Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's okay if you're Republican

Per anon,

James Dobson has come out for Rick Santorum, and being the sort of guy that he is, this means attacking Newt's current wife, Callista as a trollop and a mistress and other sorts of sexist bullcrap. Why he doesn't focus on Newt, I don't know.

This means a long thread of rather tiresome rationalizations about forgiveness and not judging (hah!) combined with a few people prickishly clinging to the moral high ground.

Eh. I was hoping for more sexism.

But this is a long thread on Free Republic, and so we get some good stuff:

Mariner really hates judgmental people.
I've about HAD IT with these Holier-than-thou do-gooders who are anxious to cast the first stone.

Anyone who places their vote on the advice of such charlatans is no friend of mine, nor of liberty.

And they are certainly no friend of the GOP.

This is OVER THE TOP disgusting.
clashfan hates Michelle Obama so much she wants to cancel the First Lady.

Unbelievable! First Lady is not an elected position. In fact, it is such nonsense for “The First Lady” to have any special role or duties at all.

We don’t need no stinkin’ first lady! The current one has been the last straw.

rbmillerjr thinks Newt may not have cheated at all!

You show no evidence for Gingrich having sex with Calista while married, yet you ignore a report of the Karen Santorum having an affair with a married abortion doctory.


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  1. What percentage of American women would be loathe to put "the other woman" in the White House as First Lady? Specifically, the Republicans need older, white ladies to come out and vote in November.

    Newt is not a good choice if the Republicans want to try to win.