Monday, January 23, 2012

Gabrielle Giffords to step down

The Congresswoman shot in Tuscon is stepping down to concentrate on her recovery. Freepers are mostly gracious, but there is some dickery:

Oldexpat Keeps it simple and partisan:
We wish her well and a full recovery, but it is time to get another GOP seat in Congress. That could be the next district we live in when we leave CA.
NoGrayZone has sympathy, BUT can't help but notice how shooting her was a net gain for America.

I feel horrible for ANYONE who has taken a shot to the head and survived to tell about it.

However; a demonRAT, who steps down is a plus for America.

Coldhearted? Yes. But I care more for our country then some lame a$$ demonRAT......who, by the way, was shot by one OF HER OWN.

Note how they're still on the whole "Crazy guy was secretly a Democrat" think.

pgyanke begrudges her pension:

She began "serving" in Congress in January, 2007. She just retired. Why the long wait when it was clear she couldn't fulfill her duties long ago?

Members who participated in the congressional pension system are vested after five (5) years of service.

I won't be so nice about her departure... good riddance, you self-serving grifter. Sadly, you clearly belonged in Congress... your kind of people.
Delta 21 would like to use this time to get a cheap shot at Obama:

Good grief. Its about time.

Just wondering how long the presidency would be left to the hands of a brain injured person before decicive action was taken?

Tzimisce really hates how some people won't hate her:

If I’m reading this right: she voted for Porkulus, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank and lots of other bad legislation.

So like most of her ilk, she’ll now leave since she’s destroyed enough - and she’ll be called a hero for it.



Yes, Ms. Giffords wants to return to aid POTUS “Muslim Brotherhood” Obama and ultra liberal,Congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schulz in the destruction of the American economy and nation. And....yes include Ms. Giffords “dirt bag” hubby, former astronaut Michael Kelly in that mix as he silently stood by while Obama destroyed the NASA, mannned space program, along with causing the layoff of thousands of highly skilled technical workers!!!

Vigilanteman loves how classy conservatives are:
I share little in common with her politically, but I wish nothing but the best for her family and her.

That's what conservatives do.

In fact, many of us believe the nicest way we can help our libtard friends is to elect as many conservatives as possible to office.

That way, we have a polite society as well as a society which generates enough resources to help libtrards move out of their fantasyland, if they have the ambition, or generate sufficient tax dollars to enable them to remain within it, if they don't.

Normalizing abnormal behavior only generates more of it and spreads the resources to deal with it thinner.

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  1. This is an old article and no one will ever see this comment but pgyanke has hurt me to the core. We are Americans, damn it.

    I won't forget pgyanke's callus statement. I will always think of Free Republic as that sort of people. Did anyone dress him down? No, they did not.

    Freepers, you are horrible people.