Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is Bain Capital Good or Bad?

On the one hand, Freepers worship the market. On the other, they hate Mitt Romney. On the third hand, everyone who isn't a Freeper kinda hates looting and gutting companies.

So when Newt goes against Romney from an economic populist angle for his years laying off workers and devouring companies at Bain Capital, Freepers are rather split:

not2worry is sure Romney helped small businesses, somehow!

When I saw this commercial I thought it was put out by the DNC and the Occupy Crowd.

Where in the h@ll does Newt think venture capital comes from for small business and entrepreneurs these days?

Newt’s venom is what is going to ruin our Country - what a small man with a big ego can do to defeat an opponent and assure 4 more years of Obama.

Newt has just shown his cards as being the perpetual power hungry beltway insider. Aiding and abetting class warfare-and he is on the Socialist’s side!!!!

TexasFreeper2009 remembers that this is against Romney, and the ends justify the means:

I guess the attacks are working :)

They are starting to cry STOP ! no fair!

who’s whining now Romney? who needs the big shoulders now Romney?


Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

Go NEWT!!!!

Cringing Negativism Network also doesn't care about ads, so long as they take down the Hated Romney. He takes a bit of a more dark and dramatic turn though:
Gingrich has watched Romney’s people methodically remove every single potential opponent since Sarah Palin, one by one, by using the communist tactics of Saul Alinsky.

Finally. At this 11th hour, someone in his campaign seems to have connected the dots for him. Now, with his huge new financial donation - he’s strong, and primed to take the fight to the dishonest, unprincipled Romney.

It just could work.

People respond to strong stands.

No Republican has shown one, in a long long time.

Watch how it’s done Republicans.

If Newt gets traction with this, then use it against the left, for a change.

No more compromising. Push back!
dennisw is not a fan of the Club for Growth, which is defending Romney:

Only you know and I know what a bunch of faggy little open borders, free traitor libertarians the Club for Growth is. They are like Cato but smaller. They aren’t all bad, neither is Cato. But you know what I mean

Rome2000 hates Romney, so he'll believe what he has to:

Hey nutjobs, GTF out of here with your backpacks and join the Army like REAL Americans, unlike the degenerate predator homosexual marriage and in the military supporting romneycare douchebag FLIP SLICK WILLARD RINO ROMNEY, WHO'S ENTIRE FAMILY including his 5 sons has managed to avoid serving in any war including WWI and WWII.

When he's not busy cannibalizing companies and destroying peoples lives, he's busy lying to people with a straight face that he is a conservative.

He's not buying his way into the nomination.

This is the last election cycle he will be allowed to pollute.
JLS thinks looting is awesome!
Businesses have a moral, ethical, and legal duty to make their owners as much money as possible. Any bs you read about “stakeholders” or “responsible corporate citizenship” is more leftist bilge trying to undermine the US economy.

It more of the same kind of thinking that leads to sitting on that couch with Pelosi.

At one time it was commonly understood by the public that the duty of a business was to make its owners money.

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  1. JLS singlehandedly proves that -to the freepers- "job creation" is just another talking point to slam their opponents with. Somehow I am less than shocked to learn of this.