Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Obama hatred bingo

Obama is recess appointing a head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, after the Republicans have been filibustering it. Thing is, the House has been keeping one guy around to technically stay open, forcing the Senate to do the same. The Obama administration is saying that doesn't count.

An interesting issue. Personally, I'm not looking forwards to President Santorum's recess SCOTUS pick, but your mileage may vary.

Freepers mileage never varies though. Get your uninformed rage bingo cards out!

rockinqsranch. If you had 'Bullying/thug analogy' mark it off!

The Chicago Punk is jab-pushing Uncle Sam, sayin’ “What ya gon’ do ‘bout it?” He has back up positioned around the corner, under the manhole covers, hiding in doorways ready to riot, and knows he can get what he wants in this street fight.

The rest of us wait along with Congress for that day we can vote the SOB out of office, go in, and clean up the mess.

We have to have Gingrich. HE IS American.

y6162 provides us with BOTH "Obama is Kenyan" and "Defund everything"

Power of the purse. No money, no agency.

The Kenyan lizard cannot spend money not allocated by congress.

And I suppose if you had a 'Obama is a lizard' for some reason you also get credit.

indylindy brings the threefer of "Obama wants to be dictator," "Unconstitutional," and SOB.
This SOB Obama has an obligation to stay within the boundaries of the Constitution. He has no right to ignore the will of the Senate because he doesn't like the outcome.

A boot needs to be put up his behind. We do not need this new consumer bureau.

Obama wants to be dictator.
CPT Clay has the variation of "Obama actually IS a dictator." Also, "This is an outrage." No bonus exclamation points for this one though.

This is an outrage.

If this stands, Obama is the dictator that we thought he was.

jpsb does the "fantasy of Obama as a dictator" variation.
If anyone tries to oppose Obama he will use his new power to declare them a terrorist, lock them up and throw away the key. Checkmate.
Neoliberalnot compares Obama to actual dictators. And if you also had "Obama analogized with evil black guy" you can also mark off your square.
Bo is a wrecking machine just like mugabe and Idi Amin.
elpadre has a big one - impeachment. Plenty of bonus exclamation points for this one!

begin impeachment proceedings NOW!!!!

shelterguy hits the "Men I don't agree with are girls" one.

Yup, crying is all the gop will do. Maybe the most worthless two women on the planet, boehner and mcconnel, can get together and cry together.

G Larry goes for rhetoric over using words correctly:

No Authority!
No Standing!

Ignore him!


erm, that's not ignoring.

This reminds me of Hitler's rise to power. He just took it when the opportunity arrived and the timid opposition caved in and let him do what had decided to do. We are flirting with the same sort of takeover here.
HITLER AT LAST! The rules say the Game is over, but here is one bonus post:

SgtHooper may be too off-topic for the bingo, but he does want the police to stop obeying the law, so he can get the last word:

It’s the same stupidity when dealing with crime. The good guys play by the rules, and the crimainals do not. Guess who wins every time.


  1. Awww, damnit!! All I needed was "Obama is a socialist" for a diagonal line! How could they miss that?

  2. @MJO,
    That's what you call the Free Space. You win!