Monday, January 30, 2012

Jeb and H.W. Bush get Obama's evil all over them

Per an anonymous commenter - I had totally missed this awesome trove of crazy, so thanks!

Jeb and H.W. Bush are photographed at the White House talking to Obama! Freepers have been on war footing for far too long to see bipartisanship of any sort as anything other than treason:

really does think H.W. is a traitor:

I’ve always considered George HW Bush a traitor, along the same lines as Benedict Arnold. His vile attack against conservatives after Ruby Ridge, defending the FBI murderers of Vicki Weaver, stamped his name into Mudd for me.


FlingWingFlyer is sure they are plotting against Newt:

Barack the Kenyan is going to tell them to get off their butts and get out there and get the nomination for Mitt. Barry doesn’t want to go up against Newt in the debates.

Tex-Con-Man understands the Freudian dynamic:
Is Daddy Bush becoming the surrogate father for all Dem presidents with daddy issues? First BJ and now BO?
hwkbeer knows all three are part of the dark cabal that controls all:
none of them give a sh#t about this country.
3 puppets of the Council on Foreign Relations,set up by David Rockefeller decades ago.This country is going down the toilet at light speed.
dragnet2 attacks George W. Bush, even:

More Muslims were legally imported into the U.S. after 911 during Bush's reign, than in the previous two decades.

This is not to mention many millions entering this country illegally, from God knows where, during Bush's 8 years...During war time no less.

The last Bush, among other things, made American citizenship all but pointless.
MestaMachine connects the dots:
Our space technology has been given to Dubai which has a MAJOR space program you have never heard of. GWB tried to turn our major shipping ports over to Dubai. clinton represents the emirates.

The bushes have controlled the major entry points for drugs into the US...Texas and Florida for years, as bush sr and clinton did in Arkansas. bush sr was head of the cia, also ambassador to China from whom clinton received major funding to pass our space technology to the prcc.

Connect the dots. There are a lot more than these few.

Obama has adopted so many of W’s policies that now he is thinking about having an operation to actually become W. He just wants to clear it with the family first.

Yes, especially all of the really bad policies of W.

Nice! that way you can hate everything Obama does, but still call him a copycat:

80skid sees the pic, and pushes the meme:

Picture says a thousand words...

The one word that came to me is, Narcissism.

dennisw also has some intense visual analysis.

Check out how big Obama’s feet are...and his shoes seem to have raised up heels.

Bassfire wishes 80-something George H.W. Bush would beat up Obama:

GHB: Yeah, I'm getting on up in age and I've made me a bucket list....#5 on the list is to beat the living daylight out of anyone that slanders my family. Jeb hand me my cane.

We can wish.
Kakaze thinks the Bushes meeting with Obama is a threat:
There is only one reason this photo is out...they all agreed to release it.

What the hell else they agreed on lord only knows.

I guess I'm a bit paranoid but I take it as a quiet threat, an attempt to tell us all who is really in control.
Free Republic. Where Republicans talking to Democrats is a secret threat.

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