Monday, January 23, 2012

Parties to intermingle during the State of the Union

Republicans to sit near Democrats during the State of the Union! This is most umparlamentary! Freepers will not stand for this kind of symbolic civility!

PAR35 makes this a litmus test:

Makes things easy. Vote against any Republican who sits with the Democrats. At this point, I think I’d vote for an honest bolshevik over a dishonest republican.

Rashputin points out that sitting with fascists is stupid:
Whatever, Republicans sitting with democrat fascists is stupid, so maybe I'm trying to avert my eyes from yet another example of how stupid Republicans can be sometimes.
Jmouse007 uncovers the Democratic plan to HIDE behind the Republicans so no one notices their evil ways:

The democRATS are trying to HIDE among the Republicans so as to appear “moderate” and less conspicuous and the Republicans foolishly agreed. How dumb and politically naive can you get? The democRATS want to DESTROY them along with America and the Republicans are playing “nice”, how sickening!

Psalm 144 totally typed this while squinting like Clint Eastwood:

It is not Republicans versus Democrats. It is the Washington government versus the American people.

funfan won't grow up:

I was hoping that “Mix It Up” meant we would see some fist-fighting like they do in other countries that would actually make me want to watch Zero and his constant blathering

MagUSNRET thinks Congress is a LITERAL Orgy!

This is not only an epic display of theater of the absurd, it demonstrates CLEARLY that they are ALL screwing eachother figuratively AND LITERALLY, and don’t give a tinkers damn about their constituents.....

It is a den of whores and thieves..and spinless pussies.

DO they TRULY think “Hey, lets sit together and pretend we all get along, OK?” is fooling anyone? We ALL know they are ALL in bed together! DAMN the lot of them!

To be fair, I prefer my pussies spineless. Unless he really did mean spinless and this is some quantum thing...

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