Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Newt gets crushed in Florida

Romney steamrolled Newt by fourteen points yesterday. Freepers lament, with all the rage that entails.

rarestia waxes poetic:
This is... depressing. I am ashamed to call myself a Floridian. The drums of tyranny are growing louder.
MHGinTN is willing to wait till March.
Why is Flori Duh so messed up (remember their condoning the murder of Terri Schiavo)? Well, because there are so many liberal northern rats moving down there for the weather!

Let's wait ot see what Alabamians, Georgians, Mississippians, Louisianians, Kentuckians, and Tennesseans do about milt Rominy ... and Texans had better kick is ass, if they know what's good for Texas, ‘cause we Tennessean aren't coming down there and snatchin’ their butts out of the future fires if they support the Romulan.
caww knows it's not Newt or Romney, it's good or evil.
I cannot help but remember that it only takes "A Few Good Men" committed to God to change the course at any time of His choosing......especially when all seems defeated....history has proven this time and again....and God is known to arrive at the last hour and never late.

We can hash this over time and again, and it's entertaining to do so as we try and call the plays, but in the end it simply isn't over yet...not even close.

And that's just how I see this's not just an election it's good over evil being fought and that out of our sight.
old curmudgeon's just waiting for Mitt's lies to catch up with him:
the advertising that New was run out of the house in disgrace for unethical behavior when the IRS cleared him.

That a total lie.

Who would vote for a liar and a thief? Only a voter with no moral compass of his own.

I hope Newt will stick with it because before it is over, Romney's lies will catch up with him.
Revisionist Newt history! Awesome.

a fool in paradise blames the media for controlling everything.

This was the same Big Media that kept John Edwards’ campaign viable (so as to block out Hillary’s threat to Obama by keeping her in a 3 way race for delegates) long past this timeframe in 2008 even after they knew of his bastard child.

I guess we can look forward to more rigged “Twenty One” gameshow style debates from Democrat anchors tossing softballs to the Golden Child, while preparing to release more books in his favor on inauguration day.

Keith in Iowa also thinks they key is to just yell about the media:

What would REAGAN do?

Go full attack mode against the media.... at every turn, tell the world the media is cramming Willard down the Republican’s throats because they really want DearLeader re-elected.

SamAdams76 keeps on keeping on:

It’s not too late for a Sarah Palin to get into this thing. Still 95% of delegates left to be decided and we have five weeks before the next major string of primaries.


  1. Comment #1: "Not getting what I want = Tyranny! "
    Comment #2: "the Romulan" - that's a new one to me. I like it!
    Comment #3: If God guides the course of history, doesn't that mean that God chose Obama to be President?

  2. Well, God probably is clearly using Obama to punish America for abortion or not praying in school enough or voting Democrat or some such.