Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rare, Non-Obama pettiness

Newt did not call to congratulate Mitt on his win in Florida. Kind of a dick move. Freepers rush to justify it.

Jim Robinson has been posting contentless threads all day ("Conservatives Won't Have Romney Shoved Down Their Throats," "How can any right thinking Christian, conservative or tea party supporter justify voting for Romney?" "Open letter to Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and all conservative grassroots patriots and leaders!!") when he's not zotting up a storm.

Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God!!

We are the resistance!!
KansasGirl knows calls are for gentlemen only:
Romney is a scumbag! He is not worthy of courtesy from Newt after his scorched earth campaign of lies and smears!
SaraJohnson knows there's no point in being nice if it doesn't make friends:

Romney’s Rino rift is a bridge too far for the Newt or any candidate to overcome with a phone call. Life in the US is not business as usual.

Tennessee Nana is sure Romney woulda been a dick about it anyhow:

I wouldnt call someone who was just going to crow either...

Being gracious in defeat is one thing...

being gracious in “victory” is also important...

Romney lacks the manners to be humble...

manc has decided negative campaigning is cheating:

I look at it this way.
You are boxing or in a road race what ever.
You see the guy who are are against cheat, in boxing he gets a low blow, in running he cuts the corner.

Would any of us still say well done, hell no we wouldn’t I know I wouldn’t

katiedidit1 thinks snubbing Romney is the high road.
Newt had two was to call and lie; the other was to ignore Romney’s win which was bought and paid for to the tune of 33 dollars a vote and millions of dollars of free campaign “ads” by the msm, Faux News, the gop establishment and Drudge.

Newt took the high road.
Patton@Bastogne knows what Romney is:

Romney is an asshole ... that’s why Newt didn’t congratulate the Mormon S.O.B. ...

Man, Mitt hate is getting to Pelosi and Reid levels, if not Obama. This primary is better than I hoped.

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  1. And Freepers don't soon forget this kind of hate. This is not a candidate they will grudgingly get behind. At this point I'm just wondering if Obama's win in November will be by single digits or double digits.