Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monday potpourri.

Maryhere will only allow conservatives to cut government:
The government desperately needs streamlining, made smaller and pruned to the quick;however, this process must not be done by the socialist President we have now.
FastCoyote knows what Community Organizers really do:

My God! This sounds very much like a Hitler moment!

Obama has been setting us up for a civil war for a long time. That’s what community organizer is all about.
Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! doesn't get jokes:

Let’s not forget all of Obama’s messiah statements

“... a light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany ... and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for Obama” - Barack Obama Lebanon, New Hampshire.
January 7, 2008.

running_dog_lackey has some fun with definitions:

-—scientific frauds-—

Is this an oxymoron? I mean, it’s no longer science when data is falsified or results faked. Am I right? Which leads to my point: there’s no such thing as a “scientist” who supports AGW.

RetiredArmy hates Obama too much to listen to him:

To be honest I have NEVER heard [Obama] complete the first sentence. If I am EVER on a channel and his face comes on, I immediately hit the mute button and change the channel. I REFUSE to watch or listen to the puke.

There is absolutely nothing that I want to hear him say. IF he ever quit, I will listen to that two words and cheer. But, I will never listen to the puke.

Red_Devil 232 on Romney's danger:

[Romney] is a manufactured wax figurine - like Gore - Stupid smile and a smug grin that never changes. And dangerous like a demon clown.

"dangerous like a demon clown."

a fool in paradise has proof blacks don't care about slavery:

There is STILL slavery in sacred West Africa and Ameirca’s descendants of slaves don’t give a damn.

It’s not about the grievance or atrocities. It’s about the victimhood status.

Greysard kicks it sovereign citizen style:
A governor is not a King. All his power is given to him by The People. And if The People don't like how a specific person uses that power they can nullify his actions.
surroundedbyblue is not a fan of the Girl Scouts:

The Girl Scouts are an arm of the UN. Left wing as it gets. Wolf in sheep’s clothes.

They’re pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro-sexual experimentation countless articles are bringing their agenda to the surface thankfully. I will not be buying their cookies since that money enables their sick agenda.

meatloaf has head things about Osama Bin Laden's death:

From what I heard Benny was porked before he was fed to the sharks. You know those frozen hotdogs? Supposedly two of those ended up in a couple of his orifices. That and the pint of blood detonated after the carrier was down the road so to speak, ensured that Benny was recycled appropriately.

INVAR knows it is happening here!
Already the OWS mob zombies consider the TEA Party to be NAZIS they must put under.

Trust me on this. Satan sticks to what works, and history repeats for a reason. This is not simply desperate idiot-speak by ideologues, this stuff has intent and purpose behind it, and given everything from the April 2009 DHS Terror assessment to the recent NDAA, things can turn nightmarish in very, very short order. All they have to achieve is creating an atmosphere of fear for being associated with the TEA Party - and even ardent TEA Party supporters will melt away like brown sugar and butter in a hot sauce pan to save themselves.

That is why they keep blaming the TEA Party for the nut job shooting of Giffords. They desperately want some TEA Party Conservative tied to some act of violence, which will give tyrants justification to bring down the iron fist.

I’m simply noting history folks.

Yes, it IS happening here.

formosa is tired of being called racist for no reason:

I hope folks will get over their guilt and pity for this half-black Kenyan who disgraced himself by marrying a street cheap wookie.
Am I the only suffering from race card fatigue?


  1. Can not decide which is funnier: The Demon Clown, the sick agenda of the Girl Scouts or "sounds fat" freeper who sees things as melting like butter and brown sugar.
    Love ya Ozy!

  2. Ozy, this stuff is so crazy that if I could not click on the links and read it for myself, I just wouldn't believe you.

    Will some Freeper read Ozy's post, come here and defend this madness. Step up, Freeper. Stay on topic, defend your fellows.

    1. Some Freepers, or possibly Freeper sympathizers have come here in the past to defend the posts. One was just a few months ago. They were hilarious.

  3. "The Girl Scouts are an arm of the UN. Left wing as it gets. Wolf in sheep’s clothes."

    In freeperland, the Dark Side really DOES have cookies for their members. They also happen to be comprised of young girls.

  4. Does anyone have any ideas about the fate of the Ron Paul voters? They are a large group.