Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Vasectomies are like sex changes.

Rick Santorum doesn't like birth control of any sort. Turns out, neither do a lot of Freepers.

BenKenobi knows God wants everyone to have like 20 babies, and the pill is the one gap in his omnipotence.

If children are a gift from God, you are saying, no God, don’t bless me with children. You are supposed to embrace God’s blessings, not reject them.

JediJones is another Star Wars guy who thinks breeding is the answer to all problems:
Societies who don’t reproduce die out. When you have an enemy culture like the Muslims reproducing at a much more rapid rate, you hurt your society in the long run by being overrun by them. We can see how it’s happening in Europe with collapsing birthrates among whites and massive Muslim immigration and reproduction.

Low birthrates also hurt the economy as we’ve seen in Japan and Europe. They make a society weaker, less productive and gradually smaller.

God didn’t intend to make it easy for people not to have children. Sex was not created for human gratification, it was created to be a functioning process for reproduction. Birth control perverts the process in a completely unnatural and unintended way.

The introduction of widespread birth control massively changed society and it’s difficult to see any of those changes as improvements.

Women getting careers? Fuck that, the Muslims are gonna kill us with their fecund battle-wombs!

surroundedbyblue thinks contraception is irresponsible:
for the record, I DO advocate personal responsibility. And contraception is NOT a form of personal responsibility. It’s amazing to me how blind you are to the problems inflicted on our society by the contraceptive mentality.
surroundedbyblue also thinks the pill makes women objects:

Glad you’re ok with dumping synthetic hormones into your body for the sake of convenient sex.

It’s women like you who bitch about men making them sex objects, yet your mentality is what allows that to happen.

Because the road to women's independence is paved by lots of children!

Notwithstanding knows sex only feels good cause God tempers it with guilt and disease:

Pleasure is designed by God as positive reinforcement of the good act.

Just as guilt or disease or illness is designed as negative feedback for abusing a pleasure.

Its pretty damn simple.

BuckeyeTexan sounds like one of those tantric hippies:
Sexual pleasure provides spiritual communion between spouses.
Claud thinks vasectomies are evil:

What the heck is the first plank of the Hippocratic Oath? First *do no harm*. That includes the vas deferens and Fallopian tubes, you know. They aren’t in some special category of organ systems we can feel free to mess up at will.

Contraceptive surgery is in the same category as sex changes: “fixing” something that wasn’t ever broken.

Claud follows up by ranting against having fun with sex:
It's the reproductive system, not the pleasure system.

When you take pleasure in eating and suppress the digestive process we call that bulimia. When you take pleasure in breathing but suppress respiration we call that suffocation. When you take pleasure in going to the bathroom but suppress excreting, well, I don't know what the heck we call that but it ain't pretty. The pleasure accompanies the function--to cut it out of its proper sphere and isolate it is demented.

If you don't want any more kids, then exercise a tiny bit of self-control and make use of the woman's naturally occurring infertile periods, rather than mutilating yourself chemically or surgically.


  1. Just when I though the freepers couldn't get any crazier, this starts happening. It's almost like they WANT to live in the 1400's, and don't care who knows it.

  2. I guess my vasectomy made me a woman then? Then I must be a lesbian, because I still enjoy sex with my wife.

    Man, the whole thread is hilarious. The arguments between pro-birth control Freepers and the anti-birth control Freepers will have me giggling for days.