Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday potpourri.

doug from upland knows the Superbowl is all about politics:

It’s great to be called Patriots, but they are from the place of Kennedy, Kerry, and Barney. And NY brought us Hillary Clinton. It is a shame that they can’t both lose.

Gaffer says nothing new, but perfectly encapsulates the Freeper idea of Obama:

What would you really expect with a Halfrican Muslim who’s been to a Christian church (while in office - don’t count Reverend Wright’s White Hatred Church) maybe three times?

This man hates our country; he wants to destroy it so he can remake it in his own image. So his beard wife can take luxious foreign vacations with all her gal-pals and garb herself in the latest designer circus tents from Vogue, EnFacion or whatever. So he can rule you and control your lives and show you how you as a white Christian are evil and need to be punished.

mojitojoe is not a fan of equal opportunity:
I won’t hire a yankee or a Democrat, no way in hell.
I think there's a law about that too.

FoxPro is also not big on respecting the law.

My license has been suspended, for various reasons for something like 20 years.

When I get pulled over and they ask me for my license, I start pretending to look for it all over my car. First emptying out my glove compartment and then searching under the car seats. I do this for as long as it takes. This always works, every time.

mountainlion knows everything bad was only Newt getting blackmailed:
I think that Klinton had one of his 1300 FBI files on Newt and was blackmailing him is why he did things against the publicans.
Tennessee Nana on forgiveness:

Only Bible believing Christians understand forgiveness

MIchaelTArchangel on Rea; Catholics:
too many people who think they are Catholic are really pagan.
Patton@Bastogne knows you'd give in to temptation if you were a superstud like Newt Gingritch:
"IF" we were powerful or wealthy ... with SCORES of beautiful, intelligent, sensuous Women hounding us EVERY DAY for "incredible" sex ...

how long (precisely) would you be able to say "no" ?

weeks ? months ? years ?

what if your spouse (secretly) spurned you at home, treated you with scorn and disrespect at home, as you slept on the sofa (alone) for weeks at a time ?

You have to admit that it would be "very" difficult to turn-down the emotional affection and more offered by a BEAUTIFUL admiring woman ...

I know that I would have trouble ... I guess that's why The LORD has made either you or I as a "Donald Trump" character in life ... we simply couldn't survive (morally) ...

So let's cut Newt some slack here ... He's supposedly living as a man whose sins Christ has forgiven ...
LibLieSlayer has an overbroad definition:

No... ALL dimrats are racists.

Born to Conserve thinks tax cuts will get us to the moon:

Only a total idiot would propose a Moon Base!

Unless . . .

Newt Gingrich were to make it a tax free colony of the U.S.A.
Such a colony couldn’t be stopped from growing.

aMorePerfectUnion knows why women disagree with him:

Attention Ann Coulter:

PLEASE have a qualified physician check your hormones - soon.

You are erratic, illogical, moody, losing touch with reality, etc. as you go through change of life.

The hot flashes you are having are not signs to support Mitt.

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