Friday, January 6, 2012

The Gingritch-Obama debate

Freepers' idea of Obama as some kind of evil idiot-savant means their imaginative ideas about what the general election debates will be like is particularly amusing:

spokeshave sees Newt's self-control as vastly more than Obama.
Yeah....and I want to see Newt debate 0bambi sans teleprompter....

Newt will laugh at him

0bambi storms out in a rage.
TomGuy knows Obama's debating sills are bad and don't matter anyway:

Any slick-talking used-car salesman, with some preparation, could out-debate Obama.

It isn’t the debate style that is important; it is what the person does after he is elected. That is Obama’s failure, if the GOP can only capitalize on it.

Obama is only an effective speaker when he is reading from a teleprompter.

radioone is not so optimistic - the press will make Obama win, even though he's dumb!
The Real problem in the debates will be the way the liberal moderators ask the questions. Just pick a subject and they will formulate it to make Romney look like an evil capitalist, versus Obama all in for Social Justice.
Boston Blackie remembers that Obama is a supervillain.
The King and his loyalists know EVERYTHING about all the candidates ... even things the candidates have forgotten.

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