Monday, February 6, 2012

Enslaving rape victims

Most Freepers are against a rape exception for abortion. That's typical pro-life dogma. Some Freepers, though, allow such a narrow exception. One such is Grunthor. Freepers, not used to their dogma being challenged by one of their own, go to some rather extreme places:

surroundedbyblue knows abortion is usually worse than rape:
Large numbers of women who abort after rape report that coping with the rape was far easier than dealing with the abortion.

You really should seek to educate yourself on this.
xzins knows what females are for!
She is female and part of nature is the birth of children.
no dems wants to make sure women aren't all lying about rape to get abortions:

An “Honest” Rape is when a woman is violated against her will. Not when some girl gives it up for her boyfriend and then screams rapes, or some “wife” comes home from a business trip, after banging her boss in the hotel, and tells her husband he raped her. Due to the line of work I’m in, I know scenarios like these happen all the time.

I shudder to think what no dems' profession is.

Trailerpark Badass is pretty excited about imprisoning pregnant women for 9 months so they don't abort:
Finally someone admits that they WOULD enslave/imprison a woman for the crime of having been raped.

You bet your sweet ass. And after 9 months, instead of being a murderess, the woman would know she has let God work through her, and that no matter how difficult those months were, she has let life and love come from pain. She chose the difficult, but ultimately rewarding path and did not succumb to the evil allure of convenience.

UPDATE: Commenter MJO pointed out the whole "She chose the difficult, but ultimately rewarding path" right after "imprison her" bit.

Sounds kind of like that Sharia Freepers hate so much...


  1. Wow that last one is pretty fucked up, he outright says he'd imprison a woman and then has the audacity to include "She CHOSE the ... path"

  2. Wow, I was so distracted by the imprisonment bit, I totally missed the she chose bit.


    I think I'll update the post to draw attention to that little gem.


  4. I had to re-read that too. Damn. I have often said here that Freepers just don't like women but this takes the cake.