Thursday, January 26, 2012

And now, this word from Outer Space:

Storytime with manc edition:

My oldest son at school has this liberal girl and she told him that this country is in a mess because of republicans.

My son asked how is that possible as the left had power for two out of three years and full control so why do you not look at the party you support.

My oldest son is 14, she told him that it is because republicans are stupid so again my son asked why can you not give me facts.

At this point another two girls came into the debate and she likes these girls and one of the girls has a horse.

LOL She told the girl who has a horse who is also a republican that republicans want to kill horses.

I kid you not , these people are unhinged, anyway it backfired on this liberal and everyone just laughed to which one kid said who is looking stupid now.

Political extrapolation from the behavior of middle school girls brought to you by manc (Marriage is between one man and one woman.Trolls get a life, I HATE OUR BIASED LIBERAL MEDIA.)


  1. Hahaha...that 14 year old liberal looks really stupid now, doesn't she?

    Pro-tip: All 14 year olds are stupid.

  2. "The average Black inner city IQ is 76.

    Average Black IQ is 85.

    Blacks vote Democrat 95%. And the 5% who don’t - sure aren’t average city folks.

    Sorry. Facts are facts.

    it is kind of ubsurd what the Left will pay iteself to conclude, to pretend to feel good about themselves and their anti-human insanity.

    28 posted on Thu Jan 26 2012 23:48:35 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time) by Eldon Tyrell"