Monday, January 2, 2012

Musta been Muslims

There were a bunch of car fires in LA on New Years Eve. Needless to say, Freepers need no evidence to jump to conclusions. Though their villains of choice do vary:

jimbo123 knows all sorts of things he's made up about Muslims:
Funny how there is no mention that setting cars on fired is a muslim New Years tradition.
bert hates LAand wants everyone in it to die:

Should we give a damn about problems in LA?

LA is a festering boil and should just be written off. Only the Big Un will solve the problem that is LA

Gen.Blather disagrees - Hollywood starts every trend! Also Muslims are all evil.

Just about every national trend starts in California and then goes mainstream because it gets written into scripts. Once it’s on TV as main plot, background or filler material, it grants permission for the rest of America to mimic them. If cars are being burned in California look, a year or two later, for cars to be alight in Peoria.

As racist as this sounds now, it will be mainstream thought once we have the problems France has. We must stop letting Muslims into the country. Radical or not, they’re the pine straw (fuel load) on the forest floor. Once the flames are started by the “radicals” then the entire fuel load will burn, taking civilization’s roots with it.

We can only live as civilized as our neighbors will allow. If a Caucasian woman doesn’t dare leave her house without a veil because she might be attacked and raped then she must step back into the ninth century just to buy groceries.

onedoug dissolutely tries to blame Obama.
mt tom knows how to better blame Obama - find a pic of a suspect, and use racism!
he looks more like a halfrican/obamanation to me
RobertClark has a plan - just start shooting everyone:

An order, for police and citizens alike, to shoot on sight anyone who engages in this type of activity ought to keep it from being exported from Calimeximusifornia to other parts of our great nation.

driveserve thinks it was the occupiers who are diong this:

Muslims, maybe. But I’m looking at the makes and locales and I’m coming up with those low-life occupiers. Those 99% flea bags are going after the Lexus cars, Mercedes and apparently the SUV’s. No hard evidence really. Just the pictures I’ve been seeing. Easy get-aways, no security (like you’d see in the really upscale neighborhoods).

GOPJ knows this is being covered up cause it's liberals:

If conservative ‘youths’ were burning cars for New Year’s celebrations, it would be in the New York Times tomorrow.

And the Washington Post the following day.

The Corrupt Liberal Media is getting obvious...

1. Find a news story
2. Complain it would have been in the news if Freepers did this
3. Bask in your rekindled hatred of people who tell you things but aren't Rush Limbaugh.

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