Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fidelity Shmidelity

Freepers rationalize not caring about Newt's cheating on two separate wives:

C210N knows in a crisis, principles don't matter:
All things being equal, it should DEFINITELY matter!!

That said, all things are NOT equal. The society and the republic are at stake.
I guess Clinton's tenure wasn't a crisis then.

dforest blames the media for forcing him to stop caring about marital fidelity:

It should matter, but only if the same standard and scrutiny is applied by the media to both sides.

What the media does is cover and hide those things with Dem candidates, and make it a big deal in GOP candidates.

Just mythoughts blames Clinton:
After the Clintons maintained their popularity at 66% in spite of lying, cheating, adultery, and only God knows what else I have been desensitized to how hypocrites calculate sin based upon who it is that sins.
nicmarlo points out Obama is gay, and the Old Testament likes polygamy:

Obama has been married once. I’ve heard of rumors of his own homosexuality.

King David of the Jews committed adultery, murder, covetousness, and rape. He arranged to have the husband of the woman he desired killed. But, still, God called him the Apple of His eye. Why? David repented for his sins and, in his own so human and fallible heart, LOVED and wanted to please GOD.

cuban leaf only cares that Newt is better than the other guys.
We are not comparing Gingrich to Ronald Reagan. We’re comparing him to Mitt and Obama.

He still comes out on top, not least because there are multiple areas in which a man can fail in moral authority besides the bedroom.

Which basically means he doesn't care.

elkfersupper relates to Newt:

Newt is a serial monogamist, as many of us are or were.

I finally figured out after 6 years of marriage to my first wife and 25.5 years to my second, that it is simply not worth it.

I have simple reasons for that; the simplest is that now when I put something someplace, it is where I put it when I go to retrieve it.

No denigration meant for the lady FReepers, just sayin'.
Freeper head Jim Robinson weighs in:

I’m going to try to make my reasoning clear here.

Sarah Palin was my first choice for president, but the left, the GOP-E and many right here on FR wouldn’t have it. They trashed her and her family relentlessly with some of the unholiest filth and lies imaginable. Even so, I did little about it. I felt it was best to let the debate run its course and the best hard ass conservative would rise to the top. Well, they drove her completely out and she didn’t run. Didn’t want to subject her family to such suffering.

Then one by one, they did the same thing to Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann, Cain and Santorum driving their support numbers down and Perry, Cain and Bachmann out of the race. As each one took their turns as our leading non-Romney conservative they were relentlessly attacked, trashed and driven out.

Looked like we were repeating 2008 and were going to be stuck with a loser RINO again. We’re running out of conservative candidates and I’ll be damned if I’m going to allow Free Republic to be used to drive out our last remaining best conservative shot of defeating both Romney and Obama!!

Then a funny thing happened. Newt Gingrich, whom they’d left for dead, arose from the grave and began smiting the heathen. He’s back as a hard as nails, no nonsense, bad ass, battle scarred, conservative veteran of two conservative revolutions, the Reagan Revolution of the 80s and then his own Republican Revolution of the 90s. And they were both hugely successful for us.

I’ve looked at Newt’s plan. It’s Reagan’s plan on steroids. Radically reduce government, regulations taxes and spending, restore constitutionally limited government, restore states rights, restore individual rights, restore economic freedom, restore American excellence, whack and dethrone the liberal activist judiciary and get the government the hell off our backs, out of our lives and out of our religion.

Securing the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity!!

Now what is there not to like?

We are rebels trying to take back our freedom or aren’t we?

Rebellion is ON!!

Join or die!!

Don’t tread on me!!

Soooo....didn't mention fidelity at all in that rambling opus. I think I get the idea.


  1. nicmarlo wins this one. Yep, Newt Gingrich is just like King David. You betcha!

  2. I see the following 3 possible scenarios playing out this year:

    1) Newt Gingrich convincingly wins the nomination and goes on to win ~30% of the popular vote in November. Texas, Arizona and most other solidly red states turn blue.

    2) Mitt Romney convincingly wins the nomination and the base refuses to vote for him. Obama wins by single digits in November.

    3) Newt Gingrich barely wins the nomination but the Republicans do something hinky to make Mitt Romney the nominee. The base riots make the 1968 DNC convention look like a Sunday picnic in comparison. Obama wins by double digits in November.

  3. I disagree euphgeek. The Republicans can win this thing. When the economy is bad the sitting President owns it whether that is fair or not.

    1. They could if there were any serious candidates. I might be worried in that case. Besides, the economy is getting better. Obama will win in November.

  4. Infidelity? IOKIYAR - It's OK If You're A Republican.