Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Excuse Factory

So Free Republic seems to have become Newt Country. Or at least attacking Newt gets you a zot.

And if there is one thing Freepers are good at, it's rationalizing double standards so that their proposed dude is fine while Democrats are the worst people imaginable. They've got it down to a science such that all their responses are generalizable to any sin committed by One of Them:

Take their reaction when Newt's ex-wife (the second one) claims he wanted an open marriage:

silverleaf thinks this is awesome for Newt!

wowser, a 2 hour interview with a bitter ex wife.

That may actually help Newt pickup some points among the divorcees who have been through the mill with a bunny boiler.

"through the mill with a bunny boiler?" Now that's folksy! I think.

John 3_19-21 likes the "Whoever people are hating on is what they fear" idea. I know I'm still shaking about Sarah Palin.

The left and RNC elites are in full-panic mode. This is going to be GREAT!

Savage Beast hits the "The other side is so evil, who cares what my side does?"

Let me know--so I can become alarmed--if there's sexual assault, rape, purjury, or intimidation of witnesses (crimes that Democrat politicians and their operatives consider no cause for concern).

Ya don't need to worry about the moral high ground when you assume your opponents are too evil to ever have it! Also works for pissing soldiers.

MiddleEarth tries for a dubious "Judge not..." argument.
As far as we know since Newt has become Catholic and asked God for forgiveness he has kept his vows. I’ll leave his past infidelities up to God. I’m still torn between Newt and Santorum but I will give Newt that benefit of the doubt.
That could work, except that Free Republic has prejudged the entire world.

ArtDodger knows changing focus to attack the media always works:
What does Obama’s ex have to say? The press doesn’t want to know if he has an ex. If he does, the press is not interested in what she has to say... would probably bump her (or him) off with joy of heart to protect the One.
Obama's ex wife? yeah, the media probably bumped her off.

Servant of the Cross mixes in some media attacking with some ad-hominem
The utter depravity and blatant hypocrisy of the lamestream media exposed for all to see.

If this was a Democrat, this would never see the light of day. Larry Sinclair? Hello.

This will FAIL completely. Newt will respond forcefully and just move on. "End his career" hyperbole by a dnc sycophant media that hopes it would be so. America will completely reject it.
goat granny goes with the ad-hominem.
People are bitter cause they are nasty to begin with....with her attitude no wonder he dumped her....bitter, vengeful, nasty, hopeing to destroy someone..yep sounds like a good X wife...
MNnice also with the ad-hominem.
Marianne is looking at Calista possibly becoming the first lady and fumes that that could have been HER, Dammit!
Responsibility2nd also...listen, Freepers love the ad-homenem, OK?
We’re talking about Mrs Newt II.

Who by the way - is still alive as is the Cougar who married her high school student.

DainBramage likes his ad-hominem to be against Obama. Because hatred means you don't even need to relate your logical fallacies to reality!
Reportedly he wanted and "open marriage"...similar to Warren Buffetts LOL. Big Whoop

Obama Shares Reggie Love with his Wookie.
melancholy just yells "OBAMA IS A HOMO" and calls it a day.

Supposedly, 0b0z0 playing hoops: Nothin' but net!

Definitely, 0h0m0's love life: Nothin' but boyfriends!

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  1. Maverick68 wrote my favorite comment,

    "It is up to all e-mail/Twitter/Facebook warriors to remind America about Obama’s bisexual cocaine binges with his friend Larry Sinclair.
    Time to fight fire with fire on every message board you encounter!"

    Go ahead, Freepers. Do that. If everyone doesn't already think you are a lunatic, just wait till they get that particular email from you.