evidence:
I looked at it, but as usual, no proof...

...only a growing Paricutin of circumstantial evidence.

TRUE it isn’t prosecutable, but that’s not at all to say it doesn’t warrant the instigation of a deeper investigation.

This is sick, twisted shit, here; and if it’s for real, I want it dragged screaming out into the light of day to the eternal damnation of all the perps.
PraiseTheLord has no time for skeptics:
Look, I’d love nothing better than to see the Clintons taken down and put in jail. But it’s going to take more than social media stunts. It will take proof and it will have to be rock solid and not just some narrative than anyone could have written.

what you gotta do is put your glasses on.

YOU ARENT LOOKING, orrr is it you don’t want to seeeee
Lest you forget, PraiseTheLord is into every conspiracy under the sun, and is making the most of having one other people kinda might believe for a moment.

Alas, PraiseTheLord is really bad at actually building a conspiracy:
- - - there was no smoking gun connection with Hillary.

or not. But clear evidence around the PingPong place etc,

Where Hitlery did *fundraisers* — or whatever.

And then there is Pedesta — longtime Hitlery campaign guy -

who was placed seen abducting little Maddy.
Look up Podesta Madeline McCain to see how dumb this gets.

CondorFlight has a bit more talent weaving gossamer strands of speculation into a narrative, and has already started creating the conspiracy:
It’s guessed that Assange’s reserve files, in his dead man’s switch, contained even more info about the elites and their pedophilia rings.

To prevent that from getting out, he may have been arrested, and then held somewhere; and the DDS attack on the NET shortly thereafter was actually done to prevent whatever files were on the dead man’s switch from being delivered.

But that’s all guesswork (and could be wrong).

But certainly a lot for the elites is at risk.
x_plus_one thinks maybe it's not just sex - babies are being used to make longevity elixers!
Aborted baby parts are used as ingredients in longevity elixirs, cremes and more. 
THis is published fact - planned parent hootd got caught selling baby parts to multiple vendors. This is the new frontier for the mega rich - anti aging. 
Infants have the highest levels of HCG and are a hot commodity for the satanic crowd that wants to stay young forever. These pizza people are vampires. What is so hard to believe about this.
Hostage wonders if maybe GOP vows to continue to investigate the Clinton Foundation were secretly about this:
It is horrible to contemplate.

Who can bring justice?

Wasn’t there a report after the election where Representative Chaffetz reaffirmed that the case of Clinton and human trafficking would go forward?
Ann Archy is drawing connections that don'e even make sense:
Did you know there is a “children’s book” The Secret Pizza Party!!! Read to kids by Bill the writer wrote another book, Robo Sauce......weird.
Ann Archy has long ago stopped bothering to cite things.
OMG!! And supposedly Obama had $65,000.00 of hot dogs and PIZZA flown in from Chicago for his birthday......$65,000.00 for HOT DOGS and PIZZA?? NO FREAKING WAY would it cost that much!! Something’s FISHY!
Trump Girl Kit Cat realizes anything can be true, if you imagine it hard and WITH ENOUGH CAPS:
You know when this story started to break I would have thought it TOTAL BS and then I remembered Denis Hastert!!! 
I don’t think this is so unbelievable I believe DC is a sewer of things going on that NONE of us could EVER IMAGINE!!! 
The fact that a POTUS was getting BJ’s from a young intern, Chandra Levy another intern found dead, after an affair with a congress critter, DC is a disgusting VILE cesspool and NOTHING there would surprise me!!!
MNDude explains why raping and killing babies is the perfect crime, and no one gets caught. Then it gets derper:
Produce the name of a victim.

These are babies! Babies! Think they’re gonna call the cops?

I suspect there were victims of all young ages. Even teens can be threatened all sorts of ways, including family and friends.

Based on the pedo symbols on the shops on the block, each seems to market different ages and sexes. Alefantis seems to have special interest in babies and toddlers based on his instagram shares.
Reddy ties it to Obama:
Thank you! For 8 years I’ve been shouting into the wind about the influx of illegal unaccompanied minors. It’s been obvious they were enticed and encouraged by zero for the purpose of filling the ranks of human trafficking victims.
bgill is all on board the Obama conspiracy train! He finds the sinister connection of Chevy Chase Maryland being rich and liberal (I used to live there.):
Speaking of Bathhouse Berry, remember he used to do photo ops during the holidays at Politics and Prose Bookstore with his daughters which just happens to be on “the block” with the pizza joints and across from the foreign child importers and a portrait studio.

The bookstore just happens to be owned by Hellary’s right hand woman while she was SOS and who just happened to be named one of D.C.’s 50 most influential people.

And the Obamas just happen to be moving two doors down from Tony Podesta come January. But, hey, as some on here claim, it’s just happenstance. Nothing to see. Move along. Can’t have the biggest of the big in D.C. being investigated.
Vision Thing really gets to the center of why Freepers Want to Believe:
Just imagine AG Sessions putting away Soros and Barack Pedobama on human traficking charges.
little jeremiah is on board as well, citing complete credulity as not having normalcy bias:
Normalcy bias - people just don’t want to know, see or imagine that such horrors are taking place right now.

And then on this thread there is at least one professional “debunker”, imho....
Of course lj can't leave it without an attack on a Freeper for being a plant.

cherry shows up as well to also cite normalcy bias, and with not evidence, tie in those unaccompanied minors coming across the boarder a few years ago:
Anthony....who would ever guess that a sitting congressman would be caught showing his privates to underage girls.... we need to get beyond our normalcy bias...

I agree there's lots of smoke but nothing direct....

but I fear there is a lot worse going on ....

remember Glenn Beck going to the border and seeing all the kids there?...the kids were all gathered in large rooms by age....almost like someone wanted to pick certain ones of certain ages....what ever happened to those kids anyway?
PGalt loves how dedicated Freepers are to maintaining their crazy fringe status, even as what's crazy gets harder and harder to keep track of:
Thanks to every poster/linker/researcher/investigator/educator.
philman_36 has chosen his truth, and it's not reality-based...
The push against “fake news” is right here, IMO.


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  2. This stuff is freaking delicious ...
    wish I had more time today to go more into it.

    The whole thing will come to a screeching halt though as soon as Trump or anyone close to him gets tangentially connected ... and sooner or later they will.