Friday, February 3, 2012

Michelle Obama does pushups

Michelle Obama went on the Ellen show and did a bunch of pushups. For a woman above 50, that's impressive.

Freepers' childlike mindset values physical strength, so they need to dig deep to denigrate this. Hilariously deep:

Ann Archy
knows real women never exercize:


patriot08 is embarrassed for some reason:
Oh, PUH-leeze.
Spare us.
Would Laura embarrass us like this?
Eurotwit has high pushup standards:

Alright, just watched the video. They are not proper nose to the ground push-ups, but rather partial half reps.

So, not quite as impressive then.

calex59 is o much more badass than the First Lady:

When I took basic in the Army you had to hit the ground(floor)with your chest or it didn’t count. And you had to count them out loud, if you failed to go all the way down the DI disallowed that one. Back in the day I could do 100 push ups, I believe the record for push ups is somewhere in the thousands.

Castigar quibbles:

I believe the actual number was 22.

It was widely reported as “nearly two dozen”.

FES0844 knows what pushups mean:

She’s so in love with herself. No class.

Speaking of class, Rummyfan
Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama - MEGA-CHUNK-SPEWING-BARF-ALERT!!!!
Venturer thinks the First Lady should be a hermit, to cut costs:

Why isn’t she doing those Push-ups at the White House instead of flying all over the country in a Government plane with Secret Service Agents, spewing for her Muslim husbands campaign at our expense.

Just having a great time spending our money.

fatnotlazy knows Michelle Obama's eating habits:

She might appear fit, but I doubt she is healthy. All that rich fatty food she eats may be damaging her heart, kidneys and who knows what else. So no, I’m not impressed.

IrishPennant is just racist!

She got this way from the typical urban response to drive-bys...


  1. Semi-related: delicious birther tears.

    "Imagine a football team that had a default because the other side failed to show, insisted on playing anyway, then managed to score an own goal."

    1. Bless their pointy little heads, the Freepers keep losing and losing and never seem to know why. Could it be that they are wrong? No, of course not.

      Get back to getting out the Gingrich vote, Freepers, he's our preferred opponent, but don't ever give up the birther thing. That's our entertainment.

    2. Just for balls out crazy, I submit post number 351 on this thread. Note: "SAD" must refer to Stanley Ann Dunham, the President's mother.

      "To: Greenperson; David
      I made several attempts at a reply, and cancelled them all...of course you are right, David. And it is sad, Greenperson. Now we can get on with the next phase. Who is he, who were his parents, where was he born? And what was his name at birth?
      Because his mother wasn’t SAD, the place of birth wasn’t Hawaii, and his father wasn’t the son of a kenyan goat herder.

      351 posted on Fri Feb 03 2012 21:31:30 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time) by Fred Nerks (FAIR DINKUM!)"

      Yeah, Fred Nerks, go on the next phase. Take all your crazy friends with you.

  2. ""I won’t be happy until I start seeing Democrat politician/crooks hanging from lampposts on a daily basis."

    with the change of capitalists for democrats, this is the exact quote that led a friend of mine to send his family her from Peru in 1972. You're crazy.

  3. If you've been here since 1972, you are a pretty slow learner when it comes to English grammar