Monday, January 23, 2012

The Obamaning of Mitt

So now that Free Republic has jumped in behind Newt, Mitt Romney has become The Enemy. And, because Freepers have trouble with anything approaching perspective, this means he immediately jumps to "as evil as anything ever."

Thus, they react to Mitt in the same knee-jerk, no-need-to-think way they react to Obama:

Maelstorm reviews current Freeper thinking - that Romney is stupid and arrogant and will never get elected:

The Romney campaign is the stupid campaign. He should be reorganizing and firing people right now after his dismal showing in SC. He didn’t just lose he was CRUSHED. I doubt they will because the Romney crowd is an arrogant bunch. They still don’t see their mistakes as mustakes instead they are upset at the voters who dare expect them to win their vote on principle and substance not with peer pressure and talk of inevitability as if we are nominating a class president or country club president.

I think Romney is a ‘dead candidate walking’. No Republican in recent history has won the GOP nomination without SC and I doubt it is going to happen this year and certainly not with a smug bunch of elitists trying to tell conservatives how they have no choice but to vote for them if they want to win.

SENTINEL goes straight to communism:
That filthy lying commie cult member and his GOP "elite" handlers are about to feel the real power of Freerepublic and the Tea Party in Florida !

Hopefully then he will climb back under his the seer stone he came from under like the the slimy white salamander that he is.
A little anti-Mormon stuff thrown in...

Scooter100 loves how no one will stop him no matter how crazy and bigoted he gets:
It's really quiet in here now. Since most of the Romney-bots have been Zotted, we can now, with impunity, make all the cult-religion innuendos we want about a particular candidate. In fact, we can do it until all the cult-chickens go home to roost. You know, like.......

Ahh-cult! Ahh-cult!

(oh...sorry there...I got the sneezies, must be getting a cold)
ptsal knows Mormons can lie to gentiles:

Mitt is nothing more than a little Morman god. Fundamental right out the Joe Smith play book. The rest of us are gentiles and have no standing in the eyes of the Mittster.

Mormonism::Islam as Romney::Obama.

RoosterRedux knows Mitt is weak.
Mitt is ugly but he hates confrontation. He is too cowardly for that.

Mitt is a weak person, which is why Newt is gonna win. Luckily, Newt has got Mitt's number. He knows better than to turn his back on Mitt.

Newt tried to take the high road in Iowa. He learned well how Mitt deals from the bottom of the deck.

Mitt is sneaky...not strong.
Diogenesis thinks Mitt is gonna turn Dem:

PREDICTION (you saw it HERE, first)
Romney and his vicious Team will
attack the GOP ticket AFTER he is rejected.

Romney and his surrogates will work for the
DNC as they did in 2010 and 2008, etc.

Rome2000 brings the semi-coherent crazy as usual:
MYTH ROMNEY is a degenerate con man and coward from a family of degenerate con men,cowards, and snake oil salesmen who have en masse refused to serve in this nations military for over 150 years

They fled to Mexico to practice Polygamy and his father has THREE GRANDMOTHERS

He and his 5 sons who won't be serving in the US military any time soon are best off continuing to rape weak corporations and working on becoming Gods

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

Even a stopped clock like Honest Ape is right twice a day.
Like the random anti-Lincoln jab at the end there.

greyfoxx39 knows from Mormons:

You have to remember, Mitt is positive that he is foreordained to win and "save the Constitution". That arrogance you see comes from two being his wealth, and the other his upbringing as a mormon male who has risen up through the mormon ranks to a pretty high leadership position in the church.

This attitude of superiority is quite common in mormon males. They have been taught from birth that they are special and will, if they obey all the rules, become a god of their own planet.

Can't you tell by looking at Mitt's attitude that he really believes he is above all the peasants who, if they're lucky will crown him king? Just consider his refusal to account for his actions and his attempt to point at "the other guy" when he is confronted over them.

Frankly, I think he and Obama are two peas in a pod!
Nice to see the Mormon boil finally pop.

And yeah, it's not quite Obama - Mitt isn't quite sabotaging America for his racist Commie-Mormon overlords yet, but the trajectory is there.


  1. Freepers react to the latest Rasmussen poll, showing Newt ahead of Mitt in Florida:

    Lots of accusing people like Coulter and Rove of being RINOs.

  2. So three wives is OK but three grandmothers is grounds for rejection. God love ya FR

  3. In another thread Satin Doll writes, "The ethics charges have been public knowledge and are available for those who want to review them. They were all dropped as they were baseless. (Google: Gingrich ethics charges.)"

    Oh really?

    Gingrich Pays Off Ethics Penalty

    Freepers are once again living in an alternative reality.