Monday, January 30, 2012

Of course you know, Romney means War

Now that they've bought the Newt Suit, Freepers have been getting increasingly apocalyptic with their anti-Romney rhetoric. Thus: WAR: If They Succeed in Forcing a Romney Nomination On Us, The GOP Establishment Must Be Destroyed

JSDude1 knows what must be done:
THE REPUBLICAN PARTY MUST BE KILLED; if they force Romney on us.
Dr. Thorne is going third party:
Can you say, "TEA Party"? I knew you could.

It's time to write off the GOP. They are the Liberal Party while the Democrats are the Communist party.

We need a REAL Conservative Party and if the GOP nominates Willard, go TEA PARTY as a national party.

To all those who whine, "But this will guarantee four more years of Oblahblah!" I say, what's the difference? A white Mormon leftist will be no different from a black Muslim leftist.
old and tired feels like he's the Black of the GOP:
I also have never gone third party in the presidential race but I will this year if Mittens gets the nomination. It's so clear to me - conservatives are to the Republican party what the Blacks are to the Democrats. They're stringing us along and counting on our votes. I'm done being strung along.

The bottom line is Mittens is unelectable.
Obama's totally stringing along black people!

Hardraade thinks war is coming, cause Norway is bad.

War is inevitable. Global war.

Slightly offtopic:

Norway’s establishment is heavily pro-Romney (and pro-Obama).

Today, large police forces were random *searching* people using Oslo’s main street - looking for knives and whatever else might not be approved.

SoConPubbie looks with a jaundiced eye on anyone planning to vote for Romney in the election:
1. Supported Gay Marriage
2. Supported Abortion
3. Anti-2nd Amendment
4. Implemented the first Socialized Medicine in the history of the United States.

Now, if you are ignorant of these facts I, and I'm sure other Freepers can provide the evidence for the umpteenth time.

However, I doubt that you are ignorant of these facts, but just another closet support of Mitt maybe?
Beyond the ever growing Freeper Inquisition, by the GOP Convention in August we'll have one of three delicious flavors:

1) Candidate Gingritch, 2) Freepers bolting the GOP, or 3) Freepers falling in line, with loads of crazy rationalization and grumbling.

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  1. "Implemented the first Socialized Medicine in the history of the United States."

    Umm.. Medicare and Medicade?