Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is evil

So Justice Ginsberg suggested to Egyptian officials that the South African Constitution may work better for such an unstable country, as it has stronger rights protection.

Such a lack of blind love for out hallowed Constitution makes Freepers especially hyperbolic:

Proud2BeRight knows what to do:

Impeach NOW!

ArchAngel1983 is sure it's time to kill the liberals!

I except this cold civil war to go hot almost anytime now. How can’t it?!

No time for spelling, though!

Ann Archy is classy:

The atheist Jew never had it to beginn with. her HUSBAND BOUGHT that seat thru Clinton. Whore.

Weird how it's the Freeper women who are all into calling liberal women whore and cunt.

Lancey Howard wants to know:

How about the Zimbabwe constitution?
Does the sickly old bag like the Zimbabwe constitution?

Cause you know, Obama is turning the US into Zimbabwe.

Georgia Girl 2 hopes Ginsberg dies:
Everyday I pray that dried up harpie lives 15 minutes past Newt’s swearing in ceremony.
wac3rd wants her jailed for not loving the Constitution enough:

The ACLU hater shows her true Leninist leanings.

She deserves a cell, not a robe.

EternalVigilance has decided every politician is in rebellion against the Constitution!

The often-overlooked Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment disqualifies those from holding office who have been found to be in rebellion against that Constitution.

She clearly qualifies.

Sadly, so does does almost everyone else now holding public office.

sergeantdave imagines the Jewish Ginsberg killing Jewish Children for the Nazis:

I suspect she would be comfortable in Hitler’s fascist Germany. If she was around then, I’m sure she would have been at the train station with candy, luring kids to the ovens.

Rome2000 has the military coup all planned out:

The Founders didn't put a right to vote into the Constitution for a very simple reason; they didn't want imbeciles, those under 21, and lazy parasites to be enfranchised, in fact warned against it, leaving the States to determine who could cast ballots.

Doesn't have to be blood in the streets , the military can fire every single one of these clowns and start from scratch.

Provisional military government for 6 months, then new elections for all congressional seats and the WH, incumbents need not apply, strict term limits.

Only tax paying citizens and veterans are enfranchised in the new Republic.

The Republic can be be reset with all Amendments other then the original Bill of Rights repealed.

“Dueling” legalized within Washington DC limits.

Problem solved

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  1. Of course, the Constitution is infallible, like the Bible. (That's why there are amendments to it...)

    That last one is right out of Starship Troopers!