Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Saving America's manufacturing

The story of the slavish conditions in which iPads are manufactured in China is all the rage these days. Freepers discuss how to reform America to compete with a country of a billion people and almost no labor regulation:

cripplecreek thinks if we only do all the things Republicans talk about, we can compete with slave labor:

I could create economic boomtimes for the midwest with 5 things.

1 slash taxes across the board.

2 roll back EPA regulations to rational levels.

3 Lift the great lakes directional drilling ban so we can have access to readily available natural gas.

4 Right to work laws.

5 Localize the taxes. Keeping more of our taxes in the states gives the people greater control of how they’re spent.

when the time is right thinks it's damn lawyers, and American attitudes:
It is not just the employee's attitude about work it is the constant worry that some day the government or a lawyer or some agency will come knocking at your door and accuse you of violating some law that you never even knew existed. It just isn't worth it anymore.
ari-freedom blames not enough funding for math. Fair enough, but look who he blames:

Our approach to science/math education is terrible because some people think a more rigorous math curriculum will hurt children’s self esteem and place a huge burden on the teacher’s unions.

And other people think that little league games and soccer practice are more important priorities.

Yeah, the leftists are the ones that want to cut math education!

muawiyah blames robots:
The real reason is that China is a semi-automated way station to full robotics ~ and that can be done anywhere ~ even Africa.


  1. "if we only do all the things Republicans talk about, we can compete with slave labor"

    That's really the crux of the problem. Well, that and the fact that banks et al blew up all over the Western World.

    What's the answer according to Freepers? Elect the Republicans? Really? Really? Have Freepers been paying any attention for the past 10 years?

  2. If I didn't know better, I'd think the last post was condoning black slavery...