Monday, February 6, 2012

Obama sullies troops by honoring them

Obama is having a dinner for Iraq War veterans. Freepers will not stand for Obama acting like a gracious Commander in Chief!

FlingWingFlyer is sure Obama only invited the gay soldiers:

Barry is sucking up to the military as he stabs them in the back. What a fraud. I imagine the majority of the “Diverse 200” will be the “gay” types.

itssme thinks the soldiers should all flip Obama off:
Why don't the soldiers just order carry out from oboma’s kitchen, and find other things to do that day.
And maybe they can also send oboma a group picture with their middle finger in a one finger “salute” as they wave bye-bye to the enemy of the people.
kristinn lists Obama's sins, which disqualify him from honoring American soldiers:

Obama called Iraq a “dumb war.” One of his top fundraisers was a woman who worked with the terrorist insurgency in Iraq that killed thousands of Americans.

Now he proposes to show “A Nation’s Gratitude”, as the dinner is being called, to the troops who survived his bundler’s efforts.

JRandomFreeper would badly injure himself to keep from appearing with Obama:
If you are ordered by the CIC, you go. That's what we do. Civilian control of the military. Even if the CIC is an idiot.

Of course, I'll bet I could be in traction in a hospital after I got the orders and before the attending date.

Rome2000 follows Freepers' worship of the military to it's logical extreme:
If you are ordered by the CIC, you go. That's what we do. Civilian control of the military. Even if the CIC is an idiot.

Any particularly good reason for that "tradition" to continue?

Civilian control of the military is highly overrated.
Military dictatorships are seriously the best.

Mortrey is referencing scandals even I don't know:
What’s Bath-House Barry gonna charge per meal?
Squantos has nothing of substance to add, but types anyway:

Obama has a solid reservation in Hells basement....... damn him.

LUV W also, too:

Disgusting waste of oxygen!

Irish Rose recalls how the troops loved Bush, who was totally cool and unlike Obama, who is secretly hated:

I wonder if George W. Bush will get an invitation. It would be appropriate, and at any rate he’d probably make the dinner more fun for the military men there.
They and President Bush always seemed to get along well, back in the day.

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