Monday, February 6, 2012

Through faith alone

Freepers are rather bent out of shape that Mormons give more to charity than other faiths.

Then one young Freeper, Downinthedixie, has the temerity to say that giving to charity is cool, no matter what your faith is.

Things do not go well for him:

SVTCobra03 knows giving to charity doesn't count if it's to the wrong God:
Tithing to a religion that worships a false god, a false jesus and a false prophet won’t do the mormons much good.
hope knows that only Christians give to charity out of true altruism. All the others are just greedy for salvation.
Generosity is a good thing. Don’t blast donations. We need to become a country more focused on voluntarily giving to the needy.

Not sure where you've been but, Christ Church has been doing this for centuries...Perhaps the difference is the paultry donations from those who have heartfelt it aren't counted among those who do it for their own gain. Well, at least not in this world...
ROTB knows the problem with Mormons - devils in their belfry!

A Christian is sitting in Church, and sees a devil hanging from the rafters. The christian says to the devil.

“Hey! You devil! Get out of here! Go bother the big church down the street.”

The devil responded, “They already belong to me.”


The above true story can probably have the word Mormon replace the expression “big church”, and lose no accuracy.

reaganaut relates how Mormons only help out other Mormons:

Catholic charities, Lutheran churches, Christian churches DO help the poor, regardless of their faith or lack thereof. Mormonism ONLY helps Mormons and only if they are ‘worthy’ and then DEMANDS they pay 10% back in tithing AND work for it.

That isn’t charity, that is slave labor. Do you support slavery?

reaganaut adds that marrying a Jew means you're not Christain:

I have considered marrying into Judaism. Would you consider that a sin?

I would consider it proof you are not a Christian. Christians are not to be unequally yoked. A sin, no, but not evidence of a believer either.

Again that is Biblical.

I am also fluent in other languages - Latin, French, German, Serbian, and have a working knowledge of several other languages including Egyptian (all 3 forms), Old and Middle English, Old French and Akkadian. I just listed Greek and Hebrew because those were related to the topic at hand. Degrees in Biblical studies, theology, and advanced degrees in Ancient History and Medieval History.

Wow, this academic dick-waiving seems believable! What a shmawt guy!


  1. I would give 10% of all of my future income to help fund a reality show that follows around Freepers and somehow culminates in a debate with a 'LIBRUL COLLIJ' debate team.

    1. You know, no matter how badly the Freepers got spanked by the debate team, they'd just go back and high five each other over how they won the debate.

    2. Yeah? Well they totally would have won if the moderator hadn't been a liberal plant! Also, what's with the ban on applause? WHAT IS THIS COMMUNIST RUSSIA!?!?!